Snake was furious, when Sean ran off when he caught Emma and him trying to buy condoms, he was outraged, disgusted, Emma was suppose to be his innocent little girl.

"Clearly now your just a slut." He said as he drove them home since Sean had left her there.

Even if they did fuck, Sean couldn't make Emma come, he was just a boy.

"Snake!" Emma yelled, outraged herself he would call her that. Wait til mom heard about this!

"Shut up." He growled, stopping in their driveway.

Emma slammed her car door shut and went first into the house, "I'm a young woman now with needs, and I'm ready to do that." As the words came out of her mouth, Snake couldn't help but grab her hair angriliy.

Emma shrieked and she was dragged into the house, he slammed the door shut and pushed her into the living room on the couch.

"I'm calling my mom!" Emma yelled at her step father.

Snake sat on the couch and grabbed her before she could go, she got yanked back so hard she fell over him, her stomach falling over his lap.

"Snake!" she yelled and he grabbed both her wrists when she went to struggle and then with his other hand, he raised it, and smacked her ass.

Emma cringed and then gasped, tossing a harsh glare over her shoulder, "You can't do this!" she yelled at him.

He snickered, "Is that right?" he yanked her skirt up, her pink lace panties showing off. This was for punishment, but Snake immeditaly got hard from that round perfect tanned ass as he slapped it and watched it shake a little, and go red, with his hand print.

Like he said, Sean was a boy, couldn't fuck Emma right..and Emma was now a young woman, she needed a real fuck.

Emma's eyes widen when he did that, to her bare ass, this was so wrong, wrong. Emma whimpered when he did it again and then smoothed his hand on her ass, she bit her lip and looked back at him again. He was glaring at her, and hungrily watched her as he slapped one more time.

Emma jumped and then her mouth fell, she felt something pointy in his pants. Oh god, oh he was..

"You sick pervert! I'm telling mom." Hissed Emma, struggled but he still held her wrists.

"Stay with Daddy." He said down to her, grinning evily as he yanked her panties down now, Emma gasped and yelled for Spike, "If you think your ready to fuck, then lets fuck."

"I meant with my boyfriend ! Not my sick step father." Shouted Emma and got another slap to the bare ass.

He demanded, "Call me Daddy."

"Oh!" Emma jumped when he did it again. He gazed down at the red ass, and her clit from behind showing. Oh fuck, to have a virgin, Snake was never the real pimp in was like he finally had a chance again, only he was old but atleast she was just 17.

"Call me Daddy." He ordered again and spanked her

"No!" Emma yelled, disgusted, when felt herself feeling his hardness again as he called her.

"Now!" he growled and she felt herself get wet. He slapped again, only this time it slapped against her wetness.

Emma went red, embarrassed she was turned on and a moan just escaped her lips, "Yes Daddy.." she whispered.

"Such a dirty little slut, aren't you?" Snake says softly, mockingly. His hand slowly trailed down between her cheeks, into her folds.

Emma wanted to scream no, yet it felt good and she was suddenly horny, maybe so much because she knew this was wrong.

"Yes," she whispers

"Yes, what?" Snake asked, rubbing deeper against her clit and sighed, closing his eyes to how smooth and wet she was.

"I am a dirty little slut," Emma stammered, blushing, and arched her ass up into his hand, he let go of her wrists and used his other hand to spank her.

The rush of saying those words out loud was incredible, even when her hands were free, she didn't fight it, she just hungrily looked behind her at him and he was taking his shirt off then yanked hers off.

"Yes you are, darling. You're a very bad girl. And bad girls need to be punished." He confirmed, tilting his head to look at his young girls breats but she was turned on her stomach still, and moaning as his hand quickened, liking the way she was going with this.

Younger girls were the easiest to violate, so horny so quickly, Spike was getting old and boring, he'd fuck her daughter..his daughter, like no tomorrow, over and over..she'd be his sex slave. He groaned from the thought of it.. why didn't he think of this before? Like the first time she turned 16 and stepped out of that shower with her new found full boobs, wrapped in the tight towel, body dripping.

Oh he couldn't wait to fuck the virgin queen, his baby, and no other boy had better touch her.

Emma lied trembling as she felt something rising in her, was this it? Her first orgasm? From her Daddy? Her very sick perverted horny Daddy.

He finally used his finger to slide into Emma's soaking cunt...and withdrawn.

"Oh, dear. We appear to have made a little mess, slut." He pull her up to face him; Emma drop her eyes, humiliated. She was wet, dripping, and she whimpered trying to closer her legs tight some the feel it was giving her, like she wanted someone to fuck it.

"Mm, slut," Snake growled. "Do you know what I do with dirty little girls like you?" she gazed up at him, wide-eyed, biting her lip nervously but wantingly.

Where was her mom anyways?/

"I fuck their pussys, hard." He said

He grabbed her hair and forced her to my knees, positioning her thighs apart so that her pussy is exposed. Snakes gaze is wild, primitive...she struggled instinctively but she was helpless, and they both know it. Snake slid his pants up and threw his clothes aside, exposing his pale tall body, small beer gut, his throbbing cock is then hanging infront of Emma.

Emma gasped and looked up at him, he raised an eyebrow, "Force my cock down your throat Emma."

Emma squeeked and shook her head, "don't make me, you can fuck me, but not this. I won't stand for this-" she's inturupted and gurgles when the cock is forced deep into her throat, she gags, he takes it out, puts it back in, throwing his head back and sighed.

Emma finally held it and put it in her mouth, a bit disgusted but then loved the way he moved his hips to match her sucking, and she cravingly watched his eyes roll back and sucked as hard as she could, as quick, making more gurgling sounds and his grunts changed to loud groans

She sucked so hard she had tears in her eyes and then he seemed to twitch, and something went down her throat.

Emma swallowed hard, cringing but looked up at him, then wondered out loud, "Was that your cum?"

He jerked once more as she still held his cock in her small hands and looked down at her, nodding as he clenched his teeth.

He needed to fuck her, now.

Emma screamed but giggled seductively when he picked her up and threw her on the couch, crawling on top of her and pushed her legs together.

"WAIT!" she screamed and then screamed again, shutting her eyes tight when he harshly thrusted his hard cock into her, Emma was in complete pain, feeling ripped through but felt his hot cum explode inside her, already.

"Ohhhhh FUCK!" he screamed over her, panting, she was so tight being a virgin he came right now, must of been too horny.

He jerked into her pussy once more before gasped and let it slip out, Emma giving one last cry as he did and then put her hand on her pussy, biting her lip by the pain, he was so big, she felt her cherry pop and he went even deeper to almost her cervix.

Emma caught her breath by the sharp gasp she made and gave Snake a look, "You're not going to fuck me?"

"Tomorrow it'll feel better." He confirms, throwing his clothes at her and walked away.

Emma rubbed her sore pussy some more, disgusted with herself but found herself grinding into her hand and imagined if he did fuck her.

She squeeled and fell back, starting to finger herself and then screamed erotically, raising her hips as she came and then dropped her ass after, collapsing and trying to catch her breath.

That's when she knew it, she was going to be Snakes slut, her mothers husband, her Daddy's..