Hello Everyone, just a brief intro for you today! Every chapter is VERYand I mean VERY short. There just drabbles basically. The idea is that to produce a good Patronus charm you have to have a powerful memory. I will go over different characters memories. Please review/PM me at anytime for a character request or just to talk! Thanks!

She lifts her wand, filling her mind.

Green eyes, black hair. The boy who lived.

It's not a real memory, just one she imagines on lonely nights in the common room.

She walks down the cold steps into the warm light of the Gryffindor Common Room. He's sitting on the couch and turns around as she enters, a smile upon his face.

"Hey," He breathes. She walks over to him and he stands, wrapping his arms around her. "You look good,"

"Thanks," Then he kisses her, a beautiful kiss that builds into a passionate one.

Her horse gallops away, fading.

"Harry," She whispers.

Set during the start of her sixth year.