Chapter 20::
The Drama Continued

Tavros saw Daniella and looked a little confused. "Danie... H-Hey... Uhm... Wh-why are you here? Not... Not that you can't, I-I just..."

"Gabby wasn't able to pick you up, considering Karkats immediate hospital admission. I thought I'd do her the favor." She smiled and tousled his hair. "Oh. And I saw Gamzee on the way over, I told him you'd stop by. Are you ok?"

"... J-just... Fine." He began walking hesitantly. He felt like he was hardly breathing. 'Cmon Tav! Maybe... Your only thinking of what would happen. Yea. Gamzee wouldn't be mad. He knows I'm his.'

The rest of the way to Gamzees house, daniella was talking about how Equius says Eridan is a disrespectful cook, yet when she's around, he's the sweetest little thing. Tavros didn't pay mind, he tried, he /had/ to convince himself that Gamzee wouldn't be mad.

What Tavros saw and heard, though, changed his reasoning completely.

"You do remember our postponed get together correct?" She crossed her arms. "I was looking forward to it..."

"... K-Kanaya? I.. Uhm .. here's the thing... I-"


Kanaya and Gamzee turned around to Gamzees name being called. Gamzee went wide-eyed and Kanaya simply stared.

"Who is this? Gamzee?" Kanaya turned to him and saw his fear. 'Who is that little boy...?'

"Tav. This... She..." He laughed nervously. "She's nobody, Tav. Just a f-friend."

"Really. I'm not blind. Or deaf for that matter." He walked behind Kanaya and Kanaya turned so all three of them saw each other. Daniella stood there a bit surprised.

'What even is this?' Daniella pouted and stood by the fence.

"Bro. I wasn't gonna all up and... Take her for a date... I.. well, I..." He stammered for the right words. "Well, what about Jade? Who's she?"

The tables had turned. Daniella gawked in disbelief and Tavros squealed.

"Y-You went through my phone!"

"You're all up and accusing me of cheating!"

"Ok. That's ENOUGH. Inside, now." Daniella pushed all of them into Gamzees living room. Gamzee and Tavros looked at each other with disbelief and Kanaya confused, leaned coyly against the wall.

"I don't believe this. You were being nosy!" Tavros frowned and Gamzee pouted.

"If you'd let me explain!" Daniella mushed Gamzees face back, making him sit on the couch. She pushed Tav back into the loveseat and pointed Kanaya to a seat. She was a bit upset.

"Now. Explain, Tavros."

"I... Well. When I didn't... Really know, about us..." He pointed between himself and Gamzee. "I grew to like this... Girl. She's really sweet and all. So, I decided... I uh.. wanted to be... With her.. I guess." He looked at Daniella and to the floor. He felt the coldness of Gamzees stare.

"That's why Gamzee flipped his shit? Gamzee. How did you find out?" She tapped her finger impatiently on the couch.

"I all up and motherfuckin found MY motherfuckers phone and saw the sender pop up. Then it said, 'oh. I neeeed to know if we are still together. You said you loved me!'~" he mimicked rather awkwardly, but nonetheless got the initial point across.

"Gamz. Tav just explained. Ok? Calm down. You guys gotta trust each other. Gamzee, who is SHE to you?" Daniella pointed to Kanaya.

"She doesn't all up and remember shit about her old friends. I was tryna motherfuckin make her remember and shit... She was just... All up and motherfuckin LOST and shit!" He crossed his arms and pout while Tavros and Daniella frowned.

"That was uh... Kiinnda rude..."

"So be it. I admit his 'hints' werent best in show... But I honestly don't remember anyone, thing, universe or... Whatever." She stood up to leave and waved. "If its what you wish, then I shall no longer bother you. I simply wanted a friend..."

Gamzee felt broken and upset in multiple ways. Even after he killed Nepeta and Equius on Alternia, he always felt kinda close to her.

"Tavros. Kanaya was taken care of. Now YOU, and ONLY you, have to break it to Jade. Tell her that it was a phase. Why not? She'll just go back to Dave." Daniella shrugged and held the bridge of her nose.

"Ah... Are you ok? ..." Tavros puckered his lips a bit in concern and looked at Daniella.

"You two... Are, like, MEANT TO BE. No matter what stupid shit happens. If you argue, then your just giving up before trying!" She stood up and shoved Tavros to Gamzee. Tavros tripped and Gamzee caught him. "Kiss and make up. You two... Have been through too much to complain about one thing now."

Tavros blushed and looked up at Gamzee. He was already looking down at him. Tavros blushed deeper. Gamzee sighed in defeat.

"I... I'm sorry... It just really bothered me... Making a motherfucker all up and think... I'm not worth it." He looked to the side and you could see tiny tears.

Tavros placed his hands on either side of Gamzees face and brought it to look at his. "You are worth... More than anything I could, uh, ever ask for!"

Gamzee looked at him and smiled weakly. "Am I really? I all up and left you for a week... Tryin to make Kan remember all of us... I'm Motherfuckin stupid..."

"Gamzee... Stop. Ok? I... Couldn't understand anything at first. Ill admit... I, uh, didn't feel right... Dating Jade..." He blushed and caressed Gamzees cheek with his thumb.

"So, why?" He blinked and tears trailed down his face.

"I didn't know... I had the greatest Matesprit in the world..." He smiled.
Daniella smiled widely and rubbed her temple. "Now... All that NEEDS to be done... Is breaking it to Jade."

Gamzee and Tavros nodded.

Later That Day ...

Daniella was going through Vriskas room. Vriska had told her she'd be going on a retreat of some sort, and Danie wanted it to be at least comfortable when she got back. As she was picking up a book, she felt it was relatively light for such a big book. Opening Its cover, she found the inside was carved out, and inside were folded pages of things dealing with ... Witchcraft? Turning to the recent page, she found it spoke of mind control or manipulation.

'What the hell?' She read through and found the side effects were hues of one color. That WOULD explain the shades of blue... Consistency of Migranes. 'What is this reading my life story?' And mood changes such. She closed the paper and placed it in the book. 'Holy hell. I was brainwashed! ... Bitch.'

She went to the small kitchen and started up the gas of the stove. She held the book out by its corner and slowly let the book burn. "Payback... Aww Yeee..."

-With Karkat and Sollux-

Gabby had dropped off Karkat at his apartment. Bidding her farewell, he unlocked his door and walked the three staircases to reach his apartment door. Upon opening it, he found video game cases, tv dinner plates stacked on the coffee table, and don't get him STARTED on what the /kitchen/ looked like. He dropped his book bag and stormed to his and Sollux's room. There he was, at his computer desk, messing with something around the apartment that DIDN'T NEED fixing.

"Sollux... Captor. What in HOLY HELL." He projected his voice and sighed heavily. He started picking up random things. Shattered glass, scattered clothes.

"What the Fuck. Why you cleaning up?" Sollux came from his and Karkats room. He had the video game controller and a head piece.

"Why the Fuck can't I EVER come home to it being clean? I was JUST released from the hospital, because of YOU. And this is how I'm welcomed?" He picked up the knocked over vase. He's SO lucky the floor was carpeted.

"You alwayth clean, tho I thought you'd like thomething to clean onthe (once) you got back." He snickered. "I'M COMING, THUT THE FUCK UP!"

Karkat jumped but saw he pressed a button on his head set. Karkat sneered. "Since WHEN is the video game more important than me? What did we all talk about not TWO DAYS AGO?!"

"Oh, kk." He walked to kk and hugged him. Karkat rather confused by the gesture, didn't know whether to hug back. He didn't know what it meant.

"..." He didn't want to sound stupid and ask 'Why the hug?', so he just loosely wrapped his arms around his waist. Sollux let his arms fall across on of karkats shoulders. He massaged a sensitive part and Karkat cringed.

"Ith it ok now?"

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