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I swirled the whiskey that was in the crystal glass, feeling it take affect (or was it effect?) of my mind. Well, my day was terrible so why not lose myself for a few hours? After all, I was 19 years old and no longer a Senshi. Yeah, they all dumped me, even my 'soul mate' Mamoru left me

They said I wasn't worthy of being a Senshi and other things that slipped my mind at that time. I simply took off my brooch, placed it on the table, and walked out with no expression. They were speechless when I left.

Without the brooch, I couldn't transform. I was fine with that but I took the crystal with me. I made it into a pendent and have kept it safe.

I had no job, no boyfriend and not a single friend.

An hour passed and I was on my third cup.

Huh, I must be tolerant to alcohol now after those times I accidentally got drunk.

"Hey," A deep male voice. "Why so alone on a Friday night?"

I turned to the voice and saw a man who could compete with my ex. He was way taller than me, about six foot, and had sun-kissed blonde hair with emerald like eyes that looked smug. He looked about a year or two older than me.

"Well, when your boyfriend and friends dump you the same day, you would be alone too," I said, bitterly, taking the last of my whiskey. He ordered himself a glass of Smirnoff and a glass of Jack Daniels.

"That sucks, but I don't have a boyfriend," He said, handing me the glass of Jack Daniels.

"Of course, my apologies," I said, taking the drink. I mean, I saw him order it and he handed it to me right as it came plus one more drink wouldn't hurt. I was barely getting buzzed.

"So how bout I give you the pleasure of your life?" He asked, smirking. I quickly drank the whiskey as it tingles in my mouth.

I nodded.

*Three Months Later*

My parents and brother were off to visit our aunt who lived about five towns over, so they weren't going to be here in a week. I looked at my duffel bag that sat on the middle of my bed. I was going to the airport and taking the next plane to America. Stupid, but I couldn't stay.

I was pregnant.

I only knew the father's first name and that he had already left the country. I was three months pregnant. I was going to be the mother of a strangers child. I was going to be a mother.

I was going to be a mom.

I wasn't ashamed of that fact. I was ashamed that the father wasn't by my side and that I barely knew him for 10 minutes before sleeping with him. How could I hide the fact that I was carrying someone's life? How could I bring shame to this family for my stupid actions?

I didn't regret the fact that I was carrying a child but the fact that I wasn't married. Hell, I didn't know the father well.

I grabbed a note and scribbled on it before leaving.

*Five Years Later*

I'm now 24 years old. I live in Miami, Florida. Life was difficult and I met two angels. Not literally but they saved me. Karina and Walker were cousins who lent me a hand during my pregnancy and Karina became my best friend. No, not best friend, more like sister or a second mother (even though she's 25) and Walker was my best friend but I might have a bit more feelings for him than that.

My pregnancy went smoothly and I gave birth to twins. They were my life.

Kanon was four. She had golden blonde hair and sapphire eyes with emerald specks in them.

Kazuya was four. He also had golden blonde hair but instead of sapphire eyes, he had emerald eyes with sapphire specks. He didn't have that mans eyes. That man had smug eyes while Kazuya had eyes of kindness.

I was five foot and my hair was still a golden blonde but ever since I gave birth to the twins, every full moon, it turned to a silvery blonde color.

The doorbell rang and Kazuya ran to the door with Kanon on his trail. I followed them to see Karina, with Walker behind her, and the first words out her mouth were, "We're going to Tokyo."

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