A/N: This is my first fan fiction, so be nice. It's a one shot of Nate's last moment with Michael. (Written in Michael's P.O.V.). Hope you enjoy :]

Michael stepped out of the vehicle with a gleaming smile on his face. Finally that son of a bitch was caught. Nate was holding a gun to Anson's back which caused Michael to grin wider; he knew the younger man wouldn't just sit around while the man who put his family on a wild goose chase, walked around thinking everything was going his way.

Just when Michael thought they had finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel, a gun shot rang through the air. Everyone ducked, with their own guns out and loaded, and looked up, before hearing a body crashing to the ground. Michael turned his head to see Anson, bleeding out, dead on the ground. Michael's gaze flickered and found Nate, but he wasn't in as good of shape Michael hoped he would be.

Nate was shocked, paralyzed, his unfocused eyes stared right ahead and the handgun went falling to the ground, along with him, revealing a gaping hole in the wall behind him. Michael's eyes widened and his breathe caught in his throat, he found himself running to his younger brother, forgetting about the person who shot at them.

"Nate?" He uttered out. With trembling hands, Michael place one hand on his brother's shoulder and the bleeding hole in his side. Nate stared up at him with the same baffled expression yet with a tad of sadness. Blood was already escaping the younger man's mouth, running down his chin, Michael knew what this meant but he ignored it. "Nate…" He could feel his own tears welling up in his eyes, making his vision slightly fuzzy. His hard expression fell as he held back the tears.

"I'm scared…" As soon as Nate whispered this, he was no longer the witty man he had become, for he was back to being the innocent little boy Michael stood up for as kids. A single tear ran down his cheek as his eyelids started to droop close and he took his last breathe.

Michael looked down surprised at him. "Nate." He gulped before he realized. 'No, no, no. He can't die, he can't. He hasn't even lived yet, he has a family, he can't die.' Michael was now well aware of the sad eyes lingering on the two siblings. "Nate, Nate." He practically yelled in his brother's face, tears were falling freely from his eyes as he shook Nate's neck.

Memories flew through Michael's mind as he shook Nate's lifeless body. "Nate!" He was yelling louder now, he knew that much. 'He's the reason I am who I am. He's why I stole those groceries, stood up to dad and jacked my first car.' He thought sadly. "Nate…" He said one last time before his head dropped down to the light blue shirt of the younger man and cried freely.

** Fin.**