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"But, Byakuyaaaaaa," Rukia whined, "I don't want to go!"

If you knew him, you knew that Byakuya Kuchiki could be one scary bastard when it came to getting what he wanted. And right now, he wanted Rukia to shut the hell up and just do what he wanted her to do. He put that scariness to use know, glaring at his sister and saying slowly, calmly, "I don't recall asking what you wanted, Rukia Kuchiki."

Defeated, Rukia slumped in her comfy chair at Kuchiki Manor. "Fine," she growled, "But I'm coming home as soon as I can!" Satisfied, Byakuya just nodded, leaving the room swiftly. Rukia stayed slumped in her seat, thinking over what Byakuya had told her.

Apparently, there was a hollow in Karakura Town. And not just any hollow. This particular hollow was known to disguise itself as a beautiful woman, going around to parties and seducing human men. Once alone with them, the hollow devoured their soul.

The hollow had already killed two humans right under the Soul Society's nose, so they decided to inform Ichigo of its presence and ask him to destroy it as quickly as possible.

Obviously, they didn't trust Ichigo enough to kill it by himself, because they were making Rukia go to the World of the Living and baby-sit him. Not only would it be embarrassing to Ichigo, it was also a complete and total waste of Rukia's time and energy. She had agreed to come stay with Byakuya for a while instead of her regular place at Squad 13, and now her brother was forcing her to leave the Soul Society!

Sighing, Rukia waved a servant over. Byakuya insisted that she put them to use whenever she stayed with him. "Could you please pack me a small bag? I'll be departing in a few hours," she asked sweetly. The servant nodded obediently, bowing to her before he left, leaving Rukia feeling a bit guilty. She hated letting other people do things for her.

But she had a much larger problem at hand. Renji really had been looking forward to having her around longer than a month, especially since she was taking some time off from Squad 13. And now, she was going to have to tell him she was leaving today.

A Few Hours Later

Rukia had tried to be gentle with telling Renji she was leaving, offering to train with him for a few hours. He agreed, a little confused because everyone knew Rukia preferred to train by herself. But he wasn't going to pass up training with Rukia- she was small, but she sure did put up a hell of a fight. It would help him grow stronger than he was already.

"Okay, Renji, I'm beat!" Rukia gasped after several hours, sweat and blood combing in an unpleasant mixture on her face. Renji felt a little bad for it, but she hadn't gone easy on him, either. He was going to be sore as hell in the morning, and that was saying something. Wincing, Renji put away his sword, panting just as heavily as Rukia.

"Why don't w-we sit down?" Rukia suggested, her face going red. Renji nodded hastily. She looked like she was going to explode or something if she didn't rest for a while.

They sat down on the cold marble floor of Squad 10's training grounds, healing their minor wounds and wiping the blood and sweat off their faces and their Zanpakutos.

Rukia stood up after a while, glancing nervously at Renji, who stood up quickly as well.

Because he knew that look. It was that guilty look she gave people when she forgot their name. It wasn't a look he got very often. Rukia was a reliable person most of the time.

"Renji," she finally began, "I have to go back to the World of the Living. I'll be back in about a week. I'm so sorry, I know I told you we'd spend some time together, but Byakuya ordered it and-" "Rukia!" Renji interrupted, "It's fine, okay? I'll just go with you." Before Rukia could object, Renji left the training room.

Rukia bit her lip so hard she thought she might break the skin. Because she knew her brother, and Renji was going to be very pissed when Byakuya refused to let him go.

Chapter One! I think it might be around five chapters long.