Cowboy BeBop Story 1
"Locked Inside"
Chapter 1 "Windows"
By- Mystical Knight

A/N- Standard Disclaimer. Told From Faye's POV for now.

-On the BeBop, in Faye's room-

The cold glass of my window stared at me, as I looked out from my bed, just watching, completely
silent. My blankets were strewn across the floor, for the ship had become undeniably to hot. I lay upside
down on my bed, now, my forehead pressed against the glass, the soothing comfort of the cool glass, strong
yet still breakable. "How had I gotten like this?" I thought aloud, the blinds were above my neck, I
imagined what it would be like if I was to be killed and the shades were the blade of a guillotine. Funny
how this made a smile come to my face. What had I become?


Warm water cascaded around my body. I heard a door open and then the sink turning on, the
handles screeching, pleading not to have to move from their rusted spots, to stay how they were and never
move again. I stuck my head out from the curtain to see what HE was up to; HE was always doing
something to get me crazy. What was his game today? I wondered. Nothing it appeared, his chest was bare
and he was dressed in his standard practice uniform, sweat made his hair stick the sides of his head in
shaggy, green lumps. I retracted my head back into the shower.
Sighing I turned the Shampoo bottle upside down to get some shampoo out. It was a futile war.
Wait a minute, I could still here the sinks water running, he was still here, maybe he could help. I stuck my
head out again, "Spike? Can you grab me a bottle of shampoo? I am out." I said, thinking, I doubt he will,
but maybe he is out of it enough to get me some.
I heard the sink's handles squeal back into place, followed by the door opening and closing behind
him. He is not coming back, I decided. A minute later he came back and thrust his big hand through the
shower curtain, holding a bottle of shampoo, I reached out to take it, my hand brushing against his. He
dropped hold and left, leaving me standing in the shower holding the bottle. Was it only my imagination, or
had heā€¦flinched when our hands touched? I had to get out of here before I went totally insane; I had to
leave, if only for a couple days. One way or another I'd end up back on this ship, But for now I needed
some time to myself, time to think. I finished washing my hair and stepped out of the shower.
My clothes were gone from the counter of the sink, I smirked, same old Spike. What had I
expected? At least this time I'd thought ahead and begun keeping a spare pair under the sink, jeans, a T-
shirt, bra, and underwear. Nothing fancy, only functional. To bad I had not thought about my hair. Ah well,
I eventually found an old rubber band hiding beneath the sink. It was so old I thought that it might break,
but, no, it stretched and I pulled my hair back into a ponytail.
Then I left.


Entering the so-called living room of the BeBop, I found Spike, asleep, a cigarette sat in the
ashtray, just burning itself out. I walked over and grabbed the cigarette, taking a drag only to release it
slowly. Smoke from many other cigarettes burned filled the room with a hazy mist that smelled like a type
of arsenal. I left the room quickly and packed my few possessions into a bag. I threw my gun into the
holster I had strapped around my waist. It was a little too big, but that could only be expected because I had
not eaten much lately. I scribbled a note onto some paper, which I slid under the bed, just a vague
suggestion that I may come back. If they really wanted to know, not that they did. I thought for a second
that saw a flicker of a figure in the hallway, but I shrugged it off as I shrugged on my backpack.
The familiar click of shoes on the ground resounded, but not quite as loud as usual, my door
swung open. "Going on a trip?" the voice asked, a deep tenor voice, so comforting, but I just walked past,
ignoring it, ignoring him. To my surprise he held out a hand, "I asked you a question, now answer." The
voice had become angry, but I just twisted his arm casually, then walked away.
I stopped after a few paces and turned slowly, a green fire rising within me, "Don't try to get me
back, if you do I'm not afraid to do what I have to." I whispered slyly, then turned back and walked slowly
down the length of the hallway and hopped into my ship, taking off when I saw him in the doorway. Poor
Spike Spiegel, I thought, "You won't always get away this easily." I whispered to him, aware for sure that I
didn't want to come back, but the real question was how long would they miss me?

A/n- What do you think? Too fast? Too slow? Too corny? Too depressing? Come on PEOPLE! I
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