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The Icing on the Cupcake


"I'm excited to present to you, for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen!" I hear Emmett say as the doors to the reception hall open.

My ears fill with the thunderous sound of clapping and cheering as Edward and I make our way into the room. Each step along the way, my eyes are met with friends and loved ones who are here to share our special day with us.

There's Gianna, Jared and the rest of Edward's staff at EMC recording studios. I make eye contact with Jared as he offers a genuine smile of congratulations. I grin in return, still thankful to this day that he decided to hit the record button when I was messing around with Rose in the studio. I owe him, and Rose, so much for their never-ending faith and support.

We continue through the crowded room heading toward the bridal table at the opposite end, and I smile when I see Jacob Black. His arm's draped over Leah's shoulder, the other hand resting on her very large stomach. It still amazes me Jacob's a family man now; while still being a franchised club owner, of course. He beams back at me, his eyes filled with the happiness that comes from being in love.

Before we can get any farther, Esme and Carlisle engulf us with warm hugs.

"I'm sorry," Carlisle chuckles as he speaks. "I tried to keep her away for a little longer, but there's no holding this one back."

I stifle a giggle as I realize this is where Alice gets her exuberant personality. Her mother's just as excitable as Alice, and I adore her for it.

"It's more than okay, Carlisle," I answer back, enjoying the love they so freely give. Grateful once again at how openly and easily they welcomed me into their family.

"What?" Esme retorts. "I'm not allowed to be happy my only son found the love of his life and finally got married? I wasn't sure it was ever going to happen."

"Mom," Edward whines. "I think it's time you let my past go and focus on the here and now."

Esme gives him a peck on the cheek, slapping it lightly. "Sorry, son. You're right. Now go enjoy yourselves."

We manage to make it to our seats at the bridal table without being accosted by Alice or any other member of our wedding party. Just barely, though. I can see the excitement in Alice's eyes as Jasper clasps her hand tightly; her new engagement ring shining under the lights.

I bawl my eyes out during the toasts; both Edward and Jasper say some very sweet and sentimental things, along with making us all laugh at the closeness and camaraderie they've shared through the years.

Alice is much more subdued; which in and of itself is funny. But her kind words and support start the waterworks again.

I'm so thankful I wore waterproof mascara today.

The meal's delicious and I enjoy every bite as we eat, talk and thank our guests for coming. But it's watching the two on Edward's side of the table that bring me the greatest joy.

Emmett and Rose can't seem to keep their hands off each other, new love blossoming between them. They've been out several times since I hired Emmett, but seeing them today I know, without a doubt, there will be another wedding some time soon.

Minutes later, as I nestle into my husband's chest and close my eyes, reveling in our first dance as husband and wife, I can't help but remember the way Edward looked at me as I walked down the rose strewn aisle.

I stand inside the clubhouse, awaiting my departure to the outside and my handsome groom. Rose and Alice have already made their entrance after giving me a quick hug and smile, leaving me with my flower girls. Chelsea and Corin, my cousin's little ones, are giggly and nervous dressed in their white dresses with bright pink polka dots.

Edward and I decided to go with a pink and black wedding theme, reminiscent of Sparkles and the day we first met.

I blush as I think about that day, knowing if our guests knew how that meeting really went they would be unable to look Edward and I in the eye.

The girls are ushered toward the aisle, leaving me alone with my dad. Charlie and I haven't been as close since my cupcake career has taken off, which left me terribly busy. But I'm so thankful he's here today and I hope with my extra staff I'll be able to remedy that a bit more.

"Nervous, kiddo?" my dad asks. His voice is a little husky as he tries to rein in his emotions.

"You know what, Dad?" I answer him confidently. "I'm not at all. I know Edward's the man for me, my soul mate. And I can't wait to start our lives together."

And it's true, I'm happier than I ever thought I would be.

As the doors open and my father tucks my arm into his, I take a deep breath and strain my eyes toward the front of the aisle.

We take a few steps closer and there he is. The man of my dreams. Looking more handsome than I've ever seen him; his eyes filled with awe, love, and adoration.

It brings a tear to my own eye.

Damn emotions.

I quickly wipe my eye as surreptitiously as possible and let my inner joy shine through on my face.

This is the happiest day of my life and I'm not going to let a thing like hormones ruin it.

The ceremony passes flawlessly in a blink of an eye. I repeat after the minister, almost unaware of the words I am speaking. My thoughts and focus are solely on the glorious man before me.

When Edward speaks his vows I cannot keep my eyes from his lips, and it isn't until the words, "you may kiss the bride" are spoken that I break away and look into Edward's bright green eyes.

My husband places his hands on my hips and brings me toward him as my arms automatically snake around his neck. I delve into the kiss like we're the only ones in the room, obliviousto the hooting and hollering among us.

A clearing of a throat and Edward pulls away, trying to look sheepish. But his cocky ass grin gives him away and the applause and laughter gets even louder. I giggle when Edward grabs my hand and drags us down the aisle, off to take some pictures and have some time by ourselves before the reception.

I couldn't have asked for a better wedding.

As if reading my mind, Edward leans down and whispers in my ear. "Was it everything you dreamt it would be?"

"Everything I ever wanted and more," I tell him honestly.

Lifting my lips to meet his, we share a soft kiss and it's then I decide I need to get him alone.

I don't want to wait another minute.

Practically pulling Edward through the room to cut our cake, I try to rush us through the rest of the formalities.

It does kill me a bit; seeing the beautiful black and white cake with matching cupcakes tiered beneath it that Lauren and Emmett slaved away on. Being a professional in this department, I attempt to at least appear to enjoy and savor this moment.

Deep within though, my insides are pulsing. The emotions and hormones flowing through me fighting to be let loose.

And finally I can give in to them.

Edward and I are alone at last in our room for the night and the first thing he does is take off his tux jacket. His eyes are dark as he strides toward me, but my eyes are on one thing only.

The cupcake, arranged in advance, sitting on the nightstand next to the king size bed.

I stop Edward with a finger in the air before I can get carried away with his closeness. The brow between his eyes scrunches up in confusion and his hand goes immediately to his hair. A sure sign of nervousness, and I quickly grab the cupcake before he can question my behavior.

Cradling the chocolate cupcake in my hand, I start to speak hoping and praying this will ease his anxiety and not add any more.

"Edward," I say, slowly turning the cupcake so that the words written on it face him. "We're having a baby."


My mouth opens and closes like a fish under water. The emotions are swirling all around me and I'm trying to keep afloat.

"Edward?" Bella's voice brings me back to the here and now, and my eyes snap back on to her brown ones filled with worry. "Are you okay?"

Am I okay? I'm not quite sure, but I know I need to reassure Bella. She's always been my rock, but I can see her faltering, and I know it's my reaction.

It's time to be strong for once.

Pushing all my own fears aside, I stride over to my beautiful wife, take the cupcake out of her hand and place it next to us. I pull her body close to mine and my lips crash into hers. I let the excitement I'm feeling pour out into her, soothing her with my mouth.

We're all lips and tongues; devouring each other until I can no longer breathe and I feel wetness on my face. I pull back; cradling Bella's face with my hands and wipe away the tears that're streaming down her cheeks with the pads of my thumbs.

"Hey, Cupcake Girl. It's gonna be all right," I soothe her quietly.


"No, buts," I interrupt. "It took me by surprise is all. And I know that whatever happens, we'll get through it together."

Yes, I'm terrified as fucking hell that something might happen to this baby. After all, it's what happened between me and Kate so many years ago and tore us apart. But deep down I know what Bella and I have is special. It's more than a fling, a college-age lust. It's two people who love each other unconditionally. And I know we can handle whatever comes our way.

"Edward, I know this wasn't planned. And I'm sure it scares the shit out of you. But I love you and nothing will ever change that." Bella's eyes implore me to believe her, but I never had any doubts.

I quiet her rambling with another searing kiss and gently pull back. "Bella, I'll admit it's a little bit scary and unexpected. But I want this more than anything. I'm really gonna be a dad?"

I glance over at the chocolate cupcake, the word "Daddy" hitting me again like a ton of bricks.

"I'm gonna be a dad!" I exclaim with a shit-eating grin on my face.

I pick Bella up, spinning her around the room; her wedding dress twirling around us. "I'm gonna be a dad," I say over and over again as Bella giggles in my arms.

Looking down on her beautiful face, I see my own love mirrored back in her eyes and I still for a moment taking it all in.

Bella stares at me, most likely wondering if I've lost my mind. I'm sure my mood swings are probably giving her whiplash.

But with one more innocent peck on the nose, I tighten my grip on her ass and stride over to the bed. Bella gasps in surprise as I toss her on the bed, my body posed like a hunter ready for the kill.

Quickly, I rid myself of the damn tie and cummerbund around me and undo my belt buckle. Bella's eyes darken as she watches me and her breathing picks up in anticipation.

Without another thought, I reach down and grab her legs; roughly bringing her to the end of the bed and my now aching cock.

I'm not sure why the thought of Bella being pregnant with my child brings out such desire and passion, but I'm not stopping to find out the answer.

I ghost my hands up her legs and over her stomach; only allowing my fingers to rest there for a moment. There will be time to enjoy that new addition later. Right now it's all about my sexy as hell wife, laid out on the bed before me.

My hands continue their trail up to her voluptuous breasts, heaving and spilling over the top of her wedding dress. I spend a few minutes with them, still marveling at the idea that they're mine alone.

Bella lies quietly underneath me, but her hips are moving slightly, and I can practically see the moan dying to escape her plump lips.

"Mrs. Cullen, you are the sexiest thing I have ever seen," I whisper to her, and her moan can no longer be contained.

That sound, coupled with the fact that Bella's truly now a Cullen, is my undoing and my hands are back at her legs. I eagerly push her dress up around her hips and roughly grab her silk panties in my hand.

The satisfying rip that ensues leaves me with a cocky grin, and I step back to push down my pants and boxers.

Bella is whimpering, her legs seeking some sort of friction, but I don't wait for her to find any. Without a thought, I push myself slowly into her; reveling in the sensation of filling her completely. As husband and wife.

No worries. No doubts.

Only pure, unadulterated love pouring out between us as we thrust into one another.

We've come a long way together; learning the touches, kisses and tricks to make each other come hard. And we use them to our advantage.

Much later in the evening I awake to Bella wrapped around me. In the darkness, I can make out her dark eyelashes resting on her cheekbones; she's sound asleep.

My fingers glide softly over her hair and onto her face, careful not to wake her. But as they make their way down her arm and rest quietly on her stomach; Bella stirs beneath me.

She turns her head to look at me, pure contentment on her face.

"There's really a baby in there?" I ask her in awe as she nods.

"Yes, Mr. Pouty Lips. There's really a baby in there. You sure you're okay with all this?" she asks, gesturing to her still flat tummy.

"I am more than okay, Cupcake Girl."

Swiftly, I turn her over so her stomach is in complete view. I bend my head down and place small, reverential kisses over every inch of it.

Without moving my head, I look up through my eyelashes at my wife and beam at the smile that graces her beautiful face.

Her hands reach down to mine and we interlock them, smiling like loons until the joy turns to passion once again.

This time it's slow and needy. Worshipful and passionate.

It's the beginning of a wonderful life.

10 months later…

"Well, Miss Melody Sage, I think you're all clean," I say to the chunky, wet bundle of baby in front of me. I take the cloth one more time, dunking it into the water and wiping over her. One can never be too cautious that you haven't missed a spot.

Carefully, I place my hand beneath her neck and head and lift my slippery little girl from the baby bath tub. Oh, so carefully I wrap a small, soft, fuzzy towel around her and dry her off, all the while marveling at how much my love for her as grown in the two months since she's been born.

With a kiss on her cute, little button nose, I carry her gently to her room, taking a peek into my own room as well.

Curled around my pillow, in the middle of our bed, is my gorgeous wife. Her long, brown hair is spread out on the pillowcase, but her face is peaceful and relaxed.

Quietly I continue down the hall, so as not to wake her, and make my way into Melody's room. I may not have as many places of my own in my home anymore, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

"All right, missy," I tell the bright-eyed miracle looking up at me. "Since no one's here to see me pick this out, I'm going to dress you in one of my favorite outfits. Don't tell Mommy."

Melody lays on the changing table, staring at me in a look of nonchalance. Even she knows I'm whipped by these two women in my life.

After she's dried and diapered, which I now do expertly by the way; I reach out and grab the onesie Alice bought specifically for Melody and I.

I slip the white, t-shirt like material over her small head and carefully bring her tiny arms through each hole. I will admit I'm still a little afraid of her fragility, but I'm getting better at it.

Tugging the bottom of the clothes around her diaper, I snap the snaps and look down at my handiwork. The words, "Daddy's Little Cupcake" make me smile like an idiot, but I don't give a damn.

I knew when Kate got pregnant that I wanted to be a dad. But that loss scared the hell out of me, and I forced the thoughts of fatherhood back to the recesses of my brain for a long time. When Bella told me she was pregnant, I knew I had to dare to hope. I couldn't live my life hiding from the pain. There were good things in life too, and I needed to be open to them.

Bella's pregnancy went as smoothly as could be expected. Yes, there was morning sickness and mood swings and even crazy food cravings; but it was all manageable. Even Bella agrees it could've been much worse from the stories she's heard from her friends.

The actual birth itself wasn't any more difficult. We were there several hours, with Bella pushing and screaming. But we made it out with our perfect angel, my amazingly tough wife and my hand still intact. Bella did have some choice words for me, though.

I chuckle at the thought, and Melody stares at me with a smile starting to form. I don't believe for a second it's gas. I know she likes to hear my voice.

We settle into the rocking chair next to her crib and I relish the time I have to just hold her. I know soon she'll be a mover ready to take on the world; if she's anything like Bella and I.

"Princess, Daddy's going to tell you this many times, but I think you should start hearing it now." I gently rock back and forth; Melody content and relaxed in my arms. "You can do anything you put your mind to, Melody. You have an extremely remarkable woman as a mommy and she's the best role model you'll ever have."

I smile at the thought and continue quietly. "Your mommy is the perfect example of having it all. She wanted to do something with her life, and she did. She created the best damn; I mean darn, cupcake shop in Southern California. And not only that, she sings, she takes care of you and me both and she does it without complaint."

Melody blinks her eyes, taking it all in. "So never think you can't do what you want, Little One. You can. And your mommy and I will always be here to support you. Don't you forget that."

She lets out a tiny yawn and my heart melts a little more. Melody truly is the most precious gift Bella could have given me on our wedding night. Even if it was terrifying at first.

Slowly, I stand up and place a kiss on my baby's forehead, inhaling her clean, baby scent. For a moment longer I hold her tight as she coos in my arms, her little eyes closing in exhaustion.

"Good night, Little Cupcake," I whisper to her, setting her in her crib and turning on the baby monitor nearby. "Daddy loves you."

I walk to the doorway and turn out the light without another sound, padding along the hallway to our room. I'm exhausted myself and long to have a few hours uninterrupted sleep with my Cupcake Girl.

The sight in my bed makes my heart skip a beat, and my dick harden, if I'm honest. I slip into bed behind Bella, not bothering to take off my sweats. We've both become accustomed to middle of the night awakenings and sleep with more clothes on than we ever have before.

Bella nestles into my body as she feels me next to her. I love that even in her sleep she wants to be close to me.

I wrap my arms around her and pull her flush to my chest, burying my nose in her hair and inhaling the scent that is all Bella.

My eyes close as I exhale a deep sigh of relief, and I marvel at how lucky I am.

If it wasn't for being so forgetful and not having a birthday present for my sister, I wouldn't have walked into Bella's shop and fallen madly in love with this special woman.

She is the Cupcake Queen of my life and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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