There was a time a cared for trivialities such as love. Now there is nothing I care about the east. When I was given the chance to save the one who I loved, I failed. I gave my all for love and all love gave me was a big fat 'fuck you.' My love almost killed me, because I was willing to die for it. I was willing to die for someone who didn't love me.

Now I say 'fuck love,' because love has never and will never do anything for me. I am nothing to love and now, love is nothing to me. I have given up on chasing love because love tried to kill me one too many times.

It wasn't worth it… at least that's what I told myself. That's what I told myself in order to move on from the thought of getting love back from the darkness of revenge. This is what had to happen in order to find what I had lost on my escapades to bring back love. My beautiful dark haired love, which I have lost in one of the most dreadful ways.

I feel as though I'm letting him down. I need him. He doesn't want my love, he doesn't want me.

Almost every night as I lay in my bed cold and alone I think about these things. I hate it. Without him I feel as though I am dead. Then I think of my friends, my dreams and I plunder on, wondering what love has been doing these days. I wonder if he has accomplished his revenge yet, then I cry and think about the things we could have done together.

I finally became Hokage at the young age of 23. My father would be proud, I know it. Sakura and Tsunade baa-chan always tell me he would. I have become the most powerful man in the nation, I thought I would finally be happy, but I'm not. I have a hole inside me that can't be filled by anything but love.

The love that can only come from one person: Uchiha Sasuke.