It's an old memory, she's not even sure if it's real anymore. Dreams and reality seem to mix for her.

She lifts her wand.

The long grass waves in a warm breeze. Her blond wisps fall into her face, making it hard to see. Her chubby little hands grab onto the bright yellow flowers.

"Sweetheart!" Her mother calls, laugh like the sound of a wind chime. The little girl turns, a grin on her face, her short legs going as fast as they could take her. "There you are!" The girl smiled and held out her hand full of flowers. "Oh there beautiful! Let me see if I can add them to the painting!" Her easel was set out side, a oversize mushroom used as a stool. The girl giggled as her mother took them from her and watched as she picked up the piece of wood, where blobs of paint in all different colors lay. Grabbing a frayed brush, the woman swiped it through the yellow, adding it to the green meadow scene.

"There!" She smiled, leaning back to asses her handiwork. "Now what about you missy? Want to paint with me?"

"Yes!" The girl cried, waving her hands in the air.

"Okay, now there are really no rules, except only draw on the canvas, not you or me," She pulled her daughter into her lap and adjusted her weight on the mushroom to make it more comfy. "There? You like blue? Nice color choice," The girl picks up the brush awkwardly and draws a line on the white expanse of canvas. "Perfect,"

The hare bounds down the road, fading as it hops over a hill. Luna looks up at the sky, letting the light shine on her face and whispered, "I love you mum,"

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