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I woke in a daze. My alarm clock blaring at me; signalling it was time for work.

I quit my job at Wayne enterprises a year ago; it was a spur of the moment decision but I can never bring myself to regret it.

I knew with my new job as manager at Wayne children facilities and care I helped a lot more people. I help children, who weren't as lucky as me, children who don't have parents; those of whom did not have the luxury of a loving grandpa or the Wayne family to take them in.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by warm hands grabbing my stomach and pulling me closer to their owner's muscly chest.

"Bruce I've got to…"

"Five minutes" he practically begged

"Five minutes" I surrendered

Falling back into the bed we now shared in his penthouse. He smiled charmingly in victory and pulled the covers back up to our chests.

He wrapped his arms around me and I lay my head on his shoulder.

That's when I noticed a huge bruise the size of a tangerine on his chest. Lightly with my fingertips, I traced it.


"It's okay. I just wasn't fast enough to block." He told me pushing a strand of my hair out of my eyes.

"Be careful. If anything ever happened to you—I'd never forgive myself"

"Nothing's going to happen" he promised softly kissing my forehead.

"It better not—Cos' I'll kick your ass myself, if I have to."

He laughed and jumped up on top of me and started tickling my side.

"I'd like to see you try" he laughed

After 5 months of dating I had unfortunately given away my biggest secret; I was insanely ticklish. Bruce felt the need to use it against me 24/7.

"Ohk...Oh….Okay! I give in!" I shouted breathlessly, tears streaming down my face

"That's what I thought" He told me smugly, leaning forward to give me a peck on the lips.

He rolled off of me and lay on the bed smiling.

"What?" I asked freaked out

Then I realised. I had to get up or I'll be late. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom in one of Bruce's old baggy t-shirts a pair of pyjama shorts.

I showered quickly the hot water cascading down in boiling hot beads of water; Just the way I liked it.

I jumped out of the shower the second my hair and body was clean and wrapped myself and my hair in a fluffy white towel.

I walked out into the bedroom to see Bruce fast asleep. This double life was really taking it out of him.

I sighed and walked forward pulling up the duvet to cover his chest and leaned forward to kiss his forehead.

I walked to the closet and picked out my clothes for the day.

My regular blouses and trouser combo; Today I wore a cream silk blouse with black buttons all up the front and long sleeves and my high-waisted black trousers along with my cream high heels.

I went to the bathroom and shut the door behind me so it would quiet the hair dryer and not wake Bruce.

Once I was finished and my hair was curled I applied my make-up and I was ready to go.

With a final check on Bruce I made my way through to the lounge, where my grandpa Alfred was watching the news.

"Alice, Good morning my dear"

"Morning gramps"

He smiled at the me and pointed to the coffee resting on the counter.

"Thank you, you know you don't have to." I told him "You're not my butler"

"Yes, my dear. But I will always feel the need to take care of you, but keep an open mind you may be the next Mrs Wayne."

My eyes widened. Sure I'd thought of getting married to Wayne, I mean I had lay awake thinking about it.

Me and him; children and a house in the suburbs but hearing someone else say it—it made it feel so real and scary.

So I did what I do best when I discover an awkward situation; I ran.

"Oh, look at the time; I'm going to be late!"

I opened the door taking the coffee flask and my coat with me and ran to the lift.

As soon as I got in I pressed my back against the panelling and rested my head with a sigh against the wall.

I didn't want to raise my hopes and have them crushed; Bruce never thought about tomorrow; never planning for the future. Taking days as they come which wouldn't be so infuriating if he would actually talk to me and not point blank ignore me whenever I mentioned babies or weddings.

The elevator dinged and the doors opened to the lobby. I walked through carrying my raincoat on my arm along with my bag.

I walked out the front and hailed a taxi. There was no point in having a car (unless I went to events with Bruce) while living in the city, Plus I knew Bruce was waiting to buy me a car for my birthday to say sorry for killing my baby. My beloved Volvo or as Bruce calls it 'The soccer mom-mobile' was destroyed outside Arkham after the attacks on the narrows.

They said it was beyond repairs, but I have good knowledge that they were paid off to say that, nonetheless I allowed him to think I remained blissfully unaware.

As I sat in the taxi I received a text from Rachel; my long-time friend. I opened it and it read

'Fancy some lunch later? Meet me at the Green house ;) I need some girl time x'

I replied quickly 'Can't wait, See you later x'

As the taxi came to a stop outside the care home, I got out my purse and gave him a twenty and quickly got out.

As I walked through the building to my office, I stopped every so often to speak to each child.

I really loved my job.

And upon arrival at my office, I switched on the T.V to see security footage of the man calling himself the joker.

Apparently this nut had performed a bank robbery; a double homicide.

I sighed and shook my head. I knew this meant I would see less of Bruce.

After a boring four hours of paperwork which I had to carefully check over, making sure no child would go to an unsafe or stable home, my phone rang.

"Hello, Alice Carter how can I help you?"

"It's me" Bruce said laughing

"Oh God. This isn't going to be another one of your dirty phone calls is it? Cos' Bruce sweetie, I think these calls are recorded" I told him laughing.

"No. No dirty calls I promise. Now Alfred's glaring at me." He said like a petulant child

"How can I help you then Mr Wayne?" I asked him with mock business voice

"How about; me, you and a dinner at 8"

"Hmmm, I'll have to check my schedule" I joked "It seems it's your lucky day. I'm free"

He chuckled "I'll meet you at home later then. Love you"

"Love you too" I told him and hung up.

I gathered up my papers and put on my coat, before leaving I picked up my bag off the couch, before turning off my office light and leaving for lunch.

I handed the papers to my secretary and set of for the greenhouse café.

When I entered the doors, I scanned the tables for my friend.

I spotted her sitting at the back.

"Rach" I greeted hugging her as I sat down


"How are you?" I asked smiling

"Good, I've got some news!" She told me excitedly

"Really what?!"

"I've met a guy. His name is Harvey Dent"

"The district attorney guy… as in the one who put away Maroni?"


"He sounds great, when am I going to get to meet him?" I asked eagerly

"Soon, I just don't want Bruce to scare him away. Going all big brother on him."

I just chuckled. Bruce was well known to destroy Rachel's romance life with his constant questioning of their character.

We had ordered and were half way through our meal, when I finally built up the courage to ask:

"Do you think Bruce actually wants to settle down?"

She looked to me in shock. Of course he does! He loves you.

I just sighed "sometimes I just think…"

"His a dumbass. You can't blame him for that, Plus his busy with the B.A.T" I Smiled Rachel could never fail to make me smile. "Anyway, off you go!"


"Don't waste time with me. Go get your man."

I just laughed, hugged her and picked up my belongings.

I taxied to the Wayne tower, where I knew he would sit in on a board meeting.

Once on the top floor I bumped into Lucius and a short blonde man.

"You worry about the numbers and I'll worry about Bruce Wayne"

"What's he done now?" I asked smiling

"Alice, Always a pleasure"

"Sorry was I interrupting something?"

"No don't worry; But Mr Wayne is through there"

"Thank you, Lucius"

I walked through, to find my beloved boyfriend asleep in a chair.

I smiled to myself and walked forward placing my bag on the table.

This would be a perfect opportunity to mess with him, but I felt some pity for him due to his injury and lack of sleep. So I let him pass unscathed, this time.

I stroked his jaw "Baby, it's time to wake up"

His eyes opened slowly and he smiled, then reached up and wiped his mouth.

"Please don't drool on me again" I muttered smiling.

"Another long night?" Lucius asked Bruce "It was your Idea and the consultants love it. But I'm not convinced, Lau's company has grown 8% annually like clockwork, his revenue stream must be off the books. Maybe even illegal."

"Cancel the deal." Bruce said

"You knew already?"

"Yeah I just needed a look at his books."

"Anything else you can trouble me for?"

"I need a new suit"

"Well, 3 buttons is a little 90's" I muttered.

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