A/N: I know, I've been gone for an EXTREMELY long time. I know people want me to update my stories, and I apologize when I cannot do that. I'm very preoccupied with school and other important things that I was not when I first joined the site. To compensate for my absence, here is a Bade oneshot for my Victorious fans. Enjoy :) Also, I know that Jade and Beck aren't dating in the show right now, but anything can happen in stories.

"Beck, get me some coffee," Jade insisted, though she didn't really want Beck to move. They were sitting at the Asphalt Cafe at Hollywood Arts, Beck's arm wrapped around her protectively.

"Are you sure? This is-"

"Now." she insisted, glaring at him. Instead of the reaction she wanted to see, she got a small smile in return. "Whatever you say, Jade," he replied, getting up and walking over to the small coffee stand. Tori, Andre, Robbie, and Cat had lost interest in their lunches and were paying attention to Jade. "What?" she snapped in annoyance.

"Quite the relationship you got there, Jade," Tori commented, picking up her drink and sipping from it. Cat giggled childishly, but immediately quieted as Jade shot her a look.

"Might want to watch what you say, Vega," Jade replied, a smirk playing at her lips as she brushed her hair away from her face. "Why's that, Jade?" Tori asked, raising an eyebrow in interest. "Scared I'm going to steal your boyfriend?"

"You wish you could," she spat angrily, though she couldn't deny the anger that was boiling inside her. She needed her scissors, but Beck had taken them away. Fuck. She growled in frustration, fingers clenching the edge of the table.

"Careful, tiger," she heard a familiar voice say as a cup of her favorite coffee was placed in front of her. "I thought I told you not to bite," she heard as she felt an arm wrap around her. Beck. That was much better.

"Not my fault Vega has to be a bitch," she replied, wrapping her own arm around Beck and pulling him close. He smiled into the locks of her color-streaked hair.

"Careful. We talked about this," he murmured.

"Whatever," she snapped, still ticked off from the satisfied looks Tori was shooting at her. Beck let out a sigh of exasperation. "Jade, ignore Tori. Tori, stop trying to tick Jade off." he said, lightly stroking Jade's back. She hummed in approval.

"Can I have my scissors back?"

"Maybe, if you promise to not hurt Tori," he answered, chuckling softly.

"I'll try my hardest?" she offered.

"Good enough."

Sorry if it's short, I haven't written anything in a very long time. I've gotten a bit of writer's block.