Cowboy BeBop story 1
"Locked inside"
Chapter 2 "Windows"
By- Mystical Knight

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Okay the second chapter in this horrifically cheesy story, but read it or suffer dire consequences! I swear
that I will track you down, gut you, and feed you to my pet goldfish! Mwahahahahhahahahahahahha!;)
Joking! Nevertheless, Please R&R! Ciao for now! Told from Spike's POV.

Why did she leave? Was it something I said? Or did? She has never reacted like that before, just
taking off without telling anyone, well okay, she has, but not with all her stuff! Did not even leave any
note…I hope she will be okay. I thought, my mind running a million miles an hour as I tried to figure out
why Faye had just left. She had been a little jumpier than usual, or maybe that was me…I did not feel right
hanging around her, almost naked, beautiful body. Her skin flawless, bending with her every move, her
every curve.
No! This was not happening….I could not think of Faye like I used to think of Julia. I pulled my
hair in frustration.
'Get back to the problem at hand' a little voice that had wormed it's way into my thought's told
me, not more than a gentle breeze clearing away several thoughts.
'…But I am thinking about the problem! Faye's the problem!' I thought back. The whisper fell
silent and I went back to sleep, realizing seconds later that she had taken my cigarette with her. "Damn it."
I muttered under my breath.

Jet woke me after an hour, "Breakfasts done, go get Faye and Ed." He said pushing me up off the
couch. Normally I would have made a snide remark, instead I swallowed the lump of lead that grew in my
throat, groaned and went to find Ed, not even going into Faye's room.

Five minutes later I entered the rotating room on the ship and called Ed's name along with
something along the lines of food incorporated, Ed came running, Ein shortly behind. I tried to peel Ed off
myself while I walked but it was a lost cause. Ed was like a leech, refusing to let go of me. Ein barking and
jumping up and down. I struggled back to the kitchen.
"Your back," Jet murmured, "Awfully fast, where's Faye?"
"Gone…"I replied, Ed was shoveling down the mush Jet had set in front of her.
"She'll be back." He said surely, I nodded back
I rose from the table and left my untouched food on the table. "I'll be back later." I told him, going
to the ship bay and taking my ship, the Swordfish II. I took of to go search of Faye. On the seat was a small
box wrapped with gold paper, it had my name on it, I pushed it to the side and took off.