There was a luxurious, surreal land called The Heart of Dreams. It used to be a very calm place filled with magic created from sky would remind one of cotton candy, the flowers grew swirly peppermints, and magic filled the air. The Heart of Dream's nonchalant Queen Titania ruled this world. Then one day it was went bleak from their on. Titania sat in her sparkling, gold throne, curling and throwing back her pure blue hair mixed with aqua and magenta streaks.

"Did I ever mention how bored I get while sitting on this throne, "She said expecting a response from someone.

"Well,your highness, It's not like everyone can get the honor you have of sitting on that beloved throne each and every day, "One of her high-ranking elders said.

"True, true, "She agreed, "But that means no one can feel such boredom like I do!" The poor elder was forced to listen to her ranting of how she disliked the lack of excitement in her life daily. But little did they know, they weren't they only ones there. During her rant the skylight above them suddenly filled the room with a dark ominous feel.

"What the.. "Titania started as she looked up to the skylight. The sky was covered with black, threatening clouds which was something too unusual for the inhabiters of the Heart of Dreams.

"What's going on?"Titania asked aloud.

"I haven't the slightest clue,"The elder said. They heard thunder and blue lightning appeared.

"We have to check on it!"Titania exclaimed, jumping from her throne grabbing her scepter. Titania rushed to a silvery door that could only be opened by the people from the Heart of Dreams. She recklessly opened the door seeing what use to lay on the podium in the center gone, but not was in the hands of someone. They wore a black cloak and could barely be seen because of the lack of light in the room.

"The Wishing Coffret!"Titania screamed. Despite her being most likely the laziest ruler around, she surely wasn't a careless one. The elder came to her side quickly and he was just as furious as she was.

"Who are you?"The elder cried out. The person seemed to vanish instantly and they stole the coffret successfully.

"What's going to happen now?"She asked warily falling on her knees.

"Well our worst case scenario would be the Heart of Dreams to cease existing, I suppose,"The elder said theoretically.

"But no that can't be how it will end,I won't let that happen, "Titania said, Wait a minute my mother, when I was a kid , she told me and sis about these legendary warriors, the.. the.. the Pretty Cure!"

"Ah yes, the Pretty Cure! Such a sharp mind of yours to remember such a tale, "The elder remarked.

"How can we get them?"Titania asked.

"Well, all we'll really need is a responsible fairy to send to the human realm, "The elder explained,"and of course a girl from said human realm with powerful dreams. "

"Alright that's not too hard,but a fairy?Let's see, how many of them are actually responsible?"She asked mentally taking note of which fairy she could send and which fairy she couldn't. Finally she came up with one.

"Bring me Doki the fairy!"She commanded. The elder obediently took the request. Shortly,the small fairy was brought to Titania, who sat back at her throne.

"Yes,your highness, you asked for me-kore?"The yellow fairy said,bowing down before her queen.

"Doki,as you can see our world has been introduced to the unbelievable black clouds. Well,there's a reason fo why their still here, "Titania explained.

"What is it, your highness-kore?"Doki asked calmly, still bowing.

"The Wishing Coffret..has been stolen, "Titania restrained from showing surprised and suppressed the fear that fell into her.

"I see-kore, "Doki said.

"I want you to gather the legendary Pretty Cure!"Titania said. Doki sprang to her feet,letting the surprise get to her.

"The Pretty Cure?They aren't real-kore!"Doki said.

"Are too!"Titania yelled childishly.

"Are not-kore!"Doki yelled back.

"Girls,girls. We shouldn't argue at such a crucial time!"The elder begged, "Doki,they can be real and all they really need to appear is hope, dreams, and a trustworthy fairy. " Doki hesitated for a moment but came to a decision.

"Alright, I shall search for the Pretty Cure-kore!"Doki declared.

"Good luck Doki!"Titania called out as Doki went for the door ,"Oh,and you'll need these!"Titania floated toward the yellow fairy handing her two objects. One hand held a white key encrusted with pink opals and blue sapphires. The other held a blue star shaped gem. Doki knew what both of them were. Doki took the key from Titania's hand and gripped it in her palm but she pushed back the hand Titania held the blue gem in.

"I won't need it-kore, "Doki said in disgust.

"Yes,you will, "Titania claimed. Doki eventually took the blue gem.

"I'm off Queen Titania-kore!"Doki waved back to the queen. After a few steps,she heard thunder and fell to her feet.

"Will she even make it past the door?"Titania thought. Doki left the castle soon enough and ran through the grass,excited for her journey. She held the key up to the air, twisted it as if she was opening a lock and a rainbow colored portal appeared. She leaped into the portal and it closed as she was fully inside. Before it nearly closed she yelled aloud, "Pretty Cure,here I come-kore!"