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Even in this broken place, once so glorious and sacred, Odin could still hear the battle continue outside. Though it was dying down, he knew he could not waste time lest both sides loose even more than they already had. So, with a heart both heavy and relieved- heavy for the action he was about to commit, relieved because this action would end the war- Odin stepped forward to grab the Casket of Winters, glowing a serene blue, unaware of the horrors its people were suffering from.

Yet, as his hand was but inches away from the Casket, a small, broken wail filtered into his ears. It was quiet- he had almost missed it entirely- but after he heard it, the sound flooded through him and took ahold of his heart.

Stepping around the pedestal, his one good eye immediately caught sight of the small, squirming bundle on the floor. Seeing a tiny blue hand waving in the air, the mighty king of Asgard sunk to his knees.

"Such a tiny thing." Odin whispered to himself, moving the blanket to see the infant's face. "Smaller than even my Thor, you are. Is that why you were left here, little one? Are you too small for your kin?"

The babe's red eyes blinked up at him, his mouth forming a grin has he let loose a squeal of delight, five petite fingers reaching in vain for Odin's beard, causing the old man to chuckle.

"A mischievous one, aren't you?" He questioned softly. He probably would have stayed longer had a loud scream from outside not jolted him from his musings and reminded him of his surroundings. Cursing under his breath, he stood up once more and grabbed the Casket. He cast a regretful look at the infant on the floor, who looked back up at him with an impish smile.

"Were we not at war, if I could know for truth that my own people would not harm you for what you are, I would take you from this desolate place. Alas, dear child, I fear Laufey would find any reason to keep this war alive- even one that was casted out by his own hand. Your people would sooner slit your throat than see you alive with me. Forgive me, child. I do this for the peace." Odin muttered softly before strutting back towards the entrance, not looking back once even as the babe cried out.

Little did Odin know that this decision he thought so awful would repay itself in due time.

As the baby squirmed in its blankets, the noise of the battle quieted down and a bright light flashed under the temple doors for a brief moment before fading along with the sound of everything.

Nothing was heard but the wind blowing softly, mourning for the broken land.

Not ten minutes later, the child began to whimper softly as the ground began to tremble. The trembling became stronger and stronger before stopping abruptly as the temple doors were ripped off their hinges and a frantic Laufey stormed inside. Huffing from exhaustion and holding a hand to his injured shoulder, the defeated king's heart sank at the sight of the empty altar.

Odin had been here.

Then his eyes caught sight of a trail of dirty boot prints that led behind the pedestal and his heart sank even further. Odin had taken the Casket and he knew of Loki.

There was no possible way he would have left the child alive. Laufey fully believed this and thus, instead of looking behind the alter; he simply sank to the ground in grief. He did not wish to see the sight of his firstborn's broken body-not yet.

"Damn you, Odin." He growled to himself, angrily wiping away the tears that formed at the corner of his eyes. "You have taken everything: My power, my queen, the lives of my people; you have even left the pure snow tainted with our own blood! But that was not enough, was it? You also took the life of a child. My child! What will you take next? My life? No! You would have me suffer here while my loved ones reside in Valhalla! Curse you Odin! Curse you and all that you love!"

In his grief and rage, he slammed his two mighty fists onto the floors, leaving cracks in the stone. The only thing heard was his heavy breathing as he tried to regain control over himself.

Then, a cry.

Laufey's head snapped up and his eyes focused on the pedestal. Walking on unsteady feet, he stumbled near the noise, barely daring to hope. . . .

. . .and let loose a cry himself at the sight of his child. Without a moment of hesitance, he gently reached out and picked up his son, who fit snugly in the palm of his hand. After checking for injuries and finding none, Laufey mumbled words of love in Loki's ears as he gently wiped away the infant's tears with his kisses, his own tears rolling silently down his scarred face as he did so.

Odin, he decided, was not as cruel as he thought.

But he still wasn't taking back those curses.