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Chapter 10

"stop worrying Doc, come on, I got ya…"

Zoe couldn't deny that those three little words uttered at the end of Wade's sentence worked on her body like a sedative she felt instantly more secure and relaxed. Wade had proved time and time again whether they were friends, fighting or flirting that he was always there for her, he was her rock whenever she needed him he was there no matter how much she protested that she didn't need him.

Zoe looked up at him as they walked towards the door of the Rammer Jammer, the smile still crooked across his face but she could see just a small hint of something in his eyes, doubt maybe even fear and it suddenly occurred to her that as nervous as she was about facing the people of Bluebell, many of whom over the last 12 months had become her family, she realized that this is where Wade had lived his whole life, practically every person in the world that he knew lived in this town and she suddenly realized that he could lose all of that thanks to her and she gripped onto him a little tighter pulling him closer to her maybe for his benefit maybe for hers she wasn't sure.

The silence washed over the crowd in the Rammer Jammer as they entered and people put together the image in front of them and came to the conclusion that their lovable rogue of a barman had hooked up with the home wrecking Yankee doctor. Zoe suddenly felt sick for Wade as she hadn't considered the reaction that he would get simply for being with her then she heard Shelley say something and suddenly the tension broke and people around them chuckled as Wade slid his hand into hers and led her towards the bar.

Zoe was shocked that the town seemed to have been so forgiving, although she thought it would have been a very different story if she had have walked in here with George next to her, she was convinced that she wouldn't have been able to face that. She watched Wade as he was joking around with Shelley as they sat and enjoyed their drinks and she couldn't believe that she almost let this beautiful man slip away from her, she reached out and placed her hand on his leg just so she could feel his warmth on her skin, he looked at her and smiled and leaned over and kissed her as she did this, then he went back to his banter with Shelley.

A few minutes had passed and Shelley had gone to serve some guys at the end of the bar and had come back over and was asking for all the details about how they had ended up together, as the three of them were laughing together Zoe suddenly saw Shelley's expression change and she realized for the second time that evening that the Rammer Jammer was falling silent.

As her and Wade turned to see what was going on they saw Lemon coming towards them, Zoe hadn't even realized that she was there, she must have been in the back somewhere, Lemon was on her own coming towards them, her face was unreadable and she seemed to be a little unsteady on her feet. Eventually she reached where her and Wade were sitting and stopped and looked at them, Zoe had been waiting for a run in with Lemon and she was surprised that it hadn't happened before now, but she braced herself for if there is one thing she knew, Lemon must be crazy mad at her and a mad (and apparently slightly drunk) Lemon was a force not to be reckoned with so Zoe decided she just needed to sit and face what Lemon had to throw at her. She felt Wade move from his bar stool and stand next to her protectively and placed his hand on her shoulder supportively, letting her know that he was there in his own special way.

Lemon and Zoe locked eyes for what seemed like an eternity when Lemon finally broke the silence and shocked everyone around her, especially Zoe when she said;

"I just wanted to come over here and say two things to you Zoe, firstly I know you and I have always had a somewhat tumultuous relationship but I want to wish you and Wade well, he is a good man underneath all of that beer soaked bravado and he deserves to be happy, so take care of him, and secondly I want to say Thank You.

For months I blamed you for all the things that were wrong with me and George, and don't get me wrong your crush on him certainly didn't help matters none, but we were having problems long before you came along. The truth is that I felt so guilty about Lavon and me, that it was easier to blame you for things fallin' apart rather than deal with the fact that maybe George and I just weren't meant to be together after all. When you grow up in a town like Bluebell and you are engaged to a man like George Tucker for so long there is such a pressure for you to portray the perfect life that you forget that you are supposed to be a young twenty somethin' girl enjoying your life, not worrying about disappointin' all the towns folk for going for what you want.

If there was truly nothin' wrong in our relationship you having a silly crush on George would have made no difference at all, but the truth is, it shone like a bright light on all the cracks that we had been trying to keep hidden in the dark for so long.

So Zoe I Thank You, thank you for making me turn the lights on and thank you for making me see that you can be happy with someone who may not have been the obvious choice in the big master plan, not the perfect person, but the person that is perfect to us, for you that must be Wade and for me I'm realisin' that that is Lavon, and mostly thank you for making this all happen before I became Mrs. Tucker and made the biggest mistake of my life."

With this Lemon stumbled slightly as she moved forward and wrapped her arms around Zoe, be it all briefly then walked towards the door leaving a trail of stunned silence in her wake.

Zoe and Wade looked at each other in shock as Lemon left and Zoe decided that nothing about Bluebell would ever be able to surprise her after that. Not only did Lemon not yell at her or hit her, she actually thanked her, maybe things would be ok after all, the people in the Rammer Jammer seem to have accepted the new situation between her and Wade, Lemon was more than forgiving even wishing them well. A waterfall of relief washed over them and Zoe finally felt like life could continue and her and Wade could start building their life together.

She smiled at the thought, she had never dreamed that she would be desperate to start a life with Wade but now she could think of nothing else, as she sat there silently watching him as he was talking to Tom and Shelley, she was imagining herself as Mrs. Kinsella, she was imagining how gorgeous there son would be if he had the stubbornness of his mother and the cheekiness of his father he would certainly be a handful, their daughter would be beautiful and would have her daddy wrapped around her little finger but lord forgive the first boy who comes to knock on their porch door to take her to a dance, but Zoe warmed at the thought that this would be their little family and they could handle anything together, and at the age of 29 when the majority of her other friends were at least married or some had children already, this is the first time that Zoe had really seen herself starting a family and that was all thanks to the man sat to her left, she lifted his hand and kissed his knuckles and pulled her stool in closer to him as they continued their night in the Rammer Jammer, laughing and drinking among friends.

As Lemon stepped outside of the Rammer Jammer, the cool night air helped to clear her fuzzy head, she felt surprisingly better after her conversation with Zoe, well she says conversation but Zoe didn't really say anything but she cleared a lot of things up never the less. Lemon felt like a sack weight had been lifted from her soldiers and for the first time was seeing things in a whole new positive light and she knew exactly where she had to go. Lavon had been in Mobile tonight for a meeting but it was gone 11pm so he would most likely be back at the plantation by now, with this thought Lemon smiled to herself and set off out of town walking towards the plantation to go and tell Lavon that he just wasn't perfect, but he was absolutely 100% perfect for her.