Emma opened the Mannings household and Snake followed in after her, "Joe?" he called.

Joey came jogging down the stairs and smiled warmly, Emma always liked him, he was like an uncle to her, have growing up with him and Craig being the same age as her, together always.

She smiled at him and he smiled, "Hey Emma." He hugged her and said, "Angie is just sleeping so it'll be easy." He insisted.

He then laughed looking at Snake and nodded at him.

"Hey Snake, where's this hot girl who will fulfill my old man needs?" he joked and crossed his arms.

That's when Emma gave a confused look and looked at Snake, he gave her a warning look and pointing at the floor, "Kneel." He said.

Joey gave a what look and watched Emma give him a fearful look.

"Dad!" yelled Emma, shaking her head, this was embaressing, humiliating. She wore a strapless short dress today, and with the rule of no underwear, Joey would see her snatch

"NOW!" he yelled and Joey kind of got the hint.

"Snake what are you trying to get her to do?!" he yelled, but watched Emma bite her lower lip and slowly do as Snake said, as if he was her Dom, Joey felt his cock twitch. No! This was wrong! So wrong. Oh fuck, she's not wearing underwear.

"What I've been making her do the past few days." Snake told Joey, gazing at Emma's ass as Emma laid on fours, "Come like a whore." He said.

"What?" Joey was breathless and looked at Snake to Emma, and Snake smirked seeing Joey hard when Emma cried a little, so her body shook, her butt jiggling.

"What do you want me to do Daddy?" Emma asked Snake so innocently.

"Finger yourself." Snake said, Joey's eyes widen and looked to Emma, her arm slowly slid underneath her and joey watched from behind as she started to finger herself slowly,then sighed, going faster.

"Your raping her?" Joey asked Snake, but didn't remove his eyes off of Emma. Jesus.. she was really pleasuring herself. Her ass pumped frontwards to stick her finger in deeper and she moans continuessly, Joey looked away, ashamed at how hard he was turned on.

Which old man watching this wouldn't? But it was Emma, Snakes daughter, Spike's daughter, practically his, his sons best friend too. Oh god, he wanted to fuck her, so hard.

"No, at first she was afraid, but she loves it." Snake told him and asked Emma "Don't you?"

"Yes." Emma whimpered, inserting more fingers and hung her head down so they saw her face through her open knees, "Oh god, I love it."

Snake patted Joey's back, "Fuck her, I'll let you.. you need it Joe, take Emma, those long fucking legs.. lets not lie and say we didn't watch her by the pool in the summertime." He told Joey who swallowed hard and sighed when Emma moaned loudly, turned on by that and then clenched her pussy.

"Oh god, can't take it, please fuck me Daddy." She said, humiliated but needed to be fucked. Snake had turned her into a sex addict whore.

Snake gave Joey a look who was already unbuckling his belt, snake smirked.

"Emma.." breathed Joey, going around Emma and bending infront of her as she rubbed her pussy still, closing her eyes, he put a hand on her wrist to stop it and she stopped, and looked at him

"Joey please don't be ashamned." She cried, and said, "I can't stop."

"Look at her, she wants it." Snickered Snake and Emma then yelped when he grabbed her from behind then pinned her on her back, Joey between her legs as he pushed his pants and shirt off.

"No! NO!" Emma cried, tears coming down as Joey ripped her dress off then jerked his dick a bit, gazing at her bouncing breasts and open pussy as he held her thighs apart, "Stop NO! You can't!"

Joey licked his lips watching her pussy drip, "You say no, Emma, but your dripping wet. I need to fuck you." he instantly bent down and took her in his mouth, Snake watched Joey go down on his little girl, Emma struggled but wiggling as Joeys wet mouth lapped at her juices, biting now and then teasingly and each time he did so, she screamed out, Snake held her mouth to keep from waking Angie, as Emma came but Joey didn't stop, he smirked at Emma and was so turned on he had her in his grasp, such young beautiful girl, screaming just for him because he had made her come.

"Can she call me Daddy?" Joey asked Snake, before riding his tounge up her pulsing pussy, she jerked and Snake nodding, "Tell her to call me Big Daddy."

Emma's eyes widen and then rolled to the back of her head when Joey pushed three fingers into her while still licking and he gasped, "Wow Snake, you really had fucked her." He noticed no hymen.

Emma Nelson was so know for being a prude though..now look at her.

Snake didn't even have to hold Emma anymore, she was shaking and thrembling to much from Joey's fingers and tounge, Joey looked up and inserted four and Emma tried hard to sit up but just fell back down, arhcing her back up, her boobs rising and falling when she did so. She came again and he licked his juices before going back at her juices.

"Joey! Stop, I can't! Not again! FUCK! STOPP! OH GOD! NOO NO NO! DADDY DADDY DADDY" called Emma as he sucked her pussy so hard it was like a straw slurping up from inside her now, she felt the juices inside her shooting right up into his mouth. This guy must of not been laid lately!

"Call Joey big daddy!" ordered Snake and Emma shook her head no and her hair was gripped just as she came again and fell flat on the wood floor, panting, sweating all over, She was so weak she couldn't fight it when Joey turned her on her stomach and lifted her ass with his hands, spreading her cheeks apart.

Emma shook and shuddered as sweat dripped from her face and chest when he licked her ass, and the back of her pussy. He put his hands under her waist and now flipped her on her side, licking that way and as Emma came, she was so weak from all the fucking and orgasms that it looked like she got electrocuted and passed out on the floor again on her back, heavily breathing, "no more." She whispered but moaned when Joey dove his face into her pussy, her legs falling over his shoulder

"Call him it." Snake whispered over her. She looked up from fluttering eyes and her mouth fell.

"Big daddy." Came her little moan and she held the back of Joey's head gently as he made her come one more time and she bucked her hips as much as she could into his face which delighted him, making him slip a finger into her asshole and Emma came and came and then just as she thought she really couldn't take anymore unless blacking out,Joey began sucking on her clit while slipping two fingers into her pussy and ass, Snake was twisting her nipples. Emma let the most animaltic sound out Snake has ever heard and probably woke the neighbors up as she squeeled it and then passed out cold on the ground.

An hour later..

Emma woke up exhausted, pussy aching and her ass, it felt like something was big in it and then she felt herself on a bed, and her body moving.

"No!" Emma cried, laying up on her elbows with her stomach on the bed, Joeys bed, "not again!" she pleaded.

Joey grabbed her hair, "You are to call me Big Daddy, real Daddy is gone so listen to me, got it?" he spanked her and pushed into her ass and Emma whimpered and moaned. He grinned at that and her eyes widened. It made him go faster and reach around to rub her clit.

Emma squeeled and shrieked, and try to kneel up but he just held her there as they sat up on their knees, him still pounding her from behind her holding her breasts as they jiggled each thrust. Emma came and fell back down, face against bed, exhausted, Joey still going, panting over her head.

"Joey stop." Emma sobbed.

He kept pounded, "I can't, I'm sorry Emma, oh fuck, I'm sorry, but you feel so good, your so fucking hot, god your tight. Fuck me, fuck me back, please." He pleaded like a desperate single man and finally exploded into Emma and collapsed.

Snake had made Emma stay two nights there. And Emma was a wreck, her pussy was aching but finally Joey left her for the day as Angie and him went to play at the park. Emma stayed in bed and wondered why Snake did this to her, was it because she and Manny teased him? Because she sucked him off infront of Spike? Because she dressed as a slut? She just wanted his dick in her so badly, Emma bit her lip, feeling herself getting hot now. Was he fucking Manny back at home? God she missed them.. why did he have to pick her for Joey? His cock was too big.. Snake's was perfect.

But at the thought of Manny and Snake fucking, Emma finally felt like a big cock now. It hurt in her ass, so maybe she could ask Joey to put it somewhere else.

Joey closed the door and put Angie down for her nap as he looked around and slowly went back into his room where he now found Emma sprawled on her bed, eyeing him as she rubbed her clit. He immeditately got hard, finally! She was going with it. He ripped his clothes off and stood infront of her. Emma went to him and grabbed his dick, sliding it into her mouth and slowly sucking it down. He was hard and ready, she smirked and thats when he grabbed her down and grabbed the back of her knees with his elbows and pinned them there as he leaned his arms down on her sides, so her ass and pussy raised up and his dick slid into her pussy.

"Fuck me Big Daddy." Emma said, remembering what he wanted and he began thrusting there. He leaned down and kissed her hard as she screamed from pleasure, he put his hand on her mouth not to wake angie, and humped her viciously. He leaned down and kissed her hard, sloppy kissing her and sucking her neck hard, leaving more hickeys.

"Mine." He growled, "My young girl to fuck forever." He groaned before he then tossed Emma onto her stomach.

"No! No!" Emma cried, "Not in my asss!" she begged but he spit on her asshole and slowly stuck the head of his dick into her tight, tight ass.

She screamed "JOEY! It hurts!" But he expected that and ignored her, stuffing another three inches of his dick into her ass, moving in and out slowly with half his dick. She started to cry and whimper a little as he stuffed the rest of his cock into her hot, tight asshole. He started to fuck her harder. "Owww!" she cried but grinded her ass back into him , hoping she could come from this.

Joey held her head down so harshly her face sank into his sheets and her screams were barely heard, just muffed sounds.

Her crying got him hotter and his dick throbbed in her ass. "How bad does it hurt baby? Do you want Daddy to stop?" he fucked her faster and harder as he said this and let her raise her face as he shouted that she wanted me to stop but he kept fucking her. "Keep crying sweetheart, Daddy's not stopping till he cums! Your tight little ass is making Big Daddy feel so good, tell me you want me to fuck you, now" he grabbed her tits, pulling her up into him and thrusting his cock deeper.

Emma thrashed side to side screaming his name and panted, "I want you to fuck me, i want it, fuck me, I'm your whore, Big Daddy." She panted, she sweat so much her hair looks wet.

"Ohhh, fuck yeah baby!" he held her thighs, lifting her off the bed and bouncing her roughly up and down on his cock. He finally shot his load over her ass when he came hard, and it flew onto the bed after his penis dropped limp and he threw Emma down on the bed and cuddled to her, sucking her tits and rubbing her clit with his hand.

Emma worked her pussy up against his hand and kept whispering, "I'm your slut, fuck me..fuck me...fuck me..."