Me: Hi Everyone! It's Ome with another Fanfiction! Yuma kun do the disclaimer!

Yuma: Um… Ome…

Me: Yes?

Yuma: Can someone else do it?

Me: Yuma… Fine! Akari Chan do it!

Akari: Eh? Um… This Fanfiction…

Me: Mou! I'll do it! I don't own Jewel pet Tinkle! *Turns behind me* Akari Chan and Yuma Kun…

This one shot takes place after the events of the Jewel Pet Tinkle anime. Akari, Yuma and Alma are all in the same middle school. And Yuma's pretty popular. Anyway, it

is the day before Valentines Day. Akari is in the kitchen with her friends, including Alma making chocolate.

"I can't wait until tomorrow! Will Yuma kun accept my chocolate?"

" I'm sure he will Akari!" Alma reassured her. As they kept chatting, Yuma eventually passed by the home economics room. He peeked in to see Akari and Alma chatting

while wrapping their chocolates.

"I'm scared! He's popular right? What if he doesn't want mine with all the chocolate he's going to get?"

"Who exactly is she talking about?"

"I'll tell you what Akari. Tomorrow I'll arrange for him to meet you in a certain place. Ok?"

"Ok but"

"Don't worry!" They were preparing to leave soon. Yuma started walking and thought aloud

"I'd be nice to get chocolates from Akari just like last year…" So the long awaited Lovers Day 1 (Lovers Day 2 is White Day in Japan) came. Yuma had an entire box of

chocolate given to him. Alma had informed him that a certain person was going to be waiting at the basketball court outside of the school. After his game ended, he ran

as fast as he could to the meeting place. He found Akari there with a box in her hands.

"Akari! Run!"

"Eh?" He grabbed her hand and finally reached a place the fan girls couldn't spot him any more, the back of the school.

"Yuma kun are you ok?

"Yes. I'm just tired…"

"Oh… Well I just wanted to give this to you. There was no need to run away from those girls to meet me you know.

"Akari… Thank you and you should know I do think you are more important." What did I just say? He covered his mouth to see Akari blushing several shades of red. He

also blushed and tried to think of ways to change this conversation.

"Akari? Can I rest on your shoulder?" She started freaking out. Yuma smiled. He slowly brought his head to her shoulders hoping to rest but instead… his lips

accidentally touched Akari's lips. Their eyes both widened in surprise. When they broke off, Akari's entire face turned red and she fainted. She ended up sleeping on

Yuma's shoulder on a bench. He just smiled at her sleeping face. Meanwhile Akari was having a nice dream about their future together. When she woke up, she was

flustered like usual. She calmed down when Yuma smiled and said,

"Akari, I like you.


"Really. Let's stay together forever alright? She covered her face.

"Yes!" She was crying yet he could tell it was because of the happiness she experienced in just one day. Akari rested her head on Yuma's shoulder as they looked at

the bright blue sky above them. They felt hope for a great future as the sky showed them endless possibilities.

Yuma: Ome…

Me: What?

Yuma: Was there a need for that"

Me: Kiss? Yes! I mean you and Akari are such a shy couple. Imagine… 1 year of dating and you guys haven't kissed yet…

Akari and Yuma: We aren't going out!

Me: Hm… Then what is that I see? *Staring at them holding hands*

Akari and Yuma: Wait! You got it all wrong!"

Me: *Turns back on them* Everyone who reads this please know that if you're shy like them *points to the shy couple* if you don't act on your feelings it could turn out

for the worst. Every situation has different possibilities but it's up to you how it ends :D Good Luck to everyone in love out there! *Wink*

Yuma: Ome! Listen to what I'm saying!