A little something about this story

OK before we begin, I thought I should let you know the background that inspired this. A while ago I came across a picture online which stayed in my head, which features the location this story takes place.

Then a few weeks ago, I was down the pub with a few friend and fortified by vodka, we began having one of those deep intellectual conversations, about our favourite childhood cartoons and how messed up they maybe.

For example, "Did Belle prefer the Beast form over his human form?" or "Was Ariel really an idiot for defying her family for a guy she had never even spoken too?"

And then, I came up with this gem. "Is inspector Gadget really screwed up, from being a cyborg, and is his demeanour just a coping mechanism?"

The next day suffering from the world's worst hangover. I recalled the statement. And then this story jumped in my head.

Now this story is dark, and angst and not the typical Gadget story you may be familiar with. This is more like an alternative take on the characters, so they are similar, but more grounded in reality. I kept Gadget's name as John since it's the name from the films. The surname is an invention by me, but please if you like it. Please use it for yourself.

And please read and review xxx

Rated T for moments of swearing, yes you have been warned x