Quinn Fabray at school was very very different than Quinn Fabray at home. At home she wasn't HBIC or the head cheerleader no Quinn Fabray at home was Quinnie she was her Mommy and Daddy's little girl…quite literally her parents babied her the minute she stepped through the front door after school. She didn't mind it all really in fact she loved it, the way her parents focused 100% of their attention on her. She walked through the door Tuesday after school ready to relax and spend time with her mommy.

"Mommy I'm home!" she called when she entered the house. Judy Fabray rushed quickly out of the kitchen to greet her daughter.

"Hi Quinnie are you ready to get changed and have your snack," she asked her while wrapping her in a hug.

"Uh huh," the blonde teenager replied. Judy took her daughters hand and led her up to the pink bedroom.

"Alright sweetie go wait on your bed for Mommy," she said. Quinn did so obediently she sat on her bed kicking her legs back and forth before slipping her thumb into her mouth and sucking contentedly as her transformation began. Her mother returned shortly with a few items in her hands.

"Okay baby lay back for me," she said. Once Quinn was on her back Judy made quick work of removing her shoes, skirt and little pink panties before laying them neatly in a pile in the corner. Judy then wipes the girl in front of her with a baby wipe and sprinkles her with some baby powder before taping up a fluffy white diaper around her slender frame. "Sit up for mommy Quinn," she say sweetly. Again doing as she's told Quinn sits up and she allows her mother to remove her blouse and replace it with a pink Whinnie-The-Pooh t-shirt that hangs just above her diaper.

"Fanks Momma," Quinn says innocently only removing her thumb for a moment before returning it to her lips.

"You're welcome baby," Judy smiled placing a kiss on her little girls cheek. "You ready for your snack?" she asked. Quinn nodded.

"Can I have Goldfish?" she asked.

"Sure sweetie,"

Judy got Quinn downstairs sitting in her chair and poured some goldfish into a little bowl and some chocolate milk in her favorite sippy cup. "Here baby," Quinn finished her snack quickly and her mother let her play in the living room where her mother could hear and see her while she made dinner. She was happily sucking on a purple pacifier and coloring in her pooh bear coloring book. Then her daddy walks in the front door.

"Daddy Daddy," Quinn squeals lifting her arms to be picked up. Russell smiles and scoops up his teenage daughter.

"Hi sweetie," he says as he pats her bottom. "Looks like someone needs to changed," Russell goes to the kitchen to greet his wife before gathering Quinn's changing supplies and laying her out on the play mat making quick work of getting her clean. Then comes cuddle time with daddy while he watches the news she just sits there curled into his side sucking her pacifier until Judy calls them in for dinner.

At dinner Russell is sure to cut Quinn's food up really small so she won't choke dinner is always filled with Quinn chattering on about her day while Judy and Russell enjoy listening to all her stories. After dinner while Judy takes Quinn upstairs for her bath while her husband cleans the kitchen. Judy gets Quinn the bath tub with her toys she plays happily while letting her mommy get her all clean. When Judy is satisfied she pulls Quinn out and wraps her in a towel drying her quickly. When they enter Quinn's room Russell is waiting there with her nighttime bottle ready he lifts her on to the table and slides a thick nighttime diaper under her bottom and tapes it up. He then snuggles her in the rocking chair and places the bottle to her lips and she accepts it happily he rocks her back and forth and her mother sings a gentle lullaby. Her eyelids start to flutter and he tucks her in each of her parents give her a kiss on the cheek

"Goodnight sweetpea,"

"Night Mommy Night Night Daddy," she murmurs before slipping off to sleep with her pacifier and teddy bear.

"Sweet dreams baby girl," Her father whispers before flicking on the night light and the monitor and leaving her room.

Yeah…Quinn Fabray at home was very different from Quinn Fabray at school.