"What are we going to do now, Rachel was our only suspect." Gus asked as they walked the halls back to class.

"We keep investigating like we have been, and maybe some people can actually stay in class this time." Lassiter said and gave Shawn and Juliet the evil eye.

"I thought this case would be over by now, what are we not seeing?" Juliet asked.

"I don't know but I hope we figure it out soon, I want to go back to waking up after the sun comes up not before." Shawn said as the walked into the classroom and took their seats.

"Hello class, Mr. Ford is at a meeting right now so I'm going to be covering till he gets here." Mrs. Mandel said.

"So what do we do now?" Gus whispered to Shawn.

"I have an idea but we can't do it while we have the teacher with the eagles eyes, We're gonna have to wait till Mr. Ford gets here." Shawn said then they sat there till Mr. Ford arrived.

"Alright, I'll see you all tomorrow." Mrs. Mandel said as she left the classroom and Mr. Ford started setting up at his desk.

"So what's your idea?" Gus asked Shawn.

"While Mr. Ford is teaching get him to come over to you and distract him while I go and pull up the victims old school records on his computer."

"Why can't you just go look at them while he's not in here later?"

"You don't think I've thought of that, the computer has to be signed in by a teacher to pull up to records."

"Then why do I have to be the one to distract him?"

"Would you rather be the one to go over and use his computer?"

"I'll distract him." Gus said and Shawn turned back to Juliet.

"So are you and Rachel best buddies now, please tell me you're going to have pillow fights in your PJ's?"

"No, I just hate her a little less. But she told me she used the act like a sweet girl but no guy ever stayed with her."

"I do have to admit I'm gonna miss you all jealous."

"I was not jealous."

"Okay, you weren't." Shawn said and looked to the right of him. "God, Rachel just winked at me."

"That bitch." Juliet said and turned her head facing the way Shawn was looking and she wasn't there.

"I told you that you were jealous."

"That wasn't funny, I think you gave me whiplash." Juliet said and rubbed her neck then Shawn leaned in towards her.

"Sorry, want a neck rub? Maybe back in my dorm room?"

"Spencer, you are not leaving class again!" Lassiter yelled and Shawn quickly sat back into his seat.

"I meant after class of course."

"That's still a no, you are not doing anything in our room." Gus said.

"Fineee." Shawn pouted as Mr. Ford stood up and walked in front of his desk.

"Quiet down everyone... I hoping that today will go better than yesterday." He said and looked at Shawn. "We will be at our lab stations most of class today and we will be going over the chemicals and learning which ones can not be mixed." He said and Shawn raised his hand. "Yes, Mrs. Spencer."

"So we get to play with chemicals today?"

"Play? Are you seven?"

"I wish, then I could get into Sea World for free. Of course Gus would have to bring me though because you can't go without an adult which means he would have to pay."

"I'm not paying Shawn." Gus said.

"I seven, I don't have any money."

"Well then we're not going to Sea World."

"But I want to see the penguins!" Shawn whined.

"Will you two stop it?" Mr. Ford asked.

"Ah yeah, I guess we could."

"The chemicals are at your lab station but are not to be used today, now everyone come grab a packet from me and then go to your lab stations." Mr. Ford said then everyone walked up and grabbed one then he stopped Shawn. "Don't pull anything stupid today."

"I can't promise that I won't." Shawn said and grabbed the packet out of his hands then walked to his lab station. "I think Mr. Ford's starting to like me." He said and waved happily at Mr. Ford who then rolled his eyes and looked away.

"Yeah, he definitely is." Gus said sarcastically.

"You ready for the plan?" Shawn whispered to Gus and he nodded.

"Mr. Ford?" Gus called out and he walked over.

"Yes, Mr. Guster?"

"Ah..." He said then looked down at his packet. "Where this says name, do I need to put my first, middle and last?" Gus asked as Shawn snuck away for the station and over to the computer.

"You put your first and last."

"So no middle name?"

"No, it isn't necessary."

"But it isn't against the rules if I did write it?"

"Why would it be against the rules?"

"I don't know." Gus said in a high pitched voice and Mr. Ford started to walk away. "Wait, I have another question." He said then he turned back.


"Where it says date, do I put the month, day and year?"

"Yes, are you done with these ridiculous questions now?" Mr. Ford asked, meanwhile Shawn was at the computer pulling up the school records for Nathan Smith. He started skimming through them as fast as he could, he saw Nathan old class schedules, his grades and his lab partner was Randy Snyder. Shawn looked over at Mr. Ford who was still talking to Gus then went back to reading. He clicked on the lab partners file and started reading, he was a student the last year but then dropped out the day before the new year. "Mr. Spencer!" Mr. Ford said walking over to him then Shawn clicked out of the files quick. "What are you doing at my computer?"

"Um to tell you the truth I was checking my Facebook, my buddy Drew tagged me in a picture of a puppy wearing some of those bunny ears. It was so cute, I was like is it a dog or a bunny? No one really knows."

"Do you ever stop talking?"


"Get away from the desk and go back to your station!" Mr. Ford yelled and Shawn walked back over to his lab station.

"I really like Mr. Ford." Lassiter said with a grin.

"Haha." Shawn said sarcastically. "I need something to get us all out of class."

"Spencer, we are not playing your little ditching game."

"It's for the case, I think I have something but we need to talk to Rachel first."

"Why?" Juliet asked.

"I'll fill you guys in but we have to get out of here without blowing our cover." Shawn said and looked around then his eyes landed on the chemicals at his station. "I have an idea."

"It's never good when you say that." Gus said and Shawn grabbed his packet and read to 'Do not mix' list. "Here, do not mix hydrazine and nitric acid may cause explosions."

"Explosions, hell no Shawn!" Gus said.

"Dude it won't be that big of one, I'm only going to use a little."

"It's still a no."

"Really? Now I have to think of a whole other plan." Shawn said and thought for a moment then looked over at the teacher desk where a pair of Kia keys were sitting. "I got it." Shawn said then looked out the window finding a car that was a Kia. "Ha, somebodies black Kia Sorento is getting towed in the parking lot." He said loudly and Mr. Ford looked over at him.

"That's my car!" He said and stood up.

"Go quick and tell them to stop, I'll man the class while your gone." Shawn said and Mr. Ford ran out the room. "Lets go before he figures out I was lying." Shawn said and him, Juliet, Gus and Lassiter started leaving the class. "Rachel come with us." He said and she followed them into the hallway and downstairs. "Is Randy's last name Snyder?" He asked Rachel.

"Yes, why?"

"Where does he live?"

"At a apartment a few blocks from here, but again why?"

"You'll see, just show us to it now." Shawn said and they all went out and got into Lassiter's car and drove to the apartments, once they got there Rachel showed them to his room and they knocked the Randy answered.

"Rachel, Shawn, Maggie and some other people, what are you doing here?" Randy asked.

"Can we come in?" Shawn asked.

"Yeah." He said then let them in. "What's up?"

"I just had a few questions for you."


"You and Rachel are friends?"

"Yeah, best friends for years."

"You ever want more?"


"More? You know some under the covers action, some sweet valentine kisses."

"Why are you asking me this?"

"You didn't really ever like any of Rachel's boyfriends did you? None of them were good enough for her right? She was a sweet girl that all the guys just loved but once they met her best friend they suddenly didn't want to be anywhere near her, am I right?"

"That's right, whenever my boyfriends met him they stopped seeing me." Rachel said.

"Rachel, don't tell me agreeing with him?"

"Rachel fell hard for Nathan, he was a friend that she fell in love with. But how could she fall in love with him and not you? You were always there for her, you would be her wing-man when she found a guy she liked."

"Rachel is my best friend."

"Do you love her?"

"Of course I do."

"Not like friend love, love love?" Shawn said and Randy was quiet.

"Randy, why didn't you ever tell me that?" Rachel said.

"What and take the embarrassment, you never loved me. It was that god damn Nathan that you loved, sure he had the looks and the charm but he wasn't the one that held your hand when you cried!"

"You killed him?"

"I gave him the option to leave you alone, he should have took it."

"Okay, this is enough. You're under arrest." Lassiter said and went over and cuffed him.

"I love you Rachel." Randy said and she slapped him in the face.

"You're sick." She said and they all went to the parking lot and Lassiter called in a officer to pick Randy up.


Later that day when all the paperwork was done and the case was finished Shawn, Juliet, Gus and Lassiter sat by Juliet desk and took a load off.

"That was a weird case." Shawn said leaning back in the chair and putting his feet up on Gus who immediately slapped them down.

"Well I'm glad it's over and I don't have to work with you two all day anymore." Lassiter said to Shawn and Gus.

"Don't lie Lassie, you loved it."

"I can honestly say I did not, It's nice knowing my days will not involve so much of you." Lassiter said with a smile.

"Can I see you four in my office, I got another case for you." Chief said from her doorway and Lassiter's face dropped.

-That was the last chapter! I'm planning a "kind of" part 2 where they go undercover again but this time most likely a nightclub-ish-thing. Not 100% if that will be what I do and It will probably be awhile before I do it because I have another stories to work on. Also super duper sorry about taking over a month to update, I've been recovering from some injuries and illnesses so haven't really felt up to updating, and I got lots of comments on the technical parts of college but honestly I wasn't going for a technical story just a fluff so if it's not that realistic that because it isn't meant to be. So hope you enjoyed reading my story and I got 14 more Shules one's on my page :D Oh and please review :)