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The Cullen family was shown the entirety of the Potter estate and were shocked. Since the wizarding world used gold as their currency, it's actual value in the muggle world was much larger. Not to mention the value of the properties, antique and hereditary items.

Thinking practically, Jasper asked if it was possible for Harry to have access to his trust account from the muggle world.

They were given paperwork from Barclays and informed that they would receive the typical muggle bank card from them in the mail. Although the family thought it was unlikely he would use it, it would be a good emergency stash or spending money when he was older.

The paperwork, that would be valid in muggle world as well as the wizarding, was handed over to Carlisle who also asked if there was a way for him to get information on the wizarding world in general and how it worked. He was directed to Flourish & Bott's, a wizarding bookstore there in the alley and ask for the muggleborn reading list as a guideline but not to limit himself.

As a last item, Carlisle asked to use their services to make up a contract. Those who did not make the trip to Harry's relatives' were confused but Edward and Emmett understood. A magical contract would ensure that Petunia Dursley or her spawn could not claim any rights to the boy or his inheritance.

Contract, adoption papers, and estate information in hand, they were led back to the lobby and exchanged money for their book purchases. They now understood why Alice had insisted they carry so much cash.

Before they had finished Harry had fallen asleep, the adults had begun talking and he didn't understand all the big words they were using. So he had gotten comfortable against Renesmee's shoulder.

He was woken with the bustle of Diagon Alley.

Now that the Cullen family knew that Harry was a well known figure to all they decided to split up and take Harry back to the muggle side for lunch while the others purchased books for future use.

Jacob, Renesmee, Harry, Emmett, Esme and Alice said their good-byes and went back through the Leaky Cauldron.


Bella, Edward, Carlisle and Jasper were in their element. They went through the bookstore with their enhanced senses and bought a copy of anything they thought they would need to inform themselves and Harry.

Luckily the store sold bags that were charmed to hold a large amount of books along with a weightless charm, enabling them to hide their supernatural strength.

With their shopping done they hurried and passed back over to the muggle world, their shoulders relaxing at the familiarity. While the magical side was whimsical and new, Rognuk's small history lesson made them much more wary of the Wizarding world.

They found the others at a small hole in the wall, those that could were eating fish and chips.

Harry, who was sitting on Esme's lap perked up at their arrival. Although he enjoyed the others' company, Bella was the one who found him and took him away from his "family."

Reading the boy's thoughts, Edward, smirked at his wife and directed her to sit next to Esme. She was confused but upon seating herself she was automatically distracted by Harry's babbling. He was practically bouncing on Esme's lap, waving a chip around in his hand as he described all that she had missed while she was at the bookstore.

It was simply amazing how the boy had bounced back from his treatment with his relatives only over twenty-four hours ago. Amused at his changed demeanor, the family hoped that it continued.

Finally when lunch was finished. Everyone, except Harry, knew Carlisle's intention to visit the Dursleys as soon as possible. This time Jasper and Edward were to accompany Carlisle to prevent and calm any volatile emotions and/or arguments.

The family understood and most had no desire to bother themselves with the people who would treat a child in such a manner. So Harry was told that they were going to take advantage and visit some places they didn't get to the day before. He was told that the other three were going to do some last minute paperwork on his adoption that was sure to be very boring.

Promising to be back soon, the three men took a taxi to their hotel to pick up Carlisle's rental car.


Vernon Dursley was in a very good mood. He woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking and the sound of his son babbling nonsense that he was sure sounded like the word 'want.'

Yes, life had never been better, it was only made better by the fact that Petunia was able to get rid of the little freak for the weekend. The old lady down the street needed some help with some chores around the house and Petunia offered his services, happy to have him off her hands. Yes, he was very happy indeed.

He ate his breakfast and chuckled as his son slammed his spoon on his high chair, demanding seconds.

Sitting in the living room, he read his newspaper for the morning and then tuned in for the news at noon. Lunch again was the same, if only a little burnt, with Dudley asking for candy.

Without the freak there he had to take care of some of the chores around the house but he could put up with that if it meant not having him in the house.

He had just sat down to rest on his favorite chair when the doorbell rang. Petunia's footfalls could be heard in the foyer and he heard her open the door. A squeak of shock came out of her mouth, alerting him that not everything as it should be.

Three men entered the living room just as he had gotten himself off his recliner.

"Hello Mr. Dursley, my name is Carlisle Cullen. This is Jasper and Edward." He said introducing the other two with him. "I am here to discuss something that could be mutually beneficial to the both of us."

Vernon looked at his wife and saw her nervous demeanor. It was very similar to how she got when she was around those freaks.

"Well get on with it! Say your peace and then I'll decide if it benefits me." He demanded, hoping to get these men out of his home as quick as possible.

Jasper and Edward bristled at his tone but said nothing.

Carlisle took out the contract and laid it out on the coffee table. "That form was made earlier today. It states that you have released all rights to one Harry James Potter. He will not be living with you any longer, you will not attempt to contact him in any way, nor will you be able to speak about his whereabouts to anyone else."

That was the last thing Vernon Dursley would have thought to come out this man's mouth. He glanced at his wife curiously, the boy was supposed to be with their neighbor. Petunia avoided his gaze, meaning she already had a run-in with these men.

They wanted the boy for some reason but much like his wife he wouldn't agree without a fight, even if the boy meant nothing to him. "Now see here, who are you to come into my house making demands?"

Before he could get on with his rant though he was cut off by Edward. "Mr. Dursley, be reasonable. You don't want the boy so why do you care if he's gone? You'll be able to go on with your life and you will never hear from us again." He tempted the portly man.

Vernon shut his mouth in thought. The man had made a good point. The only thing was the freaks that might come looking from him someday, though he hoped not. "And what about when people come looking for him? Those unnatural people won't like it when I tell them that we don't have the boy any longer." Automatically assuming they knew about the boy's freakish nature.

It was Carlisle who answered. "Tell them they'd have to take that up with Gringotts. It's as simple as that." He said shrugging his shoulders.

The man narrowed his eyes suspiciously, the blonde man seemed to know who he was talking about after all. Oh well, once he signed the papers it wouldn't be his problem any longer. "All we have to do is sign then and he'll go away? We'll never hear from you or the boy again?"

The blonde man nodded, offering a fountain pen in his direction.

Dursley leaned forward, accepting the pen and looked down at the contract. Seeing two spaces he chose one and quickly signed. He made to hand over the pen back to the man but he directed it to his wife. Petunia timidly signed the contract as well.

The contract glowed and duplicated itself right in front of their eyes, startling them. The Cullen men smirked at their reaction.

"W-what is this rubbish?" Vernon demanded.

Carlisle looked down at him. "A signed contract of course. One is your copy and one is mine."

Vernon made a face at the paper left on the table as the other had gone into Carlisle's jacket. "Your one of them aren't you? I should of known!"

Jasper smirked at his irrational reaction to magic and decided to play with him a little. "No, Mr. Dursley. We're much scarier then those folk." He released his southern drawl in full force and flashed them a predatory grin letting a small dose of fear seep through.

The Dursley's hearts stuttered at his sudden change in demeanor and lost the little color they had in their faces.

Edward smirked at Jasper's antics and followed suit as they stood to walk out of the Dursley home. He seemed to change him mind and used his speed to appear closer to the couple, making them jump and shrink back in fear.

His smile came slow as he exacted a little piece of revenge on Harry's part. "Did you know that the Potters were one of THE richest families in the United Kingdom?" He raised an eyebrow in expectation and they shook their heads quickly, eyes wide at the realization. "Hmm, yes, mountains of gold. Since you know, that's what the magical world uses as currency." He said as a matter of factually. "Knowing Harry with the polite and kind disposition he has, which he obviously did not learn from being under this roof, he would have generously shared his inheritance with you. If only you had treated him as the nephew he was."

Vernon was sputtering and Petunia had raised her hand to her heart at the thought. Not only did their negligence cause their life to be interfered with but now they would live the rest of their lives knowing that their horrible behavior cost them a very comfortable life.

Edward straightened his posture and feigned a polite smile before turning towards the others.

Amused, Carlisle let them pass him before turning to the Dursleys one last time. "Have a pleasant day." He said cordially before turning and leaving the residence.


Only minutes before Carlisle walked out the door, in an office with many trinkets and portraits located in the hills of Scotland, an alarm sounded. The occupant of said office looked up, shocked at which alarm had gone off.

Two minutes later he was deposited by phoenix on Wisteria Walk. He changed his robes into a muggle suit and fedora, his usual clothing when out in the muggle world. Passing by Arabela Figg's home he did not notice anything out of the ordinary.

He turned onto Privet drive which was calm and unassuming were it not for the lack of concentrated magic that he had established only over a year ago. Waiting for a car to pass, he crossed the street confidently.

There was no sign of a fight or disturbance. The neighborhood looked as normal as it had only a year ago.

Walking up to the Four, Privet Drive Albus became disturbed. His wards were almost none existent. The only ones left were the basic home wards he had placed more out of habit than anything.

Something had happened, fortunately nothing that gained the attention of the magical community thus far but it was still too early to hope.


To say that Albus Dumbledore was upset was an understatement.

Infuriated was more like it.

Albus also hadn't expected Petunia Dursley's reaction to his presence.

"No! You will leave right this instant. You have no business here any longer, the boy does not live here anymore!" She tried to shut the door in his face. "GO!"

Using his height to his advantage he loomed over her while holding the door open. "What do you mean he doesn't live here anymore? You were supposed to take care of the him!" For those few who knew him, the undertone anxiousness in his demand would not have gone unnoticed.

Petunia scoffed at his statement. "What were we supposed to do!? You dumped him on our doorstep and left a letter practically threatening us! Of course we were going to take the boy in! But now someone else has him, he's no longer our problem!"

It was very rare for Albus to loose his calm but this woman was testing him with her screeching and attitude. "Who took him." He demanded menacingly, his face very different from the grandfatherly visage he portrayed to the rest of the world.

The bony woman shrunk under the tall wizard's penetrating gaze but managed to sputter a response. "T-they sssaid t-to t-take it up with G-grinotts."

Gringotts! The goblins had something to do with the boy missing? Albus was confused, goblins so rarely involved themselves with wizarding affairs unless it benefited them.

"Who came for him?" He demanded again, this time trying to slip into her mind.

It was easy enough to keep her eyes on him but once he was in her mind something was blocking her memory of the encounter.

Petunia croaked in her attempt to answer his question. She genuinely could not answer his question. "I can't answer that, they said we couldn't talk about who took him." She said in defeat.

Albus gnashed his teeth in frustration, the woman was telling the truth. Now he could see what the woman meant when she told him to take it up with Gringotts. Only goblin contracts were as powerful and complex as to completely block him access, simple wizarding contracts usually had loopholes.

He moved away from the door in defeat. "Foolish woman! In giving away the boy you lost all the protection that came with him! The war is not over, there is merely a pause in the fighting. The Dark Wizard will rise again and if he digs far enough he will come here in hopes of finding the boy. Before you gave him away you would have simply needed to stay in your home for protection but now nowhere is safe for you!"

With that he turned quickly and strode down the walkway, leaving Petunia in shock.


After the three men met up with the rest of the family, they continued their tour of London for another hour before they headed back to the hotel.

Upon arriving, everyone dashed to their designated rooms to pack. They did not bother to hide their natural selves in front of Harry in hopes that he would be comfortable showing his own differences soon.

Bella placed Harry on the sofa and changed the T.V. to a kid friendly channel before explaining what the family was doing. They had not reminded him of keeping all of what he saw a secret as Harry was used to keeping his own and naturally recognized the need when it came to the Cullens.

Harry didn't even bother paying attention to the television, instead he lifted himself on his knees and watched as the rest of the family dashed back and forth in blurs to and from their rooms. He could barely tell who was who!

He began to make a game out of it, trying to guess who was who depending on the color of the blurs and height. Soon the others caught on and began to dash around him on purpose, leaving gentle touches and tickles in their wake.

Finally all was finished and packed properly.

They convened in the suite with Harry and quickly discussed who was traveling where and how.

While they would have preferred to leave right away, Alice foresaw problems with that plan. They would first need lead their pursuers in a small chase to shake them off before crossing the ocean.

So therefore, there were six backpacks with supplies to be used by those going on foot while the rest of the luggage was either sent by mail ahead of them or taken with them in a vehicle with Carlisle, Esme, and Emmett.

They would take turns carrying Harry though, hoping their speed and constant exchanges were enough to confuse whoever was after them. So far Alice was receiving no negative visions from such a plan.

Bella kneeled in front of the boy. "Harry, we're going now but first we're going to take a few side trips before we leave on a plane." She said calmly.

Harry just stared at her, curious as to why she felt she needed to explain herself. She was the adult, not him. It was his understanding that children just went along with whatever the adults told them to do.

Hearing this, Edward seated himself next to Harry to clarify Bella's statement further.

"We just want you to feel comfortable around us. We didn't want to scare you. Plus, the traveling will be very different that what your used to. Only Carlisle, Esme, and Emmett are using a car, the rest of us are running."

The boy looked at Edward in disbelief. Sure they were fast, but Harry was sure they couldn't run everywhere. They'd get tired!

Edward laughed at the boys reasoning. "Our kind rarely if ever gets tired. Running is nothing for us. We're very strong and fast, and we can last a long time before we get hungry and need to stop. Now, go with Bella so you can get ready to leave. You're going to need warm clothes." He said with an excited smile.

The rest of the family got ready and dressed appropriately, donning their packs. The scene was vaguely familiar for some of the family as they remembered doing almost this exact same thing for another human member of their family over eight years ago.

Harry was lead to the bedroom for a 'potty break,' as Bella stated, and a change of clothes. She then handed him the small backpack they had bought for him the day before with his new luggage. It was filled with snacks and small things to entertain himself with if there was a need, along with a change of clothing.

Bella had had more fun with his clothing as she had chosen more outdoor appropriate attire. Jeans, a flannel shirt, cap, and hiking boots rounded out the ensemble, something very similar to what her father would wear. Alice was scowling at the outfit but did admit to herself that he looked very cute in the miniaturized version of an outdoors man's clothing.

When Harry was ready he was handed to Emmett who cheered and threw him up, barely brushing the hotel ceiling. The women's lips were pursed in disapproval but couldn't bring themselves to reprimand him after what happened the day before with Rosalie in addition to the giggles he brought out of Harry.

Harry was settled onto Emmett's shoulders and the boy wrapped his arms around the large vampire's forehead and resting his head against Emmetts own.

"Don't get too comfortable hun, we're going to be switching you off a lot. Once Emmett gets to the car with Esme and Carlisle, once of us is going to take you away right before he gets into the car. You understand?" Bella said.

A trolley was brought in to stash the luggage that would go in the car and the hotel was paid handsomely to mail the rest of the luggage overseas that day.

During the transfer, the younger couples all discreetly began to leave the hotel so they would not be seen leaving with the car. The last were Bella and Edward who would be hiding nearby the car to quickly take Harry with them before they were set to officially take off.

Esme and Carlisle stepped off the elevator with the trolley with Emmett taking up the rear, Harry still on his shoulders. They were the picture of a typical family on vacation.

They finished checking out, giving they're apologies for their early leave by stating a family emergency back home. A little of dazzling on Carlisle's part and the woman at the front desk completely forgot about the six other people that were with them and the extra little boy they suddenly had in their possession.

The men loaded up the car before loading themselves in. Emmett took back Harry from Esme and made to enter the vehicle from the opposite side, which was conveniently covered by large bushes, and entered the car with one less toddler.


Edward smothered Harry slightly into his chest to muffle the giggles that the boy let out. He smiled warmly at the precious package he was carrying and easily caught up to his wife on a rooftop. Bella smiled at the scene, reminiscing slightly on the past as she saw her husband cradling a child once again.

They darted through the city and towards the countryside, Edward scanning the minds around them and Bella keeping her eyes open for any magical anomalies that Edward would not be able to see.

They came across a few stray scents of vampire but other than that all was clear to the edge of the city. From there, the trio traveled an hour longer until they met up with Renesmee and Jacob.

Jacob had changed and Renesmee was perched on top. Edward raised an amused eyebrow while Jacob chuffed and rolled his eyes back at him. He handed Harry over to his daughter and she tucked him into her chest as well before leaning forward to grip onto Jacob securely with her new addition.

"See you later!" Renesmee said before Jacob tore out of the area. Childish giggles following their wake. Bella and Edward chuckled at the sight and continued on at a slower pace while simultaneously scoping out the area for any suspicious activity before leaving completely.


Albus Dumbledore was once again in a predicament.

After leaving the Dursley house he walked to a more secluded area before apparating out of the neighborhood and to the gates of Hogwarts. He was the only one who could apparate into his office but doing so would use too much of his energy, energy that he would need to find the boy.

With long and hurried strides, he made it to his office in record time. All the students he passed were baffled by the intense look of concentration on the Headmasters face. Had they been around during the last war they would recognize the look and be very worried that something most definitely wrong.

Entering his office he made his way to a group of his many trinkets. One of the devices glowed a most magnificent gold, brighter then it had ever been. Good, Albus thought, at least the boy is not harmed. He gave no thought as to why this was the first time the device showed such a positive state of health for the boy.

The Headmaster picked up another device and found it glowing still, brighter than he would have imagined. He was sure that it would be all but dark now. That it still had life was a good sign, they had not taken the boy overseas. At least not yet.

Like he had done earlier, Albus called his companion and was teleported in a flash of fire out of the school.

He made his way south and back to London to a high class hotel. While moving discreetly between the throngs of people he checked the device he had taken with him to find that it had dimmed considerably. The tall Headmaster stopped suddenly, causing a small pileup behind him and offending a few people. He darted back out and to the streets.

They couldn't have been gone so far in such a short period unless they were wizards themselves. That's the only explanation. Thought the tall wizard.

Albus decided to apparate to different parts of the city, hoping to gain a positive signal but it seemed that the signal was simply getting weaker.

Frustrated, he landed north of London. The signal was brighter but fading fast.

He was encouraged again and made several more stops. Every time he thought he was close, the signal would quickly fade again.

Enough was enough, Albus finally decided that he needed help. They were leading him on a chase, one he wasn't sure he would win. He loathed to admit his mistakes but at this point in time finding the boy was far more imperative.

He just hoped to keep this from Minerva long enough. He was sure she wouldn't keep her anger in check after she warned him about the Dursleys.


Harry had the time of his life for a few hours while he was being passed around by his new family. The rush of the wind and the blur of his surroundings were exhilarating. He wanted to do it again, but maybe after his nap.

A chuckle was heard not too far away.

Now they were at the Dublin airport, about to board the second flight to his new home and he was sitting on Renesmee's lap. She was a favorite of his for napping, she was actually warm. Well except for Jacob but he was too warm.

Edward said they were going to Chicago, where he was born. Then they were going to go to their new home! He was actually going to have a home, with his own room, and toys, and clothes. Most importantly he had a new family. One that would play with him and hold him just like the other families he used to watch.


"Tell me again, how did these people get their hands on Potter?" Severus asked the Headmaster pointedly.

Albus waved away Severus' question. "I'm not sure but that's not important right now. We must find the boy soon in case they decide to move him to the continent or the ocean. Now, I need you to find him."

Severus look up in supplication for patience. "I'm going to need a piece of the boy. Maybe we can stop by Petunia's home to pick up a few hairs." Saying the last statement more to himself.

"No need, I have some of his hair here in stasis." The older wizard said, summoning a wooden box.

The thin man narrowed his eyes at the older wizard. As he was busy fiddling with the box, Severus looked around the office much more carefully. His eyes met what he was looking for.

He stood suddenly and moved to a display of several trinkets that he purposefully pretended to never pay attention to. He never really paid attention to the rest of the Headmaster's office at all really, as like many places around the castle it brought bittersweet and later painful memories from his younger years to the forefront.

The dungeons had become his sanctuary. While his house-mates were the ones who encouraged him onto the path he came to regret, it was the events with the one who truly mattered that pushed him over the brink. Memories assaulted him from every other corner of the castle except for the dungeons, he never dared risked her safety by taking her to the bowels of the castle outside of the appointed potions classes.

Shaking his head clear from the melancholy that threatened to overwhelm him, Severus began to observe the trinkets the Headmaster had mentioned in passing as those he had assigned to the boy.

One of the trinkets had turned a remarkably warm shade of gold. Very different from the very dim, almost yellow shade he had come to associate with the device.

"Why has this one changed color? What does it mean?" Severus asked.

Albus answered absentmindedly after glancing at the device in the younger wizard's hand briefly. "It takes a measure of the boy's well-being. At the moment he is as content as he can be, which is good news but unfortunately does not help with finding his location."

Severus froze. If the color the device was currently at meant that the boy was being well taken care of then that most likely meant that the color that had stood almost firm for over a year had the complete opposite meaning.

His insides dropped at the thought. The boy had spent the year with Petunia and not once had he seen the device improve in color. He loathed to think what Petunia did to the poor boy, but she would not harm her own nephew. Would she? Did her childhood jealousy resolve itself or did it fester and grow with the years?

The tall wizard casually turned back to the old wizard, getting a good view of his face. "Headmaster, what did Petunia say when you came looking for the boy?" He asked conversationally, eyes sharp.

Albus' mouth tightened marginally, eyes narrowed, and the grip on the box he was rooting through tightened. Other than that, his expression was suspiciously blank. All this was in a span of two seconds before suddenly his face transformed into his default grandfatherly visage.

"She was very surprised by my visit but unfortunately because of the contract she could not say anymore." He said with what Severus was sure was false sympathy.

The younger wizard harrumphed and turned his back on the headmaster, pretending to analyze the trinkets again. It seemed as if Severus first thoughts were right in that Petunia had transitioned from a jealous, spiteful child to an uncaring, envious adult.

Now what to do with this information? The boy seemed to be in good hands so far. To help the Headmaster would probably put the boy back with Petunia or at least under the old man's thumb. Which didn't turn out so well for the boy in the first place. To do nothing could be equally as troubling but could be fraught with possibilities that the boy would not have otherwise.

It was really a simple answer, what would Lily want for her child. Something he had to constantly remind himself of when news or stories of the Potter boy was brought up. The child was part of Lily as well as the imbecile. He heard the boy looked shockingly like the male Potter but with Lily's eyes. It was all that was keeping him from completely cutting himself from the world and fleeing to isolation.

With the Dark Lord out there somewhere, the war was surely not over. It was the best time for each side to make its move, gather allies and supplies, and prepare the troops. The child would be the center of it all, with or without that cursed prophecy. The Dark Lord did not take kindly to being beaten.

Placing the Potter boy back with Petunia would do nothing for him, neither would leaving him under the Old wizard's watchful eye. He would coddle and shelter him, leaving the child to face the future unprepared and defenseless. He would most likely perish, Severus shuddered at the thought of Lily's only progeny leaving this earth. No, the boy's best interest did not lie within the shores of his homeland.

With that last thought, it was an easy decision to make.


Events were going to be taking a curious turn indeed.