As Sabrina {Let's say she picks up on things very quick}, Team Avatar, and The Lyoko Warriors neared the core of Sector 5, they see the X.A. William {I am going to make him silent}.

"If he destroys the core Lyoko will disappear!", Aelita yells.

"Not if we can stop him!", Sokka says pulling out his boomerang and it hits William on the back of the head.

"He is going to regret this!", Sabrina said forming a ball of green light in her hand. It absorbed energy and as it did it changed to the color yellow. After a few more seconds it went to pink. And after it reached it's max power it flashed various colors. With all her might she thrust the super charged Gamma Ray sphere into William's chest but merely burning herself along with the bystanders and William.

"I seriously got to work on that...", Sabrina said face palming.

Odd shots a volley of Laser Arrows at William as he doges. William tries destroying the Core even more.

Ulrich uses his saber and Yumi her fans to chase William away but loss all their hit points.

"Oh snap! We are toast!", Sabrina said with a matching look.

"Aww Man!", Odd said in defeat.

Zuko unleash a volley of Fireballs, Katara Waterbends the water to freeze William, Aang tries blowing him off into the Digital Sea, Toph used Metalbending, Sokka used his Boomerang. Sabrina formed a few balls of light and sent them at William each one imploding louder and bigger than the last.

"He is too strong!", Katara says.

"Let me handle this.", Sabrina said, "I know what has to be done. It's not going to be pretty."

After running up to William she was not very happy.

"Hey you! Ya you! I have problem with you and it's called being a criminal! So what's the matter chicken? Afraid I will kick your sorry behind into the mountains?"

"You've got to be kidding me! Is she seriously gonna anger him?", Sokka said.

"Let's hope it works though.", Odd said.

"I think I have a nickname for her. Smart Mouther.", Toph said.

"I hate to brake it you but it's hard to nickname her.", Zuko said.

"Oh sorry to offend you William but you are so going down!", Sabrina said forming another ball of light and starts squeezing it.

"What is she doing?", Aang said.

"She is trying to form something very hazardous.", Jeremie said looking at her abilities and seeing which one is activated, "I hope it doesn't explode like her last attack."

As the ball of light gets bigger she tried to keep it from getting bigger. As soon as the light becomes to great for her she throws it at William. As it nears him it starts pulsing. William is slammed into a wall unconscious.

"Let's get him out of here. But first I need to extract that specter.", Sabrina said.

"Solar System Ultima Power!"

As soon as she is done transforming she takes out her silver mirror and aims it at William.

"Solar System Nightmare BLAST!"

As the ray hits William the X.A.N.A Specter is knocked out of him and is absorbed into the mirror.

"Let's go home.", Sabrina said.

The next day Jeremie successfully creates the anti-virus.

"Good news! We have the Anti-Virus ready! Now for it to work you have to be in Lyoko, inside a tower.", Jeremie said.

"Let's go!", Team Avatar said heading for the scanners.




Team Avatar heads for a tower that Jeremie activated.

"Okay I am running the Anti-Virus.", Jeremie said.

The anti-virus works.

"Yes! You guys now are able to leave. Also I managed to replicate X.A.N.A's portal program and managed to create my own. I have put the Anti-Virus into it so X.A.N.A can't infect anything.", Jeremie said.

"Thanks for all your help! We sure will miss you all!", Aang said.

"Oh I left some good bye gifts for you guys in Odd's dorm room.", Sokka said.

"Bye!", Team Avatar said hopping in. {AN: Fun Fact: Time runs differently. In Team Avatar's world it's only been a few hours since they left. In Code Lyoko's time it's been a few months.}

The Lyoko Warriors go to Odd's dorm and find a gift for each of them. Jeremie picks up the note.

'Dear friends,

Hope you enjoy these gifts. For Odd, a Silver Dagger that was made in the Earth Kingdom. For Aelita, a gold and pink kimono from the Fire Nation. They have the best silk in the world. And the good news, Fire nation clothes are fire proof. For Yumi, some stilettoes. These small stealthy daggers might be able to help you in Lyoko. For Ulrich, a pair of Dual Dao Swords. Zuko left his pair at home but we managed to find some in your world and we got them for you Hopefully they help in Lyoko. For Jeremie, some scrolls from our world that will help you understand our world better. We hope you enjoy them.

Yours truly,

Team Avatar.

"Wow these are nice. I bet these will come in handy!", Odd said.

"This kimono is really beautiful. If there is ever a dance this would be really great!", Aelita said.

"Wow, some these scrolls are filled with a bunch of stories from their world like this one tells a tall about something called a Lion Turtle.", Jeremie said.

"Well let's put these away so we don;t loss them.", Yumi said.

"Hopefully one day we might see them again.", Odd said, "I miss Sokka already..."