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Kazuya and Kanon were sleeping in bed as I sipped coffee. I was trying to get over my anger towards Karina and Walker. How could they do this to me?

I sighed. I was being irrational. They wanted to help me but Karina needed to do some business here. Karina always took me, I took the kids, and Walker just followed.

Karina owned a business in America called the Kay Arts, and I worked for her. I made music and made art as well as books. I could also dance and act.

Kay Arts is a business of the Arts. Acting, singing, culinary, dancing, photography, etc. She also had a university- The Kay University.

Walker occasionally worked along with Karina since he had inherited his fathers fortune, and trust me, that was a lot. He also did odd jobs here and there. He is also a very smart man, excelling in logic and arts.

I went to Kay University and excelled in most of the classes very quickly. Since I wasn't Sailor Moon anymore, I seemed to have more potential. Oh, and don't worry about the monster thing. The crystal turns pitch black whenever there is a sign of trouble in the earth.

So I quickly got over my anger as Kanon dragged Kazuya for breakfast.

"Morning, Mom," Kazuya mumbled, rubbing the sleepiness out of his eyes, slightly pouting. He was like me, someone who doesn't get out of bed easily.

"Good morning!" Kanon practically yelled. She was an early riser.

"Good morning," I murmured. "How did you sleep?"

They both munched on some bacon as they gave me a thumbs up.

Let me tell you about the twins. They are both geniuses. They both know many languages and are in fifth grade level and continue to learn. They're both home schooled as Walker as their tutor.

While they both excelled in logic and the arts, Kanon loved science while Kazuya loved the arts.

They were like the human mind. Kanon was the left while Kazuya is the right(*).

"Hey guys," I began, catching their attention from the bacon. "I'm taking you to meet someone important today."

They nodded and continued to munch on their breakfast.

I led them like a mother duck with her ducklings. Kazuya was behind me and Kanon behind him. I always liked them to be in front of me so I would keep a better eye on them instead of looking back every few seconds. Though if they get lost, they know my number, along with Karina's and Walker's number. But still, this was foreign area to them.

Soon, we made it to our destination. They still hid behind me as I rang the door bell.

There was a moment before an older woman opened the door. She had on a knee length, long-sleeved dress with an apron above it. Her face looked the same, only with very few wrinkles. Her hair only had a few strands of gray in it but other than that, she looked the same.

"Hello," She said, not paying any attention to me.

"...Hello," I murmured. My heart raced as she froze. She looked at me in shock and then asked in a voice filled with disbelief, "Usagi?"

I looked down and nodded, expecting to be yelled at and maybe even slapped but to my surprise, she pulled me into a hug. Tears stung my eyes but I refused for them to fall. I never cried after the twins were born.

I pulled away and smiled, "Hi mom."

She noticed the twins behind me and slightly frowned.

"Who are these kids?" She asked, oblivious to the fact they look similar to me, especially Kanon.

"Kazuya and Kanon," I said, motioning them forward and they followed my motion. "Meet your grandmother."

Mom gasped and her eyes widen, seeing the uncanny resemblance(**) and looked at me with eyes filled with confusion.

"Come in," She motioned inside her. We followed her inside and into the living room where she put on some kid anime show to keep the twins busy. She made my sit on the couch that was still in front of the same coffee table. I looked around and saw nothing had really changed. There a picture of a boy with brown eyes and caramel hair with nice school uniform and a scroll of paper in front of a sign and building. The other one was the same thing except the boy had gotten taller and was wearing a different school uniform.

I was guessing it was Shingo in his middle and high school graduation. It looked like he went to my former middle school since the uniforms were exact replicas from when I was there... at least for the boys, same with the high school uniforms. I instantly felt guilt rise into my chest. I have missed my little brothers graduation days and I felt horrible. I instantly thought to myself that I would take him on a two-day trip to try and make up for it.

Mom came back with a tray of goodies. It had two small glasses of milk and two glasses of tea, along with four slices of strawberry cake. Mom handed the milk and cake, along with a fork, to the twins and I helped myself to my tea.

"Are they the reason you left?" Mom asked bluntly. I sighed.

"The truth?" I asked and she nodded. "No, they are not the reason I left."

"Then why did you?" She asked and tried to hide her hurt tone but I could still hear it slipping into her voice.

I stared at the twins, my loves, my life. They were everything to me. I would die for them and give them anything they wanted but without spoiling them. They knew that they had to appreciate everything they had and they did.

"I wasn't ashamed of the fact that I got pregnant," I began. "I love them to death and would do anything for them. I was just ashamed of the fact that I don't know the father."

My mom was about to interrupt but I stopped her.

"No, not like that mom," I said. "I met their father, he somewhat seduced me in my state- though it was my fault also- and he left the country. He only told me his first name but even that could have been a lie. He said he was traveling but I have no idea. I found out and I didn't want to shame the Tsukino family name by carrying the child without their father, putting aside the fact that I had only know the father for about 10 minutes before sleeping with him, and I decided to leave."

She sighed and then we heard a deep male voice say, "I'm home."

Mom stood up and disappeared. A few moments later, she came back with two people.

It was Shingo and a lady(***). Shingo had grown taller than me with caramel colored hair and deep brown eyes. I had to admit, for the little kid I had know as my brother, he had turn into the looker.

The girl was a head shorter than him but a bit taller than myself. She had an athletic figure with slight curves. She wore a deep purple sundress that reached her knees. She had deep purple eyes and long dark hair that had a tint of purple. She kinda reminded me of Hotaru.

"Who's this mom?" Shingo asked, paying more attention to the kids than, while the girl stared intently at the all of us.

"Shingo," Mom said, catching his attention. He looked at me for a moment with confusion. "Be polite and say hello to your sister."

They both looked at me shocked.

"Usagi?" Shingo breathed out. He turned to the lady and told her excitedly, "Hotaru, it's Usagi!"

She was staring at me with disbelief as panic overwhelmed my body. At that moment, my phone beeped. I pulled it out and it was a text message from Walker. I sighed.

'Where are you? Karina is boring me to death. Come back quickly.'

"Mom," I said. "I have another business to attend. It was nice to see you all."

"Okay but come home for dinner soon," She ordered me and I smiled.

"Of course," I said and in English, I told the kids, "Kids, Walker wants to play with you!"

That snapped their attention back and they had grins on their faces. They adored Walker and Karina.

After I gathered them and quickly said good-bye to them, mentioning that I need to meet with Motoki soon, I left with my children back to the house filled with happiness and warmth of new memories in a city filled with grief and old memories.

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(*) I learned in Psychology class last semester (I'm in Psych 2 this semester with my world history teacher and he assigned us a creeper project .-. so I get to be a stalker, write an essay on that person and get a grade on it. Talk about awkward...) that the human brain has the left side based on logic, such as science and math, and the right side more on creativity, such as writing and art. Go figure.

(**) I have no idea if I used uncanny correctly so if I didn't, please tell me and give me an example of how to use it.

(***) Shingo and Hotaru are 19 years old. The Senshi (and Walker, if I hadn't mentioned it) are all Usagi's age- 24 years old. Mamoru and Motoki are 27 years old.

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