You know…I should really be updating my National Treasure Fic but since I recently became entranced by the show Leverage I have decided to write something else for a little while. Plus I absolutely love Elliot…

And yeah it maybe a little mary sue-ish that Tobie is Nate Fords niece but I wanted a connection some how.

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Chapter 1

2004, Iraq

The bright light was a miracle of God as Tobie squinted at the sky she hasn't seen in the past seventy-two hours. She wobbled along keeping her head down as she made her way out of the small Taliban headquarters. She would make it out of there before anyone would notice that she was gone. Tobie will forever owe a debt to the Iraqi woman that helped her escape.

Currently she was following Aadila, the woman that took pity on her. Aadila came to her cell earlier that morning with a spare Abaya and head veil. Aadila had her husband help in the break out since women in this country are not allowed in public without their husbands or other male relatives. Tobie made a plan to take Aadila and her husband back to her base and make sure they get out of their home country alive for helping her; they were putting their lives at stake for just one American soldier.

A few times Tobie had to take a short breather. In the seventy-two hours that she was captured her captors put her through enough torture that would make most Marines start begging within the first few hours. But no she wouldn't let them break her she kept her mind on the one thing that helped her from giving.

The man that got her captured in the first place.

Eliot Spencer.

One day she'll take out her revenge on him.

Tobie gritted her teeth as she pushed along towards the truck that was left unguarded; freedom was only a few feet and a start of an engine away. But of course nothing is ever easy.

Yells and gunshots were heard behind them as her Taliban captors finally found her cell empty, Tobie began moving faster along with Aadila and her husband. They all jumped into the truck and sped away towards Tobie's base all the while dodging bullets.

Present Day

Eight years since the day that Tobie escaped from capture and seven since she was honorably discharged from the Marines and Eight years seventy-two hours since last she saw Eliot Spencer. The retrieval expert that made her Black Ops mission ten times hard than it was supposed to be, the man that got away scratch free while she got captured and the bastard that ruined her life.

After Tobie was Honorably Discharged she spent most of her days trying to find any leads on Eliot for the first few years but she kept on coming up short. It frustrated her and yet it spurred her on to get what she wanted. Her search for Eliot slowly died off as her close family members started to show in her house with an intervention.

It took five interventions from her family to get her to stop but every night when she sleeps she dreams of different ways to make that bastard pay.

Last night was different. She woke up screaming and kicking as the memories of her time in captivity haunted her, she tried to return to sleep but the vividness of her nightmare had her keeping her eyes open. Eventually she gave up on sleep for the night and decided to watch television and drink lots of strong coffee.

Her nightmares were coming back something that she wasn't too happy about. Tobie had thought she had finally made peace with them after long hours of therapy. She made a mental note to call her therapist later in the morning.

The early morning hours crept along slowly like they usually did and Tobie prepared herself to make the best of her day.

Boston, Present day 12:00pm

"Why do we need to bring in another player? I think the five of us are doing just fine in our cons." Parker pouted at Nate.

"Yeah man, you have all you need right here." Hardison pitched in looking at Nate irritated yet curious.

"Because Nate and I decided that since we have been doing larger cons as of late, we could use the extra help." Sophie explained calmly, when Nate told her his plan to bring in Tobie she whole heartedly agreed.

"And our last con proved that we need it. It was a close call for Eliot." Nate said.

"What? Eliot was fine he's a tank."

"That maybe true Hardison, but what would've happened if there were more security there with top military training?" Sophie argued back. Eliot stood back listening to them talk this out, he wasn't very fond of the idea bringing fresh blood in their group but he disliked the idea of being pitted up against five maybe ten top trained military men again either.

"Fine. Bring this person in, but I don't like it!" Parker got up and left the briefing room.

"If y'all are fine with it, then I am." Said Hardison and he too left the briefing room.

"You better hope this person doesn't get on my bad side.' Eliot said as he looked at Nate. Nate and Sophie looked at each other and smiled happy that they both won them over. Parker came back in with a package of twizzlers and sat back down next to Hardison.

"So when do they show up?" she asked with a twizzler in her mouth.

"Well that's the thing." Eliot, Parker and Hardison rolled their eyes. "We have to get her."

"She doesn't even know we're recruiting her? Perfect." Eliot scoffed.

"Not yet, I wanted to know what you all thought before I called her." Nate said as he left the room.

"So where are we going?" Parker asked Sophie.

"Pennsylvania." Was her reply.

Tobie was in her kitchen brewing what she thinks is her fourth batch of coffee, she was immune to the bad effects of coffee now and she's happy that it still keeps her awake. She watched as the coffee poured into the jug and breathed in the smell of fresh coffee. She was preparing her mug with her usual creamer and lots of sugar when she heard her cell phone go off. She looked at her phone and debated letting it ring since it was an unknown number to her but in her boredom she decided to answer.


"Tobie! How are you?" she heard her uncle ask, she hadn't heard from years ever since her little cousin passed away.

"Uncle Nate back from the dead? It's good to hear from you again and I'm fine for the most part." She answered back, she felt a little wary talking to him, the tone of his voice kind of suggested he needed something.

"I'm sorry to call you out of the blue after disappearing off the face of the planet, but I wanted to ask you something." Yup, she was right he needed something. She wasn't ignorant to the fact that her uncle became a drunk after the death of his son and the divorce with his wife.

"I have to hear it before I agree to anything." She leaned against her counter as she waited for her uncle to answer her.

"Still need a job?" Asked Nate.

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