Idea: After Minato returns from his mission to Rouran he says not a word. After swearing his young student Kakashi to silence also, he remembers. He remembers, and plans. A Life and Times Divergence fiction.

Summary: After watching his son fade away, Minato and Kakashi return to Konoha. They remember, and they plan for the worst. (Minato/Kushina, Minato-centric and maybe a few more pairings in later chapters)

Warning: Kyuubi is out of character, OCs! Violence (come on, they're ninja…)

Disclaimer: You think I own them? Nope! I own the OCs, only! …Wish I owned Naruto though...

Title: Aftermath of A Fox's Tail: Minato's Tail

(Dealing With Paperwork)

"They are supposed to go to the Civilian Counsel, so I'm not sure why they are coming here…" Fugaku explained, "As a rule, Ninja stay away from Civilian matters, and as Hokage, all of this paperwork is not your concern."

"Then what is it doing on my desk?" Minato asked, "Because after today I am burning all civilian matters that land here."

Rin looked in, "Sensei, everyone has arrived; we're just waiting on you to begin."

"Thank you Rin-chan," Minato smiled as he stood up, "You coming 'Gaku?"


Minato's Tail

The Counsel was curious, why had their Hokage called for them? The Civilians were annoyed, they wanted to go home.

Minato led Fugaku and his students to the Council meeting room, "'Kashi, you have the paperwork that should have been taken care of by the Civilians?"

"Yes Tou-san, I've got it here." Kakashi replied, presenting Minato with a sealing scroll.

Minato nodded as he opened the doors and swept inside. He smiled at his Shinobi as he sat in his chair, frowning at the Civilians a second later. "Now then... I shall call this Meeting to order and then we will begin with the reason for this meeting."

"What right do you have to call us here?" asked a pink haired woman snidely.

Minato glared down at the stupid woman. "I am the Leader of this village! I have every right to call you here whenever I see fit!" He snarled, "Which reminds me... Why is Civilian work landing on the desk of a Shinobi?"

The Shinobi council looked at each other, had their Hokage really been working on things that he needn't worry about? They stared at the woman as if she had a death wish. Minato was scary normally, was she trying to make him angry?

Diamonds sharpened to glass as Minato continued to glare; his shinobi hid their faces in their hands at the stupidity of the Civilian woman. "You ask me what right I have, I am a Shinobi Madam, I am the Hokage I do what I dare when I dare. You cannot stop me. Now..." His eyes narrowed, "Why is your work appearing on my desk? I have better things to do with my time!" Minato snarled.

Kushina reached out and grabbed his wrist, forcing him to relax a bit. He closed his eyes and relaxed into her grip. "Kushina..."

"I know," She whispered into his mind, "They aren't worth it."

"But..." Minato tried to protest.

"They are not worth it." Kushina repeated.

"...Yes Uzu-hime..." Minato seemed to deflate. He opened his eyes and looked at her, "You are lucky that I am not in the habit of killing random people."

Minato's Tail

Three hours of yelling later Minato left the Counsel feeling rather satisfied. When he got back to his office, Jiraiya was waiting for him. "Hello Sensei, what do you need?"

"I was wondering what kind of plans you had in place Minato."

"For what?" Minato asked.

"To keep Naruto from being an orphan," Jiraiya explained.

"Oh." Minato looked down at his desk, his eyes sad. The thought of leaving Naruto alone left a sour taste in his mouth. He didn't want to make Naruto the Jinjuuriki, but they did have the beginnings of a plan for if he still had to be.

Jiraiya sighed, "I know it's depressing Minato, but if you are planning on moving Kyuubi from Kushina to Naruto then you have to figure out a way to stay alive."

"Don't you think I know that Sensei?" Minato asked bitterly, "I have something but nothing really definitive..."

Minato's Tail

Minato sighed when he finally returned to his home and found Kushina at the kitchen table, thinking. "Ryo for your thoughts My Love?"

"Just thinking about Sasuke and Naruto..." Kushina replied.

"I see." Minato smiled, "They'd be cute together wouldn't they?"

"Sasuke and Naruto?" Kushina asked, "Yeah... Stupid Orochimaru!"

Minato sighed, "I'll do something about him the moment I have proof Hime, I promise."

"Thank you Minato," Kushina breathed, "It's his fault that Tatsuki nearly killed Naruto!" Kushina sniffed.

Minato leaned forward and kissed her tears way, he wished for her not to cry, it hurt him to see her like that. "Don't worry My Love... let's continue to plan for Naruto becoming the Jinjuuriki."

Kushina sent Minato a poisonous glare, "Naruto will never be the Jinjuuriki!"

Minato flinched, "I don't want him to be either Hime, but we do have to plan for anything happening..." He held his hands out in surrender. His Vixen could be really scary, but he loved her, everything she was he loved, even when she turned her rage on him. "If there is any way to keep him from becoming the Jinjuuriki I promise that I will find it. But we still have to plan for the eventuality that we might not be able to stop it."

Minato's Tail

Then next day, after finishing his paper work, Minato raided the C rank mission list, looking for something to do other than the mind numbing things that the Civilian Counsel would have him do. He needed to stay in top form! One word caught his attention.


Minato smirked, "Bingo..." He wanted to see how Wave was doing for himself. Had Gato already started trying to bring the Country down? Simple Bodyguard job... but it also might not be...

Minato grabbed the appropriate scroll and read through it. "...Caravan escort to Wave..." Minato smirked, this would give Kakashi time to learn about Wave for when Naruto would be going, and no, watching Naruto's memories did not count... Minato whistled cheerfully as he left his office in search of his team.

He found them by the Academy, watching a class, Iruka's class.

Minato smirked as he came up behind them, "What 'cha looking at 'Kashi?" he asked innocently.

"Nothing!" Kakashi replied a bit too fast.

"Oh really..." Minato leaned against the gate, "Good morning Mauri-sensei!" he called, effectively halting the class.

Mauri brightened when she saw who it was, "Well good morning Minato-kun! How are you this morning?" She called back as she walked over to speak with him.

"Just fine," Minato said with a smirk, "Who is the little boy by the way? I'd heard you had a son?"

"Oh yes! Iruka-chan is doing so well! But then again I'm his mother so I'm probably not the best judge of that..."

Kakashi did not like the smirk on his Tou-san's face at all! "Tou-san~!" He tried to jump on Minato to stop him from saying anything else.

Minato ducked and then grabbed Kakashi out of the air. "Sorry about that Mauri-sensei," Minato's smirk didn't change, "I think Kakashi just really wants to meet Iruka..."

"Oh does he really?" Mauri asked, catching onto Minato's smirk and what it meant. "Sure, I wouldn't mind if they met... how about you have lunch with us Minato-kun? The rest of your team is welcome to join us." She gave him a smirk of her own.

Kakashi frantically shook his head as Minato's smirk widened, "Sure, we'd love too!"

"Lunch break is in five minutes." Mauri grinned.

"We'll be there Mauri-sensei!"

Minato's Tail

"So Minato, how does it feel to be Hokage?" Mauri asked as they went inside for lunch. "Is it everything you thought it would be?"

"It is actually," Minato grinned, "The paperwork is relatively light, and not having to be on the battlefield twenty-four seven is nice."

"That's good to hear." Mauri grinned as they all sat around her desk, "How's Kushina?"

"She's doing very well," Minato's eyes gleamed in happiness, "We can't wait to have children of our own actually."

Mauri's eyes sparkled as she envisioned what a child of her two favorite pupils would look like. "They'll be adorable I'm sure."

Minato looked down and away sadly, "Yeah… Do you think that it is possible that a child, any child could be shunned so badly for something not their fault that your fellow Academy instructors would try to… sabotage the child in question?" Minato refused to meet Mauri's eyes as he said this. Because even though it hasn't happened yet, even though it may never happen… Minato still feels guilty that he had to put his only son through that, that he had condemned his son to a life of loneliness, without his parents to protect his and hold him and chase away his fears.

"I certainly hope not!" Mauri sounded scandalized that one of her students former or not would even consider it. "I'd like to think that they know better!" Mauri stopped when she saw the tears glistening in the corners of her former student's eyes, "Minato-kun, what's the matter?"

"In order to protect the village a Hokage must do everything they can right?" Minato asked, "That's what you always told us. That the Hokage sometimes has to sacrifice everything for…"

"I did say that Minato yes, why?" Mauri asked gently, easily stepping into roll of comforting shoulder and listening ear that Minato had always seemed to need when things got to be too much. "What's bothering you?"

Minato sighed, how was he supposed to explain what he was going through? "When my child attends I do not want there to even be a chance that -any- child can be abuse by their instructors," Minato told her finally looking up, "I suppose you could say that my Clan's Protector sent me a vision of what -could- happen if he needs a new container."

"What happened?" Mauri asked.

"I saw the night my first child is supposed to be born." Minato told her, "And I was shown the kind of life my son will lead if nothing is done."

Mauri reached out and laid a hand on Minato's trembling wrist, "Now's not the time or place Minato-kun, why don't we talk about this later."

Minato nodded, "My Kakashi and his teammates were watching Iruka-chan's class. I think My 'Kashi might have been checking your kid out..." he said teasingly.

"Oh really?" Mauri giggled, glad that she had been able to steer the conversation away from depressing things, "It looks like My Iruka-chan might just be checking him right back."

Kakashi and Iruka sat ramrod straight, blushing at getting caught.



"Say Mauri-sensei... if you ever need a babysitter I'm sure 'Kashi-kit wouldn't mind..." Minato smirked.

"Oh, sure! It's not like I would consider anyone else for the job..." Mauri smirked back.


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