The Bedroom Chronicles

Each chapter will be able to be a stand-alone piece, so I'm marking this as complete, but please feel free to follow this so you can be updated when I add on to it. I will continue to add on when I have ideas that would work - I have three more chapters plotted at this point.

Time: Set sometime in the first two seasons.

Chapter 1 - Lonely

She never slept much when she had a case.

Murderers just didn't let you sleep. They were busy escaping, covering their tracks, possibly even endangering others. The further away you got from the murder, the less likely you would be to solve it. Hadn't she been working on her own mother's murder for years? But that one would get solved. It had to.

Now, Kate Beckett began the process of getting ready for bed. The murderer had been caught - the victim's tenant. They'd figured it was likely a tenant; the victim was the landlord of a large apartment building, known for raising rates, charging people for everything imaginable and just generally being an asshole - a murderee, someone who was basically asking for someone else to snap and kill him. The problem was, a hundred people with motive meant you had to narrow down those who had the opportunity - not that bashing a guy over the head with a golf club took a lot of opportunity. But it had taken time to track down the right killer, and they had only caught him because Castle had noticed the one who had been nervously doodling with his left hand - and since a left-handed golf club had killed the vic...

Castle. Beckett sighed as she removed her badge, set her sidearm down on the table, placed the handcuffs next to it. The man was

Sexy? her mind supplied.


He could be smug and annoying, following her around like some kind of lost dog. Always poking his nose in, getting in the way, asking questions, making juvenile comments, acting like she couldn't get her own coffee, grinning at her, locking his gaze with hers, sharing her excitement as she put the clues together, sitting and watching her as she stared at the murder board, his hand lightly brushing hers as he handed her a coffee or a pen or was funny how often he seemed to brush against her when he handed something to her.

Shirt and pants were thrown towards the hamper in the corner. She pulled on an old T-shirt and a pair of flannel shorts - she had no need for fancy lingerie or silky nightgowns, not now - and turned towards her bed, too tired to bother brushing her teeth or washing her face or doing any of the normal nighttime rituals. It wouldn't hurt to skip it for once.

She wondered what Castle wore when he slept.

Whoa...where had that thought come from? Kate shook her head, trying to clear it, and crawled into bed. Her big, empty bed.

Her lonely bed.

And as it did from time to time, the loneliness of her situation hit her like a brick in the stomach. This was what happened, every night. She crawled into bed alone. She curled up by herself, with blankets to warm her and not much else - certainly no companion in her bed. She went to sleep alone, she woke up alone. True, there was no one to waken her with snoring or moving or doing any of the unpleasant things that people tend to do when they share a bed with you. She could stretch out as she wanted. She could wear old shirts and flannel pants all the time and not worry about how her breath smelled. It wasn't all bad.

She had no one to wake her up. No one to exchange delicious, sleepy kisses with. No pair of eyes crinkled in happiness at her as she opened hers in the morning. No warm body encircled hers on cold nights. No one made slow, gentle love to her.

Castle would be the type to do that, her mind whispered. She shook her head, a physical response to the mental statement. She couldn't think about Castle. Not like that.

Why not? her mind prodded.

Because I work with him!

No, you don't, her mind insisted. He observes you. Occasionally he contributes something. But you don't work with him. He's not on the city's payroll.

Still. As long as he was observing her, she had to keep her distance. She faced dangerous situations every day. What if something happened? To her? To him?

No, she decided. Nothing could ever happen between her and Rick Castle. She'd just have to repress those feelings, avoid going there.

Continue going to bed alone.