Saved from the Twister

By: Lovely girl 10

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AN: Remember in the game when Zelda follows you in order to find the missing loftwing? That's exactly what she will be doing in this chapter and the future ones to come.

Link was furious as he watched the girl in front of him. He had simply asked his best friend to stay put on Skyloft. And what did she do? She followed him to the Surface!

Zelda, after rubbing her pink dress from the landing, ran up to Link and embraced him. Link stopped her and stepped back. "What the heck is wrong with you Zelda!" He shouted.

"I wanted to check up on you and to be sure that you are okay." Zelda replied as she placed her hands on his shoulders.

Link grabbed her hands and moved them away from him. "Don't give me that excuse Zelda. Now, I want you to go back home and wait for me." He told in a demanding tone. He began walking toward the forest.

Zelda ran right passed him and blocked his way. Link tried to walk pass her but she kept getting in the way. "Zelda, go home!" He harshly told her.

"No." Was her answer.

Link grunted in annoyance. Why was she being so stubborn? He took a short breath, "Zelda, I know that you are worried about me, but I will be fine. I just want you safe."

"Well, who better to keep me safe than my hero right here?" Zelda stated in amusement.

"I am no hero Zelda." Link protests.

"Yes you are." Zelda told softly, "I wouldn't have survived that twister if it wasn't for you."

Link turned to her and said, "Okay Zelda, you can come with me. But after this I want you to return to Skyloft before something worse happens."

Zelda nodded and followed Link.

A few minutes later.

"Look at that! How are we to cross that gap?" Zelda asked as she pointed at the little pit with a string hanging in the tree.

"I suppose we have to swing across." Link answered as he took a head start. He grabbed onto the rope and swung across. He landed safely on the other side.

Zelda did the same thing he did as she begins to swing on the rope as hard as she could. Once she lets go of the rope, Link reached his hands out and grabbed her around her waist.

"Oh my! That was actually fun!" Zelda giggled with glee.

Link went over to a couple of small trees and sliced them in two seconds. "Let's keep moving." He urged. His sword glowed in agreement.

"I agree Master." Fi said in her basic monotone voice.

The group came upon a very steep hill that leads deeper into the forest. Zelda examined the hill as she tried to walk up. As suspected, her feet began to slide back to the ground.

"Hold my hand Zelda." Link commanded in a gentle tone. The young girl took his hand as he sprinted up the hill. He took a deep breath as he finally got on top of the hill. Zelda lets go of his hand and glances around the forest.

Suddenly, he saw something he never seen before. "Fi." Link whispered, "What's that?" Fi came out of the sword and took a closer look, "It's a peaceful, forest-dwelling creature called a Kikwi. They have the ability to understand human speech." After the statement, Fi returned to the sword.

"Kwee… I didn't see you two there." The Kikwi says as he spotted the group. "Hmm… You don't look like you are in league with the enemy, so that's good."

Link and Zelda came down from their hiding spots.

The Kikwi continued, "I am Machi. If you two are heading into the deeper section of the woods here, please tell the Kikwi Elder that I am here."

"Kikwi Elder?" Zelda asked in confusion.

Link was already taking out his map and marked the place where Machi is. "Let's continue." He said as he left for the steep hill. Zelda followed closely behind.

After using the drowsing ability from the sword, Link had found the Kikwi Elder.

"Does he really think that we can't see him?" Link asked while he looked around.

"Hello? Kikwi Elder?" Zelda called softly as she rubbed his head.

"I am Bucha, the Kikwi Elder." The huge Kikwi said as he got up from the ground. "I saw the way you two spotted me through my ingenious camouflage."

"Do you know where the Skyview Temple is?" Link asked.

"If you manage to find the rest of my tribe, then I will tell you." Bucha explains.

"We already seen Machi. He is safe." Zelda tells.

Bucha nods, "Now you two only have to find three of my missing members."

The two Skyloftains decided to split up in order to find the remaining Kikwi's. Link had no trouble into finding Lopsa. Same with Zelda when she found another Kikwi named Oolo. They jotted down both of the Kikwi's locations. They later found another Kikwi named Erla. After the whole search, Link and Zelda returned to the Kikwi Elder.

"That's a relief! I don't know who you two are or where you come from, but you have my thanks." Bucha said with a happy sigh and pointed to where the temple is. "Be careful over there. That place is crawling with monsters." He added.

Upon realizing this, Link handed Zelda his practice sword. Zelda didn't quite understand why he gave her his sword, but she managed to get it on her back with no problem. With his new slingshot, Link and Zelda went to where the temple was waiting for them.

Little did they realize that they were being followed by a certain demon.

In the Deep Woods

Link and Zelda didn't have very much trouble with the monsters that were blocking their path. Sometimes they even used the deku hornets to their advantage.

"Looks like they really hate those hornets." Zelda noted.

"Now the only problem is the tight-rope." Link told as he led the way.

They later bumped into Gorko the goron as he told them about his latest discovery. "Pretty amazing right? I even thought about naming them the Goddess Cubes! The ancient texts say that these were left by the goddess for the hero of legend." Gorko exclaimed with excitement.

"I wonder what they unlock." Zelda thought aloud.

Link used his Skyward Strike and the cube disappeared into the sky. Gorko told Link to find out about what happened to the cubes when he has the time.

Zelda went ahead to where the temple is. She examined the picture on the door that looks very similar to the Loftwings back home. "I feel like I know this place, but then again, I am not sure…" She mused.

Once she touches the door, it began to open. Link, with the slingshot in his hand, began to go inside the temple. Zelda, though dumbstruck by the motive, decided to follow him.

Inside the Skyview Temple

As they were walking through the temple, Link decided to tell Zelda of the information he had heard from the old woman at the Sealed Temple.

"She told me that Ghirahim was the one who tried to abduct you by using the twister." Link told. "All I need to do is find him, kill him to exact my revenge, and before you know it, I will return to Skyloft and forget that this whole thing happened."

His sword began to glow as if to tell him otherwise, but Link told in a commanding voice, "No, Fi. I told you that I won't do the 'mission'." The glow receded from the sword after he spoke. Link began to look around and examine the temple.

The beginning of the temple was covered with trees and spider webs as the young boy and girl carefully walked through.

"Well that explains who did it. But why would he do such a thing?" Zelda asked as she rubbed off the spider web that found its way onto her hair.

"I guess we will figure that out when we find him." Link replied as he slashed through some more webs and trees.

"There's a door here. But it looks like its locked." Zelda said with a sigh.

Link looked around and found another diamond that was guarded by a deku baba. He used his slingshot on his target and the door was opened.

Once they were in the next room, Link stopped in his tracks as he noticed a very huge eye right on top of the door."Ah, great! Now there is an eye in the way!" Link cursed.

Zelda went to the center platform and straightens her sword as the eye opened. She was moving the sword as the eye followed its movement. The eye became red and in no time, it was destroyed.

In the next room, there were a few tree branches and plants, Zelda noticed that the room only had a little bit of water.

Link spotted a gemstone on top of a door leading to the next room, so he pulled out his slingshot and the door was opened. Zelda also spotted a gemstone below the door and struck it having the same effect to the other door.

Link and Zelda decided to split up and went inside the two doors. Once they struck the hidden gemstones in the rooms, the water began to rise in the temple.

Link got out of his side of the temple first and climbed the vines. It turns out that he found one of the keys. He went back the same way he came and met up with Zelda right by the locked door.

Using the map that they found in the temple, Zelda pinpointed their location in the center of the map. After Link's encounter with a stalfos and retrieving a new weapon called a Beetle, they continued to check around the temple.

After the long search for the next key, Link and Zelda went to the last part of the temple that was not checked yet. However once they entered, the door was sealed shut behind them.

"There probably is a monster here." Link said as his senses became alert to his surroundings. "Stay here Zelda. I will check this out."

He sliced through the branches blocking his way and he couldn't believe what he was seeing with his own eyes. It was a huge three-headed worm. Link swung his sword and the three-headed worm was no more.

Zelda continued to follow Link to the next room. "We might be able to finish this temple in no time." She mused.

"And it also means that we might be closer to finding Ghirahim." Link told as he jumped across the gap and presented his hand as he helped Zelda to get across. He also used the beetle to target the diamond on top of the door.

"What do you suppose all of those doors are for anyway?" Zelda asked in confusion.

"I think they are for in case we ever decide to come back here again, that way we don't have to go the long way." Link guessed.

After that, he tricked a nearby moblin into coming on the tightrope and getting him to lose his balance, Link led Zelda to the other side.

"There is a high probability that the demon you are searching for is just beyond this door." Fi acknowledged.

After his search for the big key, Link opened the door that led to the end of the temple. He knew that his search is just about over. While holding hands, Link and Zelda went inside.

First battle: Ghirahim

The room looked like it was deserted as Link and Zelda walked in. Only the sound of their footsteps were heard.

"It doesn't look like anybody is here." Zelda noted with dismay as she looked around.

"Well, look who it is…I thought that tornado I stirred up would have tossed and torn you apart, yet here you two are." A voice echoed through the room.

Link followed the voice as he took out his sword."I am not in the mood for games Ghirahim. SHOW YOURSELF!" Link shouted.

The demon, Ghirahim, appeared in front of the pair. Link kept his stare at the demon as he placed Zelda behind him, protecting her from this evil being.

"My, someone is being touchy. So you heard of me from that servant of the goddess." Ghirahim replied in a laughing matter. "Let's cut to the chase, shall we Skychild?"

Ghirahim pointed his finger at the boy and girl. "Hand over Hylia, Skychild."

Link and Zelda looked at each other, confused by what the demon was asking.

"Who are you talking about?" Link asked.

"The goddess. Hand over the goddess." Ghirahim repeated.

The boy and girl didn't move a muscle. Ghirahim became annoyed and spoke fiercely, "Are you deaf? The goddess is the one you are trying to hide from me!"

Link realized that he was talking about Zelda. "Oh, you think so." Zelda spoke in her bossy voice. Clearly, she was not happy about what Ghirahim said.

Zelda walked over to Ghirahim as she pushed Link out of the way and pointed her finger at the demon. (Same way she did with Groose when he is giving Link a hard time.)

She glared at Ghirahim as if to tell him to back off. "Listen to me demon boy. I am not the goddess! You are messing with the wrong girl here."

"Nice try, Hylia. Now, I suggest you come with me." Ghirahim chuckled as he moved her finger away from him.

Zelda slapped his hand away from her and spoke, "I am not going anywhere with you mister. I am not the goddess!"

"If you say that you are not the goddess, then when you were back on your perch in the clouds, what were you doing giving this child a blessing?" Ghirahim pointed out.

"It's called acting, idiot!" Zelda told in a growl.

"That's not possible." Ghirahim whispered. "There's not very much girls who look like the goddess. It has to be you! It has to be!"

Link shook his head, "You are sadly mistaking. Zelda is no goddess." He unsheathed his sword and began to fight.

Link noticed that whenever he moved his sword in one way Ghirahim follows it with his hand. Therefore, the hero struck the demon in the opposite direction.

Zelda grabbed her sword and struck the demon from behind.

"Guess again, Hylia." He told as he grabbed her sword with only two fingers.

"I told you, I am not the Goddess!" She shrieked as she managed to free her weapon from his grip.

Ghirahim snapped his fingers and a couple of daggers appeared right beside him. Using his telekinesis ability, the demon pointed at his targets and the daggers flew toward Link and Zelda. However, Link bounced the daggers away by using his shield. Ghirahim was beginning to become exhausted.

"You two put up more of a fight than I ever thought. Good-bye Sky-children, be sure to not get in the way next time." Ghirahim told as he disappeared in a flash of diamonds.

The room became brighter and the door gave off a mysterious glow.

"Let's see where that door leads to." Link says as he told Zelda to follow him.

In the spring

Once Link and Zelda entered the room, the door disappeared and reappeared after they went through. "Well you don't see that every day." Link told as he stared at the door.

The spring was a sight to behold. The water flowed gracefully throughout the temple. Zelda noticed that there were some trees and that the room was so bright. There was also birds and butterflies flying around the place.

"Is it just me or is that statue just like the one back home?" Zelda pointed out.

Link jumped across the stones and looked a little closer. "It does look like it. Fi, what exactly is this place?" He asked.

"This is the Skyview Spring. It is said that the water here purifies the body. There is no particular danger here, so we can relax." Fi answered.

Link and Zelda jumped into the water and washed off the guts and other icky stuff that had found its way on their clothes.

Fi just watched as the couple began to play around in the water. Link did his usual Skyward Strike and received another tablet for the next step in his journey.

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