"Everything in here looks so good!" Jonetsu exclaimed unable to take her eyes off the cupcakes in front of her. Sensaina was intolerant at the moment and karate-chopped Jonetsu making her slide downwards.

"We can't eat them!" Sensaina reminded her gluttonous friend.

"But they even have pink icing!" Jonetsu whined. Sensaina was intrigued by the various colors of icing the elite baker created but she resisted with all her might.

"I don't care if their's pink icing! We came to observe, not eat!" Sensaina said.

"But come to think of it.."


"Why would anyone want to eat such a beautiful work of art?! It'd be like nibbling on the Mona Lisa!" That got Jonetsu another karate chop.

"It's just food." Sensaina reassured herself. They were inside a new cupcake bakery. Well actually it wasn't quite yet opened and this was the second location of what could be multiple chains of the irresistible bakery.

"To think that guy from Kanon town would be so generous to open up business here!" Jonetsu remarked eyeing the cupcakes.

"Well we should be grateful to my mother, she's helping the Minamino's open up business here," Sensaina stated. The interior of the bakery was poorly lit, and boxes were all around the room.

"What do you mean you already ate the cupcakes I left for you?" A feminine voice said. Whoever they were, they sounded impatient, and irritated. Into the room a girl walked with shoulder length dusty blond hair and dark green eyes. She was on her cell phone and gnashing her teeth together as presumably the other person on the line.

"I don't care if you got a stomachache! It's not my fault you made a glutton of yourself!" The girl haughtily hung up and stuffed her phone inside her purse. As she recklessly threw her phone into her purse, a shrill 'nya!' was heard. A kitten popped out of her purse looking around the room idly.

"You ran out of icing-nya," The cat said.

"Hummy! You stowed on with me?! You were supposed to stay in Kanon town for your visit," The girl said, putting emphasis on Kanon. The cat leapt out of her purse and look up towards Sensaina and Jonetsu, who were both feeling quite awkward after witnessing the two argue.

"Well, I um.." Sensaina began awkwardly. She didn't know what to make of this. The cat reminded her of Toki and Doki for some reason which would make the girl a Pretty Cure, but for some reason the chances of that seemed slim. Jonetsu took a step back but because of the the bakery being very underconstructed, the tiles were drastically uneven from each other and caused Jonetsu to slip, taking Sensaina down with her. As they fell, Toki and Doki fell from their clutches, blowing their covers as 'dolls'. As the two fairies recovered from their fall, Hummy walked up to them.

"Chi~" She stared.

"H-hummy!" The girl shouted.

"Chi~" Toki and Doki stared back.

"Heart of Dreams?" Hummy asked.

"Major Land?" Doki asked. After a few moments it seemed their tension was broken and the three of them bursted into laughter.

"You must be Hummy, the attendant of Aphrodite!" Doki said

"And you two must be Doki and Toki the loyaltees of Titania!" Hummy exclaimed.

"Doki, what's going on?" Jonetsu crouched to the fairy.

"This is Cure Rhythm," Hummy said," But right now she's the plain and boring old Kanade!"

"Hummy!" The girl said as she crimsoned.

"These two are Cure Songstress and Cure Matchmaker but right now their just Sensaina and Jonetsu." Toki said, following Hummy's introduction scheme.

"Just Sensaina and Jonetsu?" Jonetsu repeated.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Kanade!" Sensaina beamed.

Kanade turned her head away timidly,"J-just call me Kanade."


"Hey can we have a cupcake?"

"Jonetsu!" Sensaina relentlessly gave Jonetsu another karate chop in front of Kanade.

"Um we'll see.. this fat cat over here ate all of the ones I had on hand." Kanade glared down to Hummy.

"I'm not fat-nya!" Hummy defended. They went into the room where the cupcakes would be made. This room was well lit, unlike the rest of the entire bakery and her father was lifting up boxes filled with baking necessities as her mother swirled icing onto cupcakes with elegance.

"Cupcakes!" Jonetsu squealing rushing towards them. Sensaina quickly grabbed her by the collar and told her off.

"That reminds me..." Jonetsu said after Sensaina finished lecturing her.


"Will you guys being staying here for awhile until you can find a decent manager?" Both Sensaina and Kanade were surprised that Jonetsu had already thought about the topic. Kanade hesitated to answer for a moment.

"Actually, Dad's thinking of doing this thing called a 'Cupcake Race!'"

"Cupcake race?" The girl's asked in unison.

"Basically, whoever can bake the most exquisite, Lucky Spoon worthy cupcakes will be the new manager!"

"Do you have a taste tester yet?"

"Jonetsu!" Kanade giggled as she watched the two bicker. It reminded her of when she and Hibiki were completely incompatible cures. They never agreed with each other and never listened to the other's opinions. She hoped the two wouldn't disband as a team because of their differences.

"We might need help setting up the Cupcake race once the store is officially opened," Kanade said.

"More work?" Jonetsu uninterestedly narrowed her eyes.

"Maybe when there's leftover cupcakes from the race, my dad will be so thankful to you too for helping set up he'll reward with all the cupcakes you can eat!" Kanade exaggerated. Jonetsu was instantly bought while was slightly uncertain.

"I'll do it!" Jonetsu concluded.

"She sure is persuasive," Sensaina said under her breath.

"Sensaina you help too!" Jonetsu commanded.

"Are you sure? I can be pretty unrelia- ah!" Jonetsu slammed her hand onto Sensaina's back.

"We'll do it together!"

"Alright, I suppose we can start promoting once we get an exact day from my dad." They found Kanade's dad and he gave them a date. Jonetsu then grabbed her twin-tailed friend and dashed out of the store ready to make posters and promote.

"Cupcake race! Cupcake race! Winner gets to be new management of the second location for the world's greatest, Lucky Spoon!" Jonetsu shouted on the street right of the building that would become the second Lucky Spoon. People who walked past her chatted quietly amongst themselves, most of them remarking how brash and enthusiastic Jonetsu was being. One of them even gave her a quarter! After roughly five minutes of advertising and handing posters out, a short haired woman with a voice barely above a whisper walked towards Jonetsu.

"Um, when will the cupcake race happen and may I be one of the participants?"The woman said.

"Huh?" Jonetsu said. She didn't hear a single word that came from the woman's mouth.




"I beg your pardon?"

"The cupcake race happen and can I participate?!" The woman slurred the end of her sentence into one loud combination of letters. Somehow this time Jonetsu heard and understood her.

"Here," Jonetsu handed the woman a flyer.

"Cupcake race, May 24th the best will be the one who beats the rest..." The woman read from the flyer.

"You still want to be one of the participants right? May I get your name? Mine's Jonetsu"

"Midori ...Tana-I mean,Tachibana." The woman said.

"Alright well," Jonetsu picked up a megaphone Midori didn't notice and threw it in front of her mouth," Ms. Midori Tanatachibana over here is the first participant and your opponent if you want to be the next Lucky Spoon head baker!" Midori hid behind a large poster Jonetsu created.

" D-don't raise your voice in public! And you didn't say my last name right.."

Sensaina was on the left side of the road trying to persuade people to listen but no one gave her the time of day. Sensaina sighed and clutched the stack of flyers in her hand tightly. A tall man with tan skin walked towards her interested in what she had to say, but all he did was intimidate the introvert.

"Eep!" She said as she laid her eyes on the man.

"What's this?" He took a flyer from her hand," Cupcake race on the twenty-fourth,huh? Sign me up."

"Al-alright." Sensaina eased down a little,"May I have your name? I'm Sensaina.

"Name's Aoi" Sensaina wrote his name down on a sheet of paper.

"Can I get your last name too?" She looked up but the man was gone. Neither of them got any other participants in the next hour and finally gave up for the day.

"I got a participant!" Jonetsu boasted.

"I did too!" Sensaina cheered.

"That's great guys!" Kanade beamed.

"Will Hummy get a cupcake-nya?"

"I guess this time you will, thanks to these two!" Kanade snuggled the kitten-like fairy into her arms.

"Can Jonetsu get a cupcake too?" Jonetsu whispered into Kanade's ear. Obviously, Jonetsu didn't whisper quietly enough for Sensaina not to hear and was about to receive another karate chop from her but then door slammed open. In the doorway was Aoi.

"Quick question. How long will me and my 'opponent' get to make cupcakes?" Aoi casually asked.

"Um, I believe it will be one hour."Kanade replied. The door slammed open again and in the doorway was a heavily breathing Midori.

"Will there a limit to how many cupcakes we can make?" Midori asked whilst panting.

"Um I believe it's-" Jonetsu slapped Kanade's mouth shut.

"No limit!" Jonetsu responded. Aoi glared at the woman who would be his opponent.

"Midori..." He glowered.

"A..Aoi" Midori choked out.

"And to think we'd make this place our ' Honey-coated Moonlight" Midori seemed to know exactly what he was talking about but the three girls were quite puzzled.

"What?" Sensaina said quietly.

"Well I'll be off," Aoi left and threw the door closed.

"What was that all about?" Kanade asked.

"It's...nothing really." Midori said softly.

"Seriously? Because Honey-coated Moonlight doesn't sound like nothing." Jonetsu pointed out. Midori sighed. She sat onto one of the few chairs in the room, hesitant to tell her story.

"Well roughly about a month ago, I was an over-thrilled and happy affiance to Aoi." Midori said. The girls were stunned and Jonetsu let out a theatrical gasp.

"We're both excellent bakers so we planned to open up a bakery in this exact location. But then, I caught him cheating on me with the woman who was planning to sell us the lot. I didn't tell him about it. And then we start to argue frequently. He kept telling me I wasn't good enough then finally, we just called off the engagement." Tears slid down Midori's face as she told her story. The girls felt sorry for her and they were speechless after she finished.

"But no matter!" Midori said," I'll will win management of this place and be the head baker. I will beat Aoi!" She was pumped with perseverance and hope and bolted out of the room with pride.

"For some reason, it feels like she bottled apart of the story up," Sensaina grimaced. The girls nodded in agreement. Meanwhile, Aoi had already came home to his apartment and pulled up his sleeves, ready for brainstorming.

"Perhaps I shall bake my super-blue, super-speedy torte. Or maybe a mouthwatering chocolate cake will grab their attention." He thought aloud," Whatever it is, it has to beat Midori!"

Midori rushed to her apartment and desperately thought of ideas to beat Aoi.

"Fruit cake? No, this isn't Christmas...Angel cake? I'm not that good at making it though." Midori hopelessly thought of every cake in existence, rejecting them all for even the smallest flaw,"I might as well make a simple icing saturated cupcake to get the job." Midori groaned while suffering from baker's block. Another set of tears fell from her eyes in frustration.

A few days later, it was the day of the Cupcake race.

"Mouth watering cupcakes, here we come!" Jonetsu said, firing herself up with passion. Sensaina giggled awkwardly as she saw Jonetsu psych up.

"Morning girls!" Kanade beamed. Kanade was dressed differently for today's event. She wore a white and light blue sun dress with polka dots on it and slung a purse holding Hummy over her shoulders.

"Kanade, I really love your outfit today!" Sensaina exhaled.

"Really? Mom told me to dress fancy today ad this was the best I could find." Kanade bashfully responded," Anyway, we never picked any judges for the Cupcake race so I guess.." Jonetsu's eyes lit up with excitement.

"Cupcakes.." Jonetsu droned. Midori and Aoi had arrived early for their competitive day, yet their hadn't laid eyes on each other ever since the other night. Midori was reading over her custom made instructions while Aoi peered at his opponent from the corner of his eyes. Kanade's mother checked the time and walked towards the two counters.

"Begin!" She announced. Midori began to measure things out while Aoi cracked eggs and mixed them into batter rapidly.

"Such speed,'' Jonetsu marveled. Midori poured cupcake mix into an unusually large bowl and shakily began to stir. Aoi saw Midori falter and smiled to himself. Thanks to the man's muscular build, he made a sleek batter and was ready to pour them into the cupcake tray. When all the batter was poured into the tray he, somewhat recklessly, tossed them into an oven behind him. Midori was beginning to panic as her competition was ahead of her. As she watched Aoi start his second batch of cupcakes, she unwillingly spilt some batter from her bowl.

"Midori isn't doing so well," Kanade frowned. Midori shook off her worries and began to bake vigorously.

"Go Aoi!" Jonetsu cheered.

"Midori, Focus!" Sensaina cheered.

Eventually their hour was over and now each of them had cupcakes. Aoi had baked quite the large batch of cupcakes with pink and blue icing, making Jonetsu feel overjoyed, while Midori had baked one very large cupcake.

"Obviously we can tell who the winner is here," Aoi said. Midori looked at all the tiny cupcakes Aoi had made and put her head in her hands. Then, a sound of slow applause by one person was heard and into the room came Raika.

"Two dreamstones gone bad, what a steal." Raika said before she extracted the two dreamstones from Aoi and Midori. She pointed to a rolling pan," Escape, Malvoid!"

"Malvoid!" The used to be rolling pan roared scaring away most of the people who came to view the Cupcake race.

"Sensaina," Jonetsu whispered. Sensaina nodded and they ran to the back room.

"Pretty Cure, Dream on!" They shouted. In glitter and all, they transformed.

"Singing the everlasting melody, Cure Songstress!" Songstress announced.

"Joining two hearts together, Cure Matchmaker!" Matchmaker announced.

"Guardians of dreams, side by side, together we are," They struck a pose," Dream High, Pretty Cure!"

Raika snapped and the Malvoid rolled itself to the cures.

"Ahh!" Songstress and Matchmaker screamed. The Malvoid stopped rolling for a moment and found a bag of flour. It went towards the bag and hit it causing it to burst open. The girls coughed and as the flour gradually disappeared, they realized they were both covered with flour from head to toe.

"Ah! You look like a ghost!" Matchmaker screamed.

"So do you!"Songstress said. The Malvoid began rolling up to them, as they were caught offguard.

"Pretty Cure, Double Bubble, Cover!" They shouted. The bubbly shield was barely enough to hold back the Malvoid.

"What can we do?" Matchmaker as she and Songstress curled into the small shield.

"Fear not fellow cures!" A voice cried out. They looked towards where the voice came from. They saw a girl with long platinum blonde hair and a white outfit with bright green eyes.

"Kanade?" Songstress exhaled.

"Strumming the tranquil melody, Cure Rhythm!" She announced. Songstress and Matchmaker were amazed, so amazed they forgot how bad their situation was. The Malvoid was distracted too, giving them a chance to attack.

"Pretty Cure Musical Clash!" Songstress said from the Malvoid's blind spot.

"Malvoid?" The Malvoid said. Rhythm threw a kick to Malvoid, throwing it to the ground.

"Wow, she's like a pro!"Matchmaker remarked. Rhythm smiled fiercely to the girls as she heard that.

"What so great about a bunch of confections?" Raika asked skeptically.

"They're not just confections, they poured their emotions into each cupcake they've made! It's their way of hope for a new day!" Songstress shouted.

"Let's finish it off..together," Rhythm advised," Follow my lead!" The two nodded.

"Pretty Cure, Lovestruck Aria!" They shouted as small but dangerous stars came towards the Malvoid. They all looked at each, ready for the finish.

"Awakening Finale!" The three shouted and thus the Malvoid was destroyed. After Raika had evacuated and the people returned, the Cupcake Race proceeded. Kanade's mother took one of Aoi's cupcakes but she didn't eat it yet. She walked over to Midori's large cupcake and broke a piece off. She first ate Aoi's cupcake and displeasure was written all over her face. She then ate Midori's and she seemed to like it.

"Aoi's cupcakes are bland but Midori's are packed with taste," Her mother said.

Midori was elated as she heard Misora's words," So that means-"

"But, I want you to be manager alongside Aoi." Misora finished.

"What?" Aoi said quietly.

"But I don't think we can-"

"I'll try, for the sake of the Lucky Spoon, for the sake of..us." Midori was shocked to hear that. He whispered something into her ear and she lit up with tears of joy streaming down her face.

"Yes a billion times yes!" Midori swung her arms around him," I only wish we could be the owners of the Honey-coated Moonlight!"

"If it means that much to you, then I can ask my mom to set up second location elsewhere!" Kanade blurted out. The two gratefully smiled to her.

"Thank you!" They said in unison.

"Wait, that kinda means this Cupcake race was all for nothing," Jonetsu pointed out forcing Sensaina to awkwardly laugh it off.

"So that means...more cupcakes!" Jonetsu screamed.