What is it with me and Transformers poems?

Ah well, I hope you like it anyway. ^^

Marching on through the cold, dark night

All we can do is fight, fight, fight

Never stopping, there's hardly any rest

Giving nothing but our absolute best

Right here, right now, get up, let's go

Right here, right now's our time to show

Just what we can do, what we're made of

How strong we are when push comes to shove

Who judges if we're right or wrong?

All we know is the war's too long

Can't stop now, we're almost there

The tension's more than we can bear

Draw our swords and aim our guns

In the heat of battle, we all are one

The first shot rings, all hell breaks out

Everything lost in bangs and shouts

Hard to keep going, friends drop like flies

Don't stop till you see death in their eyes

It never stops, just takes brief pauses

We're never fighting for the same "noble" causes

Our reprieve comes, and we tend to the hurt

Bury the dead and honor their words

We don't talk about memories, or what's yet to come

We sit and we think about what we've done

We think we're right, but so do they

Who wins when dawn arrives the next day?

No one, we've all taken a heavy beating

But that doesn't matter, it just keeps repeating

Over and over, and try as we may

It's one of those dreams where you can't get away

You run and you run, but fear always finds you

Imagine not waking up, that fear always behind you

We grow tired of the war, the never-ending fight

We all know peace is far out of our sight

But we trudge on anyway, we'll be on the ball

Never rest until we've answered duty's call

When it's said and done, we gave our all

Because for one to rise, another must fall.