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I plan to make this a series so this first story will be about the typical "Harry gets rescued from the Dursleys" but by our favorite vampire coven! Though I hope it's different enough to stand out amongst the other similar stories who for some reason include a lot of slash and sometimes focus too much on that aspect. Plus I just like Edward/Bella and Harry/Ginny, unless it's a poly fic; those are my vice.

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Summary: Their trip to London was meant to be a break from the Cullen's now peaceful life. The family had established itself in some kind of normal, or at as close to a coven of eight vampires, a hybrid, and a shapeshifter can get. The trip is unexpectedly interrupted when Bella finds a green eyed boy, alone and neglected in the park. Now they must decide whether they will put their lives on the line for this special little boy whose only true desire is to be loved.


"Dad! Tell Uncle Em to leave us alone!" Renesmeee demanded of her father as she plucked out the popcorn that had landed on her hair and Jacob's during Emmett's attempt to ruin their snuggle time.

"Emmett," Edward hissed under his breath, "what are you doing with popcorn? Just give it a rest, please." He begged.

Secretly though Edward was glad Emmett was around to prevent any "alone time" for Renesmee and Jacob but he wasn't about to voice that out loud unless he wanted to bring down the wrath of his wife and daughter.

They had finally decided to take a trip as a family now that Renesmee had stopped growing so rapidly. This would be her seventh and final year growing and she already looked about a year or so older than himself. Her growth had slowed down enough to not garner any attention and she had begged to be able to go on a regular vacation as a family. Now though, it seemed as if she was regretting that decision.

So here they were, in London. At the moment it was only his wife, Bella, Renesmee, Jacob, Jasper and Emmett. They had decided to do something touristy and purchased tickets for the bus tour. Thankfully they were the only ones in the second story of the bus so the humans didn't witness his daughter running at an impossible speed towards her uncle to flick his ear and run back to her seat again innocently.

Unfortunately Emmett had been like that most of the tour as his wife, Rosalie, had decided to go with Alice shopping on Oxford Street and Carlisle and Esme had gone in search of the church Carlisle's father dedicated his life to. So no one was here to effectively reign in Emmett. Jasper was of no help as he was deeply involved in the sights and sightseeing book.

Edward looked back to his wife and smiled. She was clicking away with her camera at the different sights and people. She had recently taken up photography and was very enthusiastic about it especially because it did not require her to be the center of attention. He smirked at the thought, even the change didn't manage to wipe out his wife's irrational dislike for attention.

They were thankfully nearing the end of the tour for the day. Alice had told them that they were going to meet each other in Hyde Park. No one knew why but she had demanded that it was important that they congregate there.

An hour later they were finally nearing the park. Emmett had finally calmed down after Renesmee projected a threat to his prized video consoles if he didn't quite his antics.

When they entered the park there were a large amount of children in the area. Reading the thoughts of the adults, he was were not surprised to learn that there were a few birthday parties taking place.

The children for the most part ignored them but subconsciously avoided them and the adults glanced at them secretly from afar.

They had come upon a few free picnic tables and taken a seat. Bella was in her element, taking photographs of the foliage and the children playing. Renesmee and Jacob had sat next to each other closely on another and were playing footsie with each other absentmindedly under the table. Jasper was basking in the innocent emotions of the children playing in the area and Emmett was looking for Rosalie.

He didn't have to wait long though, as both Alice and Rose came towards them with only two shopping bags each. Very odd since neither woman shopped casually, regular shopping trips consisted of at least five bags each. That they only had two after so many hours was indeed mind boggling.

As if Alice were the mind reader she quirked an eyebrow and smirked. "Sorry we're a little late, we had to arrange for the bags to be taken to the hotel." All was right in the world again.

"Sooo…why are we here?" Emmett asked, straight to the point.

Alice tsked at him, "Wait for Carlisle and Esme first."

Emmett rolled his eyes and threw his hands up in the air before heading towards Rosalie with a lusty look on his face. He was interrupted though by Alice. "Eww Emmett! Not here! You're going to traumatize some poor kids if you go through with that idea!" She said making a face then walked over to Jasper to sit next to him, dropping her head on his shoulder. Jasper's sedate smile became wider at her presence.

They waited for Carlisle and Esme while entertaining themselves. Thankfully they were able to do so peacefully because Rosalie had taken Emmett aside and was now whispering dirty nothings into his ear. Fortunately they were far enough away and she was whispering sufficiently low for them not to hear her comments.

Bella was completely engrossed in her photography that only when she realized that she had filled up her memory card did she hear that there was a sniffling sound coming from nearby. She found that incredibly odd since most the children were enjoying the festivities or with their families. Determining that the child was lost she went in search of the source.

Curled up at the base of a tree was a small boy with messy dark hair. All she could tell was that he was young, maybe two or three years old. He had tucked himself into the roots of the large tree and had curled into himself with his knees against his chest and his arms around his head. Bella scented the area and determined that he did not have any open wounds but couldn't tell if he had broken anything.

She slowly moved closer before bringing any attention to herself. Before she could do so though, his head snapped up. She could count the number of times on one hand that she had been caught off guard by a human since her change. This little boy had managed to sense her arrival and on top of that the color of his eyes had her in shock. Eyes of the most intense green stared back at her.

For a few seconds they stared at one another in total silence that was only interrupted by his uneven breaths, consequence of his sobbing.

"Hi little guy. Are you lost?" Bella asked gently. The boy just slowly shook his head.

"My name's Bella, what's yours?" She asked.

He looked at her with furrowed eyebrows in thought until he answered in a quiet voice. "Boy."

Bella was taken back for a moment at his answer. Surely parents couldn't be so cruel as to name him 'boy.' She had no doubt though that the child believed this to be true because his answer was not accompanied by the typical tells of a lie. He stated it as a fact.

"Well then why don't we find your parents? I'm pretty sure they're missing you by now." Bella hedged.

"My parents are dead." He stated nonchalantly.

Bella was again caught off guard by the little boy. If he hadn't been crying when she found him she would of questioned his mental stability as the death of his parents didn't seem to affect him in any way.

There had to be more to the story so she continued to slowly moved towards him cautiously.

She made sure to fidget a little before answering. "You have to be here with someone then. It's getting a little late and they're probably looking for you already."

He shrugged. "Aunt 'Tuna don't want me in the way and Dudley and his friends being mean."

She held in her snort at the child's obvious mispronunciation of his aunt's name and thought a bit. "How about you come with me then. I'm here with my family and I bet they'd love to play with you. My daughter's all grown up now and my brother misses having an excuse to play. We'll make sure to listen for your Aunt when she starts looking for you. Is that okay?" She hoped he said yes since it was getting a little late and the weather was turning chilly. The child didn't look like he was dressed for the weather in his oversized shorts and t-shirt. His shoes though were in an acceptable condition but dirty.

Bella stood and held out her hand while he looked at her suspiciously. He bit his lip in thought as he stared at her hand but slowly unfolded himself from his position and reached out carefully.

He looked at the joined hands in fascination and Bella had to tug him forward. She wasn't sure if it was because of her temperature or the act of holding hands that had him so fascinated.

They carefully made their way out of the foliage and onto the pathway. She hadn't wandered too far from the rest and they quickly came upon the family as they were catching up with Carlisle and Esme.

The only one who had turned in her direction was her husband, who always knew where she was. He had obviously known she had the little boy with her as he offered him a kind smiled. His eyes were strained though, showed her that something was wrong. When he looked back at her she could tell that he was bothered by something he heard in the child's mind.

The boy, seeing the group of people, had hidden himself behind her legs and was peeking at the group with one eye. They were pretty and intimidating but so far the woman with him had been nice to him.

Finally the others seemed to notice that Bella had returned with an extra person. They were all interested in the little person hiding behind Bella's legs.

"Bella, who's that with you?" Esme asked curiously.

Hearing that the boy went to the other side of Bella's leg to get a better look at the woman who just spoke. Again his intense green eyes shocked Esme and Carlisle who had been looking in the same direction of his wife.

Just like Edward and Elizabeth.

The stray thought caught Edward's attention. He looked at the boy again and saw the cause of their shock. The boy's eyes were an unearthly green. Almost unnatural but beautiful nonetheless.

Emmett moved forward to see what the fuss was about and saw the child hiding. "Hey! Who's the little guy? Bella, did you steal him from someone?" He said shaking his head in deprecating manner. "We all miss having a kid around but I don't think stealing a one was the way to go." Bella rolled her eyes at his attempt at being funny.

"No Em, he was all by himself. I found him off the path and invited him to stay with us until his Aunt came looking for him. He says his name is 'Boy.'" She said pointedly.

Their eyes darted to hers disbelievingly and she nodded in confirmation.

Alice came dancing out from the bench she was sitting on and bent down to look at the child. She smiled brightly at him. "Hey, I have an extra sandwich I didn't eat because I was too full, do want it? I was going to throw it away anyways."

The family looked at her curiously. They hadn't bothered buying food while on vacation, except for Jacob and Renesmee. They were not staying long enough for people to notice their eating habits. That she had, only meant that she had seen this happening.

When he nodded his head shyly she took his little hand and led him to her table, sitting him on her lap so that he could reach the table comfortably. Jasper had already unwrapped the sandwich for the child and Alice cut it up for him. The little boy was sitting stiffly on her lap, not daring to move away from the position she had placed him. He ate the sandwich slowly, savoring each little piece.

The others looked back to Bella in expectation. She sighed and gave them the stink eye. "Look he was alone out there. I thought he was lost at first but he said his aunt didn't want him in the way and I'm figuring his cousin was picking on him from what he told me. I couldn't just leave him out there by himself. We'll just listen out for someone calling out for him."

Edward spoke up. "He really does think his name is 'Boy'," he grimaced in distaste, "or 'Freak' when they're angry. I don't think they've ever called him by his real name." He shook his head in sadness.

Esme had a worried look on her face for the boy. "Maybe we should call the authorities. The poor dear looks underfed and the clothes he has on are not even close to the right size." She said turning to her husband for advice.

Alice turned from her position to shake her head negatively to Esme's question. Low enough for the others to hear except for the boy she spoke. "I know I didn't tell you guys anything. To tell the truth I couldn't see anything very clearly until today, I just knew we had to be here. He's different, like he has something extra. Contacting the police will probably get us nowhere because someone has it in their best interest for him to stay with his horrible relatives. We have to take him with us." She stated and pleaded.

Everyone had gone still at the end. Then the arguments started, quietly though as to not alert the boy.

Rose hissed. "We can't take him! What if the Volturi find out? They'll use this as an excuse to come after us for sure!" Even if she desperately wanted to cuddle the little boy, she didn't want to take him in at the cost of her family.

Even if the others hadn't said it it was clear from the looks on their faces that Rose had most definitely made a point.

Alice had turned her head toward the boy so they couldn't see her face as she became angry. The only ones who had a clue as to how she felt were Edward and Jasper. She spoke quietly to the boy and transferred him onto Jasper's lap, who was slightly startled at her actions and was trying not to look too awkward.

She stood up and faced the family. They were all taken aback from the look on her face. It was the most serious she had been since the weeks leading up to her disappearance in search of the half-breed in the Amazon. Worse was that she was angry. They had never seen an appropriately angry Alice, sad or disappointed yes but angry, never.

"You'd think I would do that if we had any other alternative? Stop being selfish for once and see the big picture. In case you weren't paying attention, the boy is different. It has something to do with that scar on his head and the extra stuff he can do. He's also important, if he we don't help then a lot of unnecessary suffering is going to happen. He's going to do something big when he gets older and he needs help. We can do that for him, give him a family and prepare him." She paused, letting it sink in. "His destiny effects EVERYONE. This isn't just about us anymore." She said in a hiss.

Edward saw the images that had come to her in the past year and gasped. She turned to him. "It was completely unavoidable and I couldn't see things clearly anyways, attempting to stop it earlier would have been worse for everyone. Now though, we can change things." Edward had a look of immeasurable sadness in his eyes from the images and nodded in agreement.

Everyone wanted to know what they were talking about that had seemingly convinced Edward. Bella had already mentally agreed to take the boy in even before Alice started talking about his destiny.

Emmett braved the angry vampire and spoke up. "But Alice you said the future is based on other people's decisions. Can't we help from him far away then he can just go on with his life?" Alice was already shaking her head in disagreement.

"No Emmett not this. I've already tried that but his future is as solid as it gets. It's like Bella, when I said saw her as a vampire. I wasn't sure how but I saw that she was one, it didn't matter what we did. The only thing we can change is how we get there. We can make this easy for him and us and take him or make it hard for him and uncertain for both of us by leaving him alone. Those are the only two real choices." She stated with certainty.

Renesmee who had been quiet the whole time finally spoke up. "Well, I don't know about you guys but it would be nice not to be the baby of the family for once." She shrugged and lead back into Jacob who nodded with her, supporting his imprint.

Esme turned her pleading eyes to Carlisle. "Please agree Carlisle, we can't possibly abandon someone in need." Of course her mate was completely powerless against that look and nodded.

Alice, knowing that Edward and Bella were with her from the beginning looked to Emmett and Rosalie. Emmett looked like he wanted to agree but was aware that Rosalie was being stubborn.

"Damn it Rosalie, stop being selfish for once. If we don't do this then later on the Volturi will be the least of our worries!" Alice hissed at her.

Rosalie was conflicted. "I think…I think that maybe Emmett and I should spend some time away for a little while. Just the two of us." She said. Emmett's shoulders slumped in disappointment. Alice closed her eyes and nodded, trying to reign in her anger in response to Rosalie's selfishness.

Esme trying to salvage the situation begged her not to go. "Please don't do this Rose." Her eyes filling with venom tears that would never fall.

She shook her head. "I just can't do this, it's not the same as it was with Renesmee. We'll keep in touch but I can't stay here. Especially now that I know it's dangerous." She wasn't surprised when Emmett put his hands on her shoulders, but she believed it to be in support of her decision. So she was startled when he spun her around suddenly.

Emmett was incensed. "We can't leave Rose, they need us! That little boy needs us and you just want to leave to stick your head in the sand. I can't do that Rosie. They need me here, we're a family, that means we don't run at the first sight of trouble. " Taking an unnecessary breath he continued.

"Don't tell me it's because you're worried about me because you didn't even ask for my opinion. You're acting like Edward was with Bella when he left her. For all that you pick on him you're acting exactly the same, trying to prevent what's inevitable. You saw what happened when he fought destiny. Things would have been a lot better for everyone if he just would have sat back and enjoyed what he had instead of making himself the martyr." Edward flinched a little at the reminder but said nothing, it was about time Emmett stood up for himself and he wasn't going to let his mistakes get in the way of that, besides he had a point.

Rosalie was shocked at Emmett's words towards her. Then she became angry.

"Don't compare what Edward did to our situation, it's not the same. We're leaving Emmett and that's final. As a matter of fact we're leaving right now!" She demanded.

Emmett looked even more sad if that were possible. He shook his head, "I can't Rosie. Something's telling me not to go. The last time I didn't listen to that feeling we left Bella behind. So no, I'm sorry but I can't go with you."

Rose was outraged. "I can't believe…your not coming with me over some feeling! Fine! Stay with them. You'll come looking for me in a few days anyways and we'll see if I forgive you then." She glanced at the others, various degrees of shock on their faces, and then quickly took off with her things.

That was the last thing everyone thought would happen. Esme, ever the caregiver, went forward to hug Emmett's big frame in comfort. He made an attempt to smile in reassurance but was unsuccessful.

Everyone else for the most part tried to act on as if nothing had happened, largely as to not clue the boy who was sitting awkwardly on Jasper's lap. He had finished his sandwich finally and had ducked under Jasper's arm to stare at the unearthly looking people. There was something different about them but he couldn't figure out what. Not that it mattered much, they were very nice to him so far. Much nicer than any of his relatives.

The family was in a flurry of planning in the midst of grieving for their wayward family member. They would have ironed out the details later but Alice had warned against it stating that if they just took him without tying up any loose ends then things would turn out for the worst.

First they took any information they had of the relative he was staying with from Alice what she gleaned from her now much clearer visions and called one of their contacts to do a background check on the family. They needed to know who the guardian for the child was and what the circumstances were that he came to live with them.

Next was trying to figure out where they would be going with the child. Leaving London, was the most obvious choice, most probably even the United Kingdom. They didn't know who exactly knew about the boy just that they were powerful and had influence. At the moment Alaska seemed like their best bet but they didn't want to involve Eleazar and his family unless it was necessary.

The only other place looked like Idaho, a state they had not spent any considerable amount of time in. The weather was milder but it was also easier to hide because the population density was much lower and rural and it was much more accepted for people to live in the middle of nowhere with little to no contact with others. Granted they probably be looked on as a cult if people saw the whole extent of their family but they would just not show their numbers to others as a precaution to avoid suspicion. That would mean going on shopping trips in different towns in separate groups or individually to avoid attention and sticking to themselves more than usual.

It was a big sacrifice but they did it without hesitation for the child. They did it for Renesmee and they could do it for him. Plus if Alice was correct in that he had something extra, prying eyes were the last thing they needed.

Currently the boy was playing with Emmett. They had handed him off to him in an attempt to lighten his mood and distract the child. At first the boy was apprehensive, Emmett was huge and intimidating like his cousin but he was friendly and smiled at him even though he could tell that it didn't reach his eyes. At the moment he was being taught the mechanics of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

"Okay so paper beats rock because it covers it but scissors beats paper because it cuts it. Rock can beat scissors though because it crushes scissors. Got it?" Emmett asked.

The child was squinting in concentration, trying to remember the rules and symbols, and nodded.

Emmett put his hand in front of him, ready to play. "Okay when I say go you touch your fist to you hand like this," and demonstrated, "three times and then on the third time you show your symbol. You ready?"

He received a determined nod in response. The boy was sitting on the bench cross-legged with his left hand flat and his right hand on his fist right above.

"Ok, go!" He shouted enthusiastically. "One, two, three"

Emmett showed a rock and the boy had paper. Groaning he slumped a little in defeat before picking up again. "Why don't we try best two out of three." At the boy's confused face he explained. "The person who wins the most games out of three games is the winner."

Enthused with the recent win, the child agreed to the terms and prepared again. It was slightly silly seeing such a large man and a little child facing each other and engaging in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Especially when said man can not accept defeat to a child.

Emmett was frustrated. The kid had beat him in three times out of the four games that they had renewed terms on. He would not be beat by a little kid, a human at that!

Before he could challenge the kid again though, Bella came over and interrupted him.

"Didn't I tell you he loves to play?" Bella said to the boy with a teasing smile on her face.

The child looked up with a timid smile and nodded at her question.

"Honey why don't you come with me, the whole family wants to introduce themselves to you." She held out her arms in invitation.

The child was uncertain in what she wanted. He had seen the gesture many times with other children and their parents, though his "Aunt 'Tuna" had stopped offering such gestures to his cousin when he got too big. Surely she didn't want to carry him?

Bella faltered at his confused face and looked to Edward for clarity. He quickly explain the child's confusion and nodded in understanding. So she took the initiative and lifted him gently and settled him on her hip. The boy tensed momentarily in her arms but quickly adjusted himself comfortably when she began to soothingly rub his back.

She went back to the assembled family with a pouting Emmett trailing behind and a human child on her hip.

Sitting next to Edward, she began introductions.

"These are Carlisle and Esme, the parents. Then the little person there jumping up and down is Alice and her husband Jasper." She pointed out jokingly and continued. "That's Renesmee, my daughter, and her…um…well boyfriend," cautiously giving a side glance to Edward at the title before continuing, "Jacob. You were playing with Emmett earlier of course." Then she turned a little in Edward's direction. "And this is my husband Edward."

The child looked at all the faces curiously. They didn't look anything alike except for the girl with the odd name who was Bella's daughter and her parents, but somehow most of them had similar features like their golden eyes.

Edward smiled at the boys perception, much like Bella when was human. The boy's thought process was a little advanced though, odd for a toddler. He would of thought the boy a five year-old if not for his size.

"Honey," Bella said, "we want to talk to you about something." At first the boy didn't know she was talking to him but everyone was staring at him expectantly. He had never been called by a word of endearment so it caught him off guard.

When he finally looked up at her expectantly she continued. "We know that your relatives are not very nice." He winced at her statement. "We also know that there's something special about you." At this the boys eyes widened in fright. He wasn't supposed to talk about the weird things that happened to him. That these people knew was a bad thing. He hoped they wouldn't tell his Aunt and Uncle.

Everyone could hear the boy begin to breathe in faster, the scent of fear in the air. Bella shook her head to his reaction. "No, no, no, we won't tell anyone. We promise. It's okay." She said trying to reassure him.

"I told you because we understand. We're special too. We can stuff other people can't." The boy froze and held his breath, waiting for the punch line. "We'd like it very much if you would come with us." He stared at Bella with brows furrowed, not sure he had heard correctly.

"W-what?" He said quietly.

She smoothed down his wild hair and cupped his cheek tenderly. "We want you to be a part of our family. You would come live with us and we'll take care of you." She clarified.

The boy however could not figure out what was going on or why. Why would these pretty people want for him to live with them? His Aunt 'Tuna said he was nothing but a burden so why would these people want someone like him?

Edward, knowing what was going through the boy's mind made a quick decision. If the boy had proof that they were different, apart from their looks, it could tip the balance in their favor.

"You know your Aunt was wrong, you're not a burden. We would love it if you came with us." He said answering the boy's thoughts.

Said boy whipped his head around to face Edward in shock. He received a nod and a faint smile in response. The child's eyes were wide and his mouth was gaping.

"We did say we were different. I can read minds, you'll have to ask everyone else what they can do. You can't do that if you don't come with us though. We can even help you with your gift or find someone who can." He said, speaking for everyone.

A few nods passed through the group in agreement.

Hope bloomed in his chest at the possibility and tears began to gather in his eyes. His chin began to quiver and he blinked back tears but he quickly made up his mind, nodded and then contently snuggled into Bella's hard body.

The family was once again thrown into a flurry of activity.

Carlisle, Edward, and Emmett were sent to follow the relatives and scout the home and relatives, while waiting to hear back from their contacts.

Esme and Jasper went back to the hotel to obtain their computers to begin planning their move and paperwork.

That left Alice, Bella, Jacob and Renemsee with the child who had just noticed that half of the family, his family now, had left. He turned his head back and forth in panic.

"It's okay, they just need to do some things before we leave; just like we are." Bella said standing up with the child in her arms. "Right now we're going to get you some clothes and luggage. Wouldn't that be cool? You get your own luggage and then when we get off the plane you'll have your very own luggage to pick up." She said enthusiastically, trying to distract the child.

The boy shrugged, not really understanding only that he was going to get his own set of clothes. He never had clothes that belonged only to him before.

Thus they headed to the stores where Bella had to put her foot down on Alice's enthusiastic shopping. "He's a toddler Alice, most of his clothes should be t-shirts, jeans, shorts, and tennis. I know Nessie learned to keep neat really fast but normal human kids get messy all the time, it's easier for them to have a wash and wear wardrobe. Only one nice set of clothes today, in case we need to meet with lawyers or something. Later you can buy him more." Bella proclaimed.

That's how most of their shopping day went. She also had to remind Alice that kids had to eat or they got grouchy so they stopped for snacks, then continued on to luggage.

Finally they made it back to their rooms where Esme was engrossed in house plans and Jasper was on the phone with someone.

Bella laid the boy down on her bed, he had fallen asleep on the taxi ride, and removed his new shoes.

She quietly left the room and closed the door behind her to join her family in the other room.

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