"Party at my house!" Spencer says to us over the phone.

"Yay!" they all cheer.

"I have the perfect idea we can to tonight," I say to them.

"What is it Ali?" Aria asks.

"Yeah!" the rest of them agree.

"You will just have to wait and see," I hang up and lay flat on my bed. Alison was arriving later tonight and Ian wanted to meet up with me also. Well that's fine; I can make it all work.

"I'm Ali and I'm fabulous," I murmur to myself.

I sit up and think of things I can bring. I run downstairs—nobody was going to get home until at least 8 tonight—and grab Doritos, and Lays Classic chips. I also grab some dip.

I jog back upstairs to my room and throw the food by my purple Rebecca Minkoff Johnny Tote. I turn my head and I look at the place where I hide my journal and pictures of me and my friends and some of them of me and Ian in bed.

I take a deep breath and open the secret compartment. I take out the pictures and close the secret compartment doo. I look at the pictures again, wondering who would do something like this.

A knock came on my door. I flinch and shove the photos in my Tote. I turn around and it's Ian standing in my doorway.

"I thought I wasn't going to see you until tonight," I say to him.

"I wanted to see you earlier, so here I am," he grabs me by the waist and I wrap my legs around his hips. We start to kiss lightly at first, but then we kiss harder.

He walks to the bed with me still wrapped around him. Instantly we are on my bed. He pulls my shirt off, revealing my bra. I unbutton his shirt and he shakes it off. His hand moves to my bra strap and pushes it partly off my shoulder.

I hear a faint giggle. I sit up fast.

"What is it?" Ian asks, sitting up too.

"You didn't hear that?" I say, referring to the giggle.

"Ali, you're imagining it," he starts kissing my neck, but I push him off. I get up and walk down the hall, half naked, and Ian follows, "Ali, really? Let's just get back to where we left off." He pushes me against the wall and starts kissing me again, but I push him off.

"Ian, just go," I say. A moment later he walks out the door.

I walk upstairs and change. I grab my Tote and head to Spencer's barn.

It's starting to get dark and I can hear Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna talking in the barn.

I step in.

"Alison!" they all scream.

"Hello, girls. I brought a little treat," I say, pulling a flask of Scotch out of my bag. I thrust it out to them and smirk, "Drink up."

By an hour we all were kind of drunk, "Okay, girls," I say, "time to hypnotize you."

"Ali, really?" as soon as Spencer says that, I remember what happened earlier today with Ian.

"Yes, Spencer. We all need it," I snap.

"I don't know," Aria says.

"Aria, are you a little scared," I stick my bottom lip out and Emily and Hanna laugh.

She looks down, "Alright, get on with it."

"Let's begin with closing your eyes," I start to hypnotize them when I see a flash of blonde hair from the window. "What was that?"

Spencer opens her eyes, but the rest of the girls are clearly hypnotized, "Ali!"


Spencer got tense, "Get out."

I glare at her.

"Get out!" Spencer yells.

I turn around and storm out of the barn. I walk into the woods and find Ian. I run into his arms and kiss him.

About ten minutes later, I decide to go back.

I look to my side and I see a flash of blonde hair. "Spencer?" I call out.

"Alison?" I hear Spencer's voice far away.

I start walking a little faster until a figure steps in front of me. It is Alison—the real Alison.

"Well hello, Courtney," she says to me, with an evil grin on her face.

"What are you talking about?"

She grabs me by the shoulders, "You took my life away from me, so now I'll take yours from you!"

I scream out as she pushes me down the hole people had made to put in a tennis court at our house. I hit the ground hard and suddenly I couldn't breathe.

I see Alison throwing dirt over my body. Some of it gets into my mouth and all of a sudden, my heart stops.