"Magnus, do you see this thing?" Kate Freelander asked into her earpiece. She wheeled around her gun drawn at eye level ready for action. "Cause I don't. Magnus. Magnus!" There was no response. "Damn it."

Kate moved toward the pile of boxes at the far end of the warehouse. Her first goal was to get out of the open and behind some cover. Kate almost made it towards the boxes when the Siborus appeared before her. It grabbed her wrist, picked her up, and tossed her to the ground. Kate lay helplessly on the ground all the wind knocked out of her. The Siborus neared.

Kate tried to lift her gun to shoot the Siborus, but it slammed its foot down on Kate's right arm, her gun arm. She screamed in agony as she felt every bone in her arm break. She looked on in horror as her gun rolled uselessly out of her hand. Kate lay defenseless on her back looking up into the Siborus' cold reptilian eyes, scaly face, and razor sharp teeth. It was the razor sharp teeth that worried her the most. Kate felt for her stunner with her left hand. She felt icy fear when her hand closed on empty air.

Kate mentally cursed herself for leaving her stunner at the Sanctuary. She had one rule: no stun, just gun. It seemed stupid now that she would die because of one of her pet peeves. From now on if Henry handed her a stunner she would shut up and accept it. Even if the balance was off.

The Siborus raised its arm, ready for the killing slash. Taking the only route left to her, Kate kicked out and heard a sickening thud as her foot connected with the harden scales on the Siborus' knee. The Siborus roared in pain as it staggered backwards off her arm. Kate took the opportunity to scoot backwards and grab her gun with her good arm. The Siborus reared down and grabbed her ankles. Kate turned around and managed to peg the Siborus once in the chest before it hoisted her up in the air.

Kate felt herself fly through the air before her back slammed into the wall. Kate fell to the ground. The Siborus turned and walked toward her. Kate tried to call for help over the radio, but all that came out was a small sputtering. Her chest ached. Her head ached. Her back ached. Her whole body felt like it was enflamed with pain.

Kate heard her name being called by Will over and over again on the radio, but she couldn't respond. The Siborus was so close. Kate could hear its heavy breathing. The pain was too much for Kate. She slipped into unconsciousness as the Siborus neared.