Hiya there my new story, this time an inazuma eleven Crossover with Kuroshitsuji. Gazel 'Suzuno Fuusuke' ends up in london 1888 and meets Earls, Shinigami and hot demon butlers. What would happen to her? Gazel is OOC Read it in the story. Rated T for Cussing and...Grell

Ice cold guest.

(Gazel's POV)

It was a sunny day in Inazuma town. The orphans of the Sun-Garden were playing soccer. Refered by Hitomiko. Hiroto and Saginuma are the captains and Burn and Gazel are in Hiroto's team while Midorikawa and Ulvida are in Saginuma's team. They were all playing serious and for fun, but still Hiroto's team won.

After the game. Hey Gazel. said Burn. What is it Tullip-Head! HEY I AM NOT A TULLIP-HEAD, ICE-BITCH! yelled Burn angry. WHAT YOU TAKE THAT BACK TULLIP-HEAD! OH NO I DON'T! yells Burn back. Then they start to fight. Hiroto, Midorikawa, Sagunima and Ulvida are sweatdropping. Come let's go, or we get involved to. ; suggest Saginuma. Yeah you're right, i don't wanna get involved no. sais Hiroto. Then they walked away.

Burn an Gazel. (Gazel's POV)

YA ICE-BITCH, YOU'RE WORTHLESS. W-what WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY, ASSHOLE. I am going outside. YEAH RUN AWAY WORTHLESS ICE-BITCH, I WISH THAT YOU'D DISAPEAR. yells Burn angry, even if he didn't know what he'd say. Gazel has to hold her tears back and runs outside. Then Burn thinks about what he said. Aw dammit, i'll have to say sorry to Gazel. And have to learn to controll my anger. says Burn to hisself.

With Gazel.

I can't believe that Burn said that. Maybe he's right and i have to disapear. * sigh * Where to go then, where to go? Then she sees a door in a tree. Huh that door, it wasn't here. To where does it lead, maybe with that door i can disapear. Then she walks to the door, opens it and walks in.

...London 1788...

(Ciel's POV)

Bocchan. says Sebastian when he knocks on the door to his masters studie. Come in Sebastian. What is it? * What does Sebastian want and whydo i have a weird feeling that something may happen * Bocchan, i just got a letter from the Queen it says that you have to work together with Earl Trancy, to get the murder that has murderd many young girls. Okay..wait WHAT. Me working with that Blond-idiot. Hey that's mean Ciel-kun; says Alois with fake tears. Then he runs to Ciel and hugs him. IDIOT LET GO OF ME, SEBASTIAN THIS IS A ORDER GET THE IDIOT OF ME. Yes my lord; says Sebastian then he picks Alois up and set him on the ground next to Claude. Now what clues do we have about that murders? That they were al young girl around the 10 years old Ciel-kun, ya knew that already didn't ya. says Alois yawning. * sigh * Sebastian make a carriage ready. Yes my lord; says Sebastian then he walks of. Claude you help him. Yes your highness; says Claude then he walks after Sebastian. Say Ciel-kun let's go too, it's boring to stay inside. says Alois. Alright Alois, only cause i want you out of my studie. Then they walk outside to Sebastian and Claude.


Bocchan the carriage is ready; says Sebastian. Your highness your can go in the carriage. Good Sebastian let's go i don't want to wait any longer. Yeah it get's boring here, i wanna see action you to Ciel-kun; says Alois. * sigh * Why do i have to be stuck with you. Aw that's mean Ciel-kun, but alright let's go. Then the carriage rides of to London.

...Japan 2012...

( Gazel's POV )

Where does that door lead. I hope far away so i don't have to see Burn again. Ah screw it, i'll just go through the door and see what's on the other side. Then i walked to the door. The first i saw nothing but darkness but then there was a blinding light. I stumbled forward on a stone floor. Whoa that was weird. When i look around i see, gray colour cause the rain and people wearing old English clothes * That are old English clothes i knew from history* Hm.. wait i am traveled back in time to England. Wow that's pretty cool. I walk over the stone street. It looks so old an-Hey young lady. Huh. When i turn around i see a man with a wicked grin on his face. Uhm can a help you sir. Yes you can, come with me; says The man, There are a lot of people here, so come with me we'll talk a little more privetly. O-kay sir may i ask why. Cause i don't like taling in the public. Ah i get it. Okay i come with you. * i am not scared i have my soccerball and can use Nothern Impact, and i don't know what scared is * We walk to a little quite and dark alley. Okay we're out of public can you please tell me what you want, sir? I ask properly, cause i don't want problem they're boring. Yes, yes i can little girl; says The man with a wicked laugh. Then he launches forwards with a knife. Whoa. I jump in time to get away, but the floor is slippery so i slip and fall on my head. I start feeling dizzy and feel a cold liquid on the back of my head. Dammit. -SEBASTIAN THIS IS AN ORDER SAVE THAT GIRL- Yes my Lord- CLAUDE HELP HIM- Yes your highness. Then two men clad in black jump in sight one with glasses and one without. The one with glasses jumps one the Wicked man ( yeah i didn't know a name for him haha ) While the other runs to me and pickes me up. Everything goes so fast and i am dizzy, so i start losing consciousness. Before i completely black out i get a glimps of two boys around my age, one with dark hair and one with blond, then i black out.

What's gonna happen next?

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