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The Outtake (for Katalina) BPOV

The pre-weekend rush of customers finally settles down and I take a moment to breathe and tidy up the counter covered with frosting, cupcake crumbs, black ribbon and pink boxes.

"Are you sure you're good here, Bella?" asks Lauren, my assistant and basically right hand woman here at Sparkles Cupcakes. "I can stay a bit longer and help you close everything up."

"Really, I'll be fine. You need to head on out so that you can be ready for your date with Tyler. Go on and have fun!"

Lauren is a great worker but she is always sacrificing herself for others. Sometimes I have to insist she take time off.

"Okay, I will. But Bella, don't stay here too long. Aren't you going out with Rosalie tonight?"

"Yep, getting Rose out and about after her week in the studio. But I have plenty of time to get ready, don't worry."

I smile as I remember the first time I met Rosalie Hale.


Rose came bursting through my shop doors late on a Thursday night, looking a bit of a mess. Which in Rose's case wasn't really that bad. Her hair was up in a messy pony tail and her tight t-shirt and jeans looked just fine to me. But I had seen Rosalie Hale looking like the true rock star she was in just about every store that sold music and she always looked picture perfect. Even in those gossip magazines that girl was still gorgeous.

The real reason you could tell she was in a state was the way she rushed in and eyed the cupcakes ravenously, her eyes darting back and forth.

"Hi there, can I help you find something in particular?" I asked her, hoping to bring some calmness to her.

"I just need sugar and quickly, preferably something with cream cheese frosting! I've been stuck inside almost all week."

I reached behind the counter and handed her one of my personal favorites. A Red Velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, topped with cake crumbles and a chocolate heart. It didn't take Rose long to devour the thing. I was surprised that she took a moment to sit down before she dug in!

Sitting down next to her and placing a water bottle on the table, I sat there silently waiting for her to regain her capacities.

"Thanks so much," she said to me, taking a long drink of water to relieve her parched mouth. "I'm sorry I was such a maniac when I came in, it's just that I've been recording an album all week and really needed some extra sweetness."

"No worries, hun. I can see a woman deserving of a sweet treat a mile away. I just hope it did the trick."

"It was amazing. I guess I didn't really do it justice by inhaling it like that. But I'll make it up to you by taking some more to go."

Rosalie squeezed my hand and was true to her word. She bought half a dozen cupcakes to take with her and kept on coming back for more. And with each visit our bond grew, until one day Rose was sitting in the shop with me when I closed and we took our friendship out into the world of wine and men.


Rose is someone I couldn't live without now, and I'm not even sure how I managed before she came along. We talk men, careers, family and everything in between.

I am so excited to be able to take her with me tonight. She is always a bit stressed after recording a new album, no matter that they always turn out amazing. She is a phenomenal singer. We actually share that passion; I just choose to keep my singing for in the shower. It's much better that way.

I wave goodbye to Lauren and get to work readying the shop for closing. Tomorrow morning will be here bright and early, so it's best to get most of it done before I head out. I have Lauren opening the shop and I want it ready for her when she arrives and don't want to burden her too much after her date night either.

As I fiddle around putting everything in its appropriate spot I think of the last time I had a proper date. Truth be told, it has been way too long, I sigh to myself. I really should do something to remedy that but I spend most of my free time on this business.

Which I love and wouldn't change for the world, of course. It's just hard finding the time to cultivate a relationship, let alone find a man that wants to date someone who puts their business first. Ah well, let's not dwell on that but think about the fun I will have tonight.

I knew I would hardly have time before I met Rose to get ready, so I put on my "club dress" during my lunch break and have my Sparkles apron over it to keep it clean. The dress is Rose and Alice approved. Alice is the birthday girl tonight and we are celebrating with dinner and then out dancing in a new club.

The girls, even though they haven't met each other yet, are both into fashion and must approve my outfits before going out. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. Cute and comfy is my style and that's not really appropriate for a night of clubbing.

So instead I'm wearing this short as all get out and super tight, sparkly red and black dress. I'm pretty adept at keeping clean while I work these days, so I figured it was safe. I've been doing this a long time. The things I cannot wear for hours on end are the shoes.

I bought these cute, black, peeped toe heels to wear with it but I'm afraid I will break a leg wearing them around the shop. I just hope I can manage them dancing at a club. I'm not the most graceful even without heels.

When the shop looks presentable again and the cash has been counted in the drawer, I make my way over to the front door. I flip the sign to "closed" and lock the door, slipping the key into my apron pocket and turn off the lights. The only thing I leave with lights on is the cupcake display case. It makes it more inviting when people walk by.

As I look around it gives me such pleasure knowing just how far I've come and that this little shop is really doing so well.

I head to the employee's room in the back to grab my purse, Alice's present and of course, the dreaded but adorable heels. Just as I'm getting ready to head out the back door I hear a noise that sounds like it could be knocking out in the front.

I take a peek around the corner to confirm my worse fear at the moment.

A customer.

I peer at the clock in the office and see that it's definitely past closing. Just great, I don't have time for this. I still have to pick up Rosalie and then head on over to the restaurant.

I watch for a minute from my hiding spot hoping against hope that he will give up and leave. But when I see him banging his head lightly on the glass door I know I have to step in.

I really hope this guy isn't crazy. It is Los Angeles, after all.

As I near the door I realize I have a bit of a dilemma. The man has his head resting on the door and there is no way I can open it without having him fall flat on his face.

Let's hope he sees me coming and moves away.

Or not. I reach my knuckle up to the glass wall next to the door and knock lightly, so as not to startle him.

Finally, he looks up at me and the sadness and frustration in his eyes is almost too much to bear. But I cannot get sucked into this. I needed to leave five minutes ago.

I motion for him to back up from the door so I can open it and he complies. I unlock the door praying this will be quick and easy.

As I do I take a good look at the man. He doesn't seem crazy.

Except for the fact that his brownish, coppery colored hair is in total disarray. But it almost seems like that tousled look that is all the rage. His bright green eyes that have taken me captive hold my look for a moment before I take in the rest of him.

He is wearing a light blue buttoned down shirt with a white v-neck t-shirt peeking through and tight, dark denim jeans that accentuate his long, lean legs.

Damn, is he hot. But still, I have to get rid of him. Alice will kill me if I'm late.

"I'm sorry sir, we closed at 7 o'clock," I say politely as I open the door. "We open tomorrow at 8am if you'd like to come back then."

The look on his face is even more discouraged, no matter how impossible that seems.

"But it's my sister's birthday and I forgot to buy her a gift, and I just got off of work and ran down the street here hoping that you could help me," he quickly rambles, his green eyes imploring me to help him.

Before I can even respond he continues, probably sensing my desire to close the door and go home. "I just need a few cupcakes, nothing special," he says and pouts his lips.

Really? He wants nothing special from me but wants me to open my shop after hours for him?

And the pout? How old is he? But God, those full lips of his are gorgeous.

"Nothing special?" I quip back. "Well, in that case, there's a supermarket down the road. I'm sure you can find something there to suffice." And with that I start to close the glass door on his face.

There is no way I am letting Mr. Pouty Lips persuade me into staying late. Not when he just wants whatever he can get, whenever he wants it.

"No, I didn't mean that. Shit!" he practically yells at me and then has the nerve to put his foot in between the door so that I can't close it.

"I just wanted you to know that I can pick out something you already have made. You won't need to go to any extra effort for me. Please!" he begs me, and those lips are starting to look even more enticing. "I'll even pay double!"

I sigh in defeat, "Well, I can't turn down a paying customer. Especially one that will pay double for no effort. Come on in."

This better be quick. This man is getting whatever I have left in the case. Definitely no special treatment for him. It is Friday night and I do have plans, you know.

"Thank you so much, you won't regret this," he gushes as he steps through the door, the bell ringing on his way in.

Little does he know, I'm already regretting this.

I head on back to the display case as he follows closely behind me. I chance a look in his direction to make sure and catch his eyes raking over my body.

Did he just check me out?

No, no way. I'm sure his eyes were just glancing around to take a look at the shop. He was definitely not looking at me.

When I come to a stop at the counter behind the display case, I turn towards him. "So what'll it be, Mr. MakeItWorthMyWhile?" I ask with a bit of a smirk.

This guy seems like the kind that thinks he can get whatever he wants by throwing money around or dazzling women with his good looks.

It's so not going to happen tonight.

"Chocolate," he says quickly, looking very intensely at me.

"Chocolate?" I repeat back questioningly. "Which kind?" Doesn't this guy realize that we have a dozen variations of chocolate at the least?

"Which kind of what?" he asks me, and I can't help but to cock an eyebrow at him.

"Umm, which of kind of chocolate? We have several to choose from." As I glance up towards the chalkboard behind me I start thinking that this could be a long transaction.

What the hell was I thinking letting him come in? It's not like I really need the money. But something about his eyes wouldn't let me say no.

"Well, they are for my sister and she loves anything with chocolate. I'll take whatever you recommend," he says with a crooked grin and I can tell he's trying to lay it on thick.

Time to get this show in gear and get him out of here as quickly as possible.

"Alright, your sister likes chocolate. I'll give you my four best picks and you can sample them, okay?"

He nods his head in agreement, that unruly mop of his bobbing as he does. I turn around and start grabbing my typical taste test paraphernalia; mini plates and forks, our signature, tiny water bottles and samples of my favorite chocolate cupcakes.

"All set," I say after making sure that I have everything I need. "The first one is our shop specialty, Dark Chocolate Raspberry. Let me know what you think."

This was one of the first cupcakes I made when I bought this shop. It is a dark chocolate cake covered with bright pink, raspberry butter cream frosting. It's adorned with a raspberry on top and sprinkled with our signature glitter. And it is to die for, if I do say so myself.

I place the plate on the counter and hold out a fork for him to take. But instead of him grabbing the fork, he leans into the counter and his perfect red lips encase the tiny morsel. He lets out a quiet moan and I gasp out loud, feeling warmth pool unexpectedly between my legs.

Wow. That was the most sensual thing I've seen in…well, a while.

I stand there for a second or two like a statue with the fork in my hand frozen in midair. I feel my mouth open and quickly try to snap it shut. I'm sure my eyes are a dead giveaway though. I can't seem to contain the lust that is seeping through my entire body at this moment.

"That was unbelievable," Mr. Pouty Lips says staring intently at my eyes. Yeah, after that display of what his lips can do, the name brings on a whole new meaning.

Take it easy there, Bella, I chide myself. This man is a customer. It doesn't matter that it's been forever since you've been romantic with a man, much less on a date. I have to rein myself in and be professional.

I hand him a small water bottle, giving myself a minute to gather my senses. "Better cleanse your palate for the next one. It helps so the tastes don't get jumbled on your taste buds."

He reaches out his large, manly hands and takes the bottle from mine, our fingers touching briefly and I can feel a charge that goes straight through me. I stiffen my entire body, willing myself to stay calm.

There is no way he felt that. It had to be my imagination. That kind of thing only happens in films. And this is not a film.

This is my real life. My boring real life of owning my own business, working night and day. Sure, I've had some glamorous moments, but for the most part I'm at home watching the Food Network and eating whatever I have leftover in my fridge.

Nothing exciting. Especially not electrically charged meetings with men I just met.

But as I watch this man standing in my cupcake shop, holding a water bottle with those long, elegant but masculine fingers and bringing the bottle up to those perfect pouty lips as he puckers them around it, I, once again, feel the moisture pool down my legs and wet my panties.

Shit. I'm a goner and the man has done nothing even remotely erotic.

I continue to watch him as his Adam's apple bobs up and down as he drinks, unable to tear my lust filled eyes away from him.

Next I hand him a sample of my S'mores cupcake; a milk chocolate cupcake with lightly toasted, marshmallow frosting and a small Hershey chocolate decorating the top.

"This is a fun little concoction that takes me back to summers as a kid," I whisper to him, barely able to form a coherent sentence.

I hand the fork over this time, almost pushing it into him, not ready for another jolt of electricity from him yet. As I do, he reaches for the fork as well and our fingers once again meet each other in a tangle of energy.

But this time Mr. Pouty Lips manages to get frosting all over his gorgeous fingers. I can't help but let a giggle escape from my mouth at the silliness of it and his deep chuckle tells me he is enjoying it as well.

"Sorry," we both say and laugh again. I reach down and grab a napkin to hand him but before I have the chance to bring it any closer to him, he puts his lean fingers in his mouth and proceeds to suck off the frosting.

Pretty sure my panties are ruined now. Damn. Now that was hot.

He shoots me a sexy smirk and I am done. This man could ask me to do anything right now and I'm pretty sure I would comply. My insides seemed to be filled with goo.

There is still a tiny bit of frosting on his face and before I can stop myself my hand is moving of its own volition.

"You've got a little bit, there," I say, my fingers inching closer until they are wiping off the frosting on the tip of his well chiseled chin.

Did I forget to mention the jaw on this man? It is to die for, with its hard, perfect lines and just the right amount of scruff.

I pull myself together before I start stroking this man's face, just as his tongue peeks out a little from his mouth.

And now my thoughts are of tongues, and tastes, and my tongue on his jaw.

I really need to get control of myself right about now. I am a professional and I need to remain so. I can fantasize later. And let's face it, I probably will.

Thankfully, this sexy man brings me out of my reverie with his next words and reminds me that we are standing in my cupcake shop on a Friday night. And that I have a party to go to.

"It tastes like a S'more we used to make on camping trips," he tells me, his face in awe and I grin a little in satisfaction. I love it when customers can pick out a flavor without me telling them.

"Yes, it's the graham cracker layer at the bottom of the chocolate cake that seals the deal."

Luckily the next two tastings go a little quicker but with every bite he takes my chest starts to pant a little more and I can tell his is doing the same.

The last two cupcakes are a Boston Cream Pie; a yellow cake filled with vanilla pudding and a dark chocolate glaze for frosting, and then our Strawberry Margarita.

"The Strawberry Margarita is every girl's signature cupcake. They adore them. I think it's the perfect finishing touch for your sister's birthday, even though it doesn't have any chocolate in it."

Mr. Pouty Lips has been very careful, as have I, to keep the physical contact at a minimum. But watching him enjoy every bite of the tangy, lime cake with strawberry-tequila filling continues to put my senses and lust into overdrive.

"These are perfect; I'll take one of each. Thank you so much for taking the extra time for me." He swallows the remaining drops of water and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.

I am so thankful this is over and that I didn't jump the guy's bones. If it wasn't for the counter separating us the entire time my body might have seized control and done it for me. It's practically begging me to have some other release besides my own doing.

"No problem, I'm glad you liked them," I tell him sweetly as I pack up the four cupcakes into our pink box and tie it up with a signature black sparkly bow. "It's nice to see a man that loves his sister so much that he'll brave a cupcake shop and even beg to be let in." And then I wink at him.

What the hell, Bella? Talk about forgetting the professionalism. Sheesh.

Once again I try to get hold of myself as I take his credit card to the cash register and slide it through the machine. While I'm waiting for confirmation I look at the card to read his name.

No, it's not just because that guy was as sexy as all get out during our cupcake sampling, although that may have been part of it. I like to know all of my customers on a first name basis. It makes the transactions much more personal and friendly. And they seem to enjoy it and come back for more.

Edward Cullen, the name on the card reads.

Cullen? As in Alice Cullen, the birthday girl I'm having dinner with as soon as I can leave here?

It can't be. Alice is a petite, little whirlwind of a girl. And this man? He has to be over six foot tall and seems pretty laid back now that his initial crisis is averted.

The cash register rings it's acceptance of the card and I walk over to the side of the display case.

All thoughts of Alice quickly leaving my head as I hand him the pink box full of cupcakes and experience another jolt of energy surge through my fingers.

"Thanks again, Edward. I hope you come in again, it was a pleasure." I can't even look up at the man, wondering if he can feel the sexual tension radiating between us, but I still aim for personalized professionalism here.

I really want this guy to come back again. And not just to sample my cupcakes.

Oh God. I really must get a grip on myself.

Edward takes the box of cupcakes and sets them on the two person table next to us. I'm sure I have a look of confusion on my face, as I have no idea what he is thinking.

His eyes have darkened and before I can even comprehend what's going on, Edward takes his large hand and places it on the small of my back, bringing my body close to his. His other hand is at the base of my neck and I think that I am in Heaven.

I let out a garbled gasp at the sudden movement and look into his questioning eyes. I feel the lust emanating off of him but he waits, as if awaiting my approval.

A slight nod of my head and then his mouth comes crashing to mine. He pulls a tiny bit on my upper lip and I cannot stifle the moan that is dying to come out. This seems to spur him on and his lips glide slowly over mine. I open my mouth to him and our tongues meet, circling each other in a slow, passionate dance.

I am barely able to breathe but don't want to stop. This feels so good, so right. It's been way too long since I've been kissed good and proper. And this man knows how to do it exactly right.

Edward finally pulls away and we are both gasping for air. His vivid, green eyes look unwaveringly into mine and I can't help but to attack him with my mouth.

This time the passion has escalated and our tongues meet as if their lives depend on it. The tastes of my cupcakes on his tongue, mixed with his own taste, is an exhilarating combination.

It spurs me on in my confidence, chucking years of caution to the wind. For some reason, unknown to me, I feel like I cannot let this man walk out my door without more.

When he starts to walk us both to the display case, my back pinned between the case and Edward's hardened body, I give in wholeheartedly.

There is no stopping this now. Even if my mind wanted to, my body will not let me. I must see this through as far as I can. The primal urge of release is building quickly and taking no prisoners.

Edward's nimble fingers begin to roam down my neck and slowly slide down the sides of my breasts. My chest is heaving in anticipation as they reach the bottom of my dress.

I can't even begin to control my own hands as they slowly move up his strong arms and I grab onto his biceps feeling the hardened muscles there. My body is begging for more and I pull him to me, our bodies as close as they can possibly be standing up.

My hands reach his soft, luscious hair and I grab hold of it and tug as my tongue delves deeper into his mouth. He lets out the most sensual moan I have ever heard and I feel the heat between my legs as if I'm on fire.

Edward slips his long fingers under my dress and quickly begins a path to my now aching center, pushing my panties to the side. My chest is heaving like I've had an intense workout and I tighten my hold in his hair as he slips one of his fingers into me, my wetness showing him how much I'm ready for him.

He hitches my leg around his waist and I pull him even closer towards me. Edward adds a second finger and he begins to pump them in and out causing me to whimper and grind myself into him.

I move my hands down his back, fingernails scraping across his tightening muscles hidden by his shirt and ending on his scrumptious ass. Our mouths have yet to give up their relentless dance.

When his third and final finger enters me I squeeze his ass cheeks hard in approval. His thumb finds my clit and he vigorously rubs as I press my center closer to his amazing fingers. A feral moan escapes my lips and I know that I am close to my release. His fingers pump a few more times and then with a twist of his wrist I come, shuddering and squirming and riding out the most intense orgasm I have ever had from one man's fingers.

We stare at each other for a minute, my face flushed and covered with a slight sweat; my eyes are bright with my post coital bliss. He removes his fingers from my now satisfied lady bits, my juices covering his extraordinary fingers.

Edward brings them to his mouth, licking them reverently, "Hmm," he says, his eyes half-lidded, "now, that is a delectable taste."

I smile shyly at him but don't move my eyes from his as I lower myself to my knees, and then run my fingers over his very prominent erection. It's hard and hot through his pants and I can't wait to unleash the beast and run my tongue over it…repeatedly. I'm not usually one that likes to give head but there is something in me that wants to please this man.

"Let's see if you taste better than my scrumptious cupcakes," I say softly as I pop the button on his pants, still not sure where this brazenness is coming from.

I slowly unzip his zipper and release his throbbing cock from its confines, licking my lips before running my tongue up his length from the base to the tip and taking him in almost all the way. I use one hand to cover the remainder of his cock at the base, and the other to massage his balls.

Edward moans loudly and thrusts into my mouth as I look up at him encouraging him to take control. I have never wanted this as badly as I do now. I want to return the favor and release some of his sexual tension.

His hips begin to rock and I hum and moan around his cock as he pumps it in and out of my mouth. I can feel him growing harder and I suck even more as he responds to my ministrations.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum," Edward warns but there is no way I'm letting this get all over the place. Besides, don't guys think it's sexy when you swallow?

I place both hands on his ass pulling him to me and he thrusts his dick erratically into my mouth one last time before releasing down my throat. While he is still recovering I continue to lick him clean and release him with a pop.

Wow, was that intense.

He helps me to my feet and I can't stop the shy smile that returns to my face once more. This is not my typical behavior. I still can't believe that I had the guts to do it, and in my own shop as well.

I sigh and look around, thankful for the darkness that is now gracing the streets.

"Thank you," Edward tells me quietly and he gently touches my face.

Just as I am about to get lost in his brilliant green eyes, his pocket starts vibrating and we both jump.

"Aren't you going to answer that?" I ask when he doesn't move.

"No, I'm sure it's my sister wondering where I am," he replies and I can hear the sadness in his voice. I feel the same way but I also have somewhere I need to be.

I look down at my dress hiked up past my waist and start to adjust it to something a bit more decent. But before I can get much farther he stops me by taking my chin in his hand and tugging it up towards him.

He smiles at me and I am about to swoon. It's so genuine.

"We are going to do this again sometime, Cupcake Girl," he tells me firmly and places a small but passionate kiss on my lips, "soon."

Cupcake Girl? Well that's a first, but from his melodic voice he can call me anything he likes.

I smile in return but deep down know that this could very well be the last time I see this man.

"My name is Bella, by the way."

"Bella," he repeats almost reverently, "you'll always be my Cupcake Girl." Talk about cheesy, but I can hear the sincerity in his voice and shake my head in wonder.

Edward glances at his watch and I beat him to the punch, "Well, I've got to run too. It is Friday night after all and I've got dinner plans."

He grabs the pink box of cupcakes and gives me a chaste kiss. "I'll see you soon."

"You better," I reply with a bit of attitude. I don't want to lose this guy; I have an inexplicable connection to him that only partially has to do with his amazing fingers.

He runs out the door with a wave of his hand and I wonder what the hell I just did.

I stand in awe letting the night sink in. I have never done anything remotely close to that in my entire life. My fingers move up to my lips and I revel in the swollenness left behind from Edward's passionate kisses. I let my hand ghost over my body remembering the fiery trail that Edward left with his touch. When I reach the bottom of my dress I straighten it out and feel the blush creep over my cheeks.

Did I seriously just have the most intense sexual experience of my life while still wearing clothes and standing in my place of business?!

Looking at the clock on the wall I realize that I don't have time for second guessing or even enjoying the moment.

I run into my office, check my reflection and try to smooth out my just been almost-fucked hair, all while grabbing my things and running out the door.

As I get into the car I shoot off a quick text to Rose, letting her know that I'm on my way and why I'm running late.

Well, not the whole reason. Obviously.


Rose shoots me a look as I drive as fast as I can through the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

"What?" I practically bark at her when I can't ignore her stares any longer.

"There's something different about you tonight. I'm just trying to figure out what it is," she answers back tapping her pointer finger on her chin.

"I'm pretty sure it's the fact I'm running super late thanks to the last minute customer. And also that Alice will probably kill us. She doesn't like when things don't go according to her schedule."

"Nope. That's not it," Rose says flippantly, still giving me the once over.

I keep my eyes on the road wondering if I should give her more details. No, there is no way I can spring that on her right now. I'll never hear the end of it and I want to keep it to myself for a bit longer anyway.

Thankfully, I pull into the parking lot of Volturi's where we are meeting Alice and her family. I know I won't be able to hide this from Rose forever. I just want to buy myself a little more time.

Rosalie and I head into the restaurant and make our way to the private room that apparently Alice has booked for the night.

We barely make it through the doors when I hear my name screamed at the top of Alice's lungs, "Isabella!" Alice lunges towards me and almost knocks me off of my precarious heels with her tiny, bear-like hug.

"Happy Birthday, darling. Sorry I'm so late. I had a last minute customer who kept me busy taste testing my goodies," I tell her, wanting to keep her in a good mood for her birthday.

Alice drags me over to the table and introduces me to everyone. Her mom and dad, her boyfriend Jasper, who I have heard so much about…and then her brother, Edward.

My wide eyes hold his surprised ones for a second and my breath hitches in my throat.

Mr. Pouty Lips?

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