Chapter 2 What Men Do For There Women

We walk out the door holding hands, I see Henry smiling like a lunatic. " I knew you two loved each other." We just laughed and headed back to the apartment. I opened the door and mom was making lunch, dad was flirting with mom. Dad turned around and frowned at soon as he saw August. I walked to my mom and dad and asked " Hey um can August move in." Dads eyes got wide and he stood up immediatly. Mom smiled and gave me a hug. " Yes/No" My mom and dad said together.

Dad pulled mom aside and started talking to her.Why does dad despise August so much ? Mom and dad walked over to me and mom put a hand on my shoulder " Of course he can move in, but your father doesnt think so." She presses her lips together and takes a step back,she goes back in the kitchen and makes sandwiches. Dad is dryly looking at August and August is awkwardly staring at the ground. " My mom said you could move in." August smiles a bit but i can tell hes still nervous about my dad.

I pull him up to my room and i talk to him " Dont worry about my dad,ill take care of him for you." I rub his back trying to comfort him but he gets up and starts pacing the room." But i feel like i have to be liked by both of your parents," August stops pacing and i reach out to him " No we will still be together, What happened to the Mysterious,sexy guy i knew." I asked him. He looked at me dramatically " Im still here,but your dad-" I cant take this anymore. " Who cares about my dad, we will still be together August." I grab his hands and pull him in a passionate kiss.

The door opens and we awkwardly pull away from each other. Henry pops his head out and looks around the room uncomfortable " Umm Grandma wanted to let you know that lunch is ready,but it looks like your kinda busy so ill just go." Henry walks away. August and I look at each other and laugh from embarressment. " Umm should we go ?" August holds his hand out and guestures to the door. I nodd and we head down stairs and i see Mom organize the sandwiches and my dad is talking to Henry about teaching him how to fight with swords.

" Hey mom need help with anything ?" I asked my mom who looked really rushed. She laughed and pulled her hair back with a finger " No im fine,just getting lunch ready." I went to help her anyway but than the doorbell rang.

We all looked at eachother and than i looked at Henry whos face was a little pink. " Henry who did you invite over ?" Henrys face got more pink and said " Uhh i dont know, why do you think that ?"

I gave him a look and walked to the door,he ran past me and said " NO ! Ill get that." I immediatly stopped and walked over to mom,we were all watching Henry open the door.

He opened the door and a girl was there, Grace the Mad Hatters daughter. " Hi Henry." I could tell by looking at my son with a sly smile on my face that he was trying not to blush. " Uh hi Grace," He guestured her to come in and she did so.

He introduced her to me first. " Grace this is my mom Emma,mom this is Grace, Jeffersons daughter." Grace bowed before me.Oh gosh this is something ill have to get use to." Uhhh Grace, you really dont have to bow before me,im just Emma plain Emma." She lightly blushes and Henry introduces her to the rest of the family.

August walks to me after Henry introduces Grace to him. " Grace is nice, i think shes perfect for Henry." I roll my eyes and smirk " Of Course you know whos perfect for each other." He laughs also and we eat lunch with Grace.

Grace stayed for a few hours, she talked to all of us but mostly with Henry. I saw them laugh together,mom left a few rolls that they could throw at each other,knowing my mom is all up for romance.

They took the oppertunity and started a food fight but mom and dad didnt care. Mom and dad walked up to me and August." They are so cute together." Mom took a few glances at them and everytime they would look at her she would smile that them.

We heard a vibrating sound. We looked around the room than realized it was Graces phone. " My dad just texted me saying i have to go home,this was fun ! Thank you Henry for inviting me over !" She gave him a hug and walked out the door.

Dad walked up to Henry " I like your girlfriend, shes nice." Henry blushed " Uhh shes not my girlfriend, were just friends." Dad slowly nodded and walked back to mom. Mom stepped forward " But you like her right ?" Henry nodded. "Well i saw her give you glances at the table and she was flirting with you when you guys had a food fight." Henrys face lit up right when she said that.

" Do you really think she likes me back ?" We all nodd and laugh. The last thing we see is Henry running out the door. " I knew that kid was fast but not that fast." August crossed his arms and laughed. Dad stepped forward and said " Us guys would do anything for our love for that special woman." He kissed mom on the lips and i scrunched up my nose in disgust. " Eww not here."

They pulled away from eachother and smiled at me.

Henrys POV

I walked over to Jeffersons house. Kinda a long walk but ill do anything for Grace. I knocked on the door. Jefferson opened the door, he scanned me from head to toe " Princess Emmas son Henry or is it Prince Henry now ?" I despretly looked at Jefferson " Im sorry that my mom couldnt help you with whatever you needed to get done but i need to speak with Grace please."

He nodded and yelled " GRACE !" I heard small footsteps coming to the door. " Yes dad." She looked at me and told her dad that she needed to speak with me for a bit.

Grace closed the door and we sat on the steps. " So what did you want to talk to me about." She smiled and her hair was blowing in the wind. " I Uhh Umm-" Just spit it out already Henry. " I like you." She smiles and says " I like you too Henry." She started up the steps back to the door when i said " Wait ! I ment more than a friend." She stopped and turned back to me.

I walked back up to her and stopped right infront of her,grabbed her hands and leaned into leaned in too. I felt soft lips against mine. It was so peaceful.


"*Cough* We pulled away and turned to our right. Jefferson was standing right next to us with his arms crossed. " Uh Hi" I said awkwardly.

Emmas POV

Henrys been gone for an hour now. " What is he doing there ?" I hear the door open and Henry walks in. " Where were you its been an hour." I walk over to Henry with my arms crossed. " I was having a talk with Graces father about id Grace is happy,than hes happy." I raise an eyebrow " What do you mean ?" He smiles at me " Which means im Graces boyfriend now, ohandikissedGrace." He turned to walk away but i grabbed his shoulders " What did you say ?" He blushed and looked down.

Dad walked next to Henry " He said he kissed her." I look at dad than back to Henry " You kissed Grace ?" He nodded and ran back to his room.

I swear sometimes this kid is like his grandfather. " Hes just like you in a way." I say to my dad. He laughs and goes back to snow.

Reginas POV

Yes i saw the whole kissing scene between Grace and Henry. I was there at the time talking to Jefferson or taunting him. But than he just had to spy on his daughter having her first kiss. I follow Henry home and hes telling Emma that he kissed the girl. Watch out Emma my plan is going to work.

Henry will mine, he will be the Dark Prince.