(The story begins with Pavel's voice, a white snow rabbit, narrating the story.)

Pavel: Oh, hi there! I bet you're here for a good story. Well, it won't be a good story. It's be a great story. So, let's get going, shall we? Now then, once upon a time in a land very far away there was a magic mirror, created by the devil himself. This mirror when looked at would turn anything beautiful horrible and anything horrible worse!

(The devil, a black shadow with red eyes and horns, goes around the earth, showing the mirror to the morals. Every time someone looks at it, they see the horror side of themselves. The devil laughs)

Pavel: This would please the devil as people would become ugly whenever they looked in the magic mirror. One day, the devil decided to show the mirror to the heaven.


(As the devil flies up, he loses his grip and he drops the mirror.)

Devil: NO!

(When the mirror reaches earth, it shatters into millions of pieces, which spread all over the world. One big piece remains on the ground when the devil comes down to pick it up.)


(He then gets an idea when he turns to a nearby kingdom.)

Devil: (Grins) I know exactly what to do with this.


Pavel: Okay! That's enough of that! Anyway, back to the story. Meanwhile, in the time of spring, there was this kingdom and on the mist of this kingdom was a little girl named Anna. She lived with her father and grandmother.

(In a meadow, Anna, at the age of six, is playing with her father while her grandmother sets out lunch.)

Grandmother: Come now, you two! Time to eat!

Young Anna: Oh, boy! Come on, Papa!

Father: All right, Anna. I'm coming-Whoa!

(Taking her father's hand, Anna leads him to the picnic. There, she spots a bowl of cherries.)

Young Anna: Grandma, these cherries look delicious!

Grandmother: Thank you, Anna. I know how much you love them.

Young Anna: They're my favorite.

Father: They were also your mother's favorite, too.

Young Anna: They were?

Father: Yes. And speaking of which, I have something that she wanted you to have.

Young Anna: A present? For me?

(The father pulls out a red garden box. Anna looks at it with confusion.)

Young Anna: It's a box.

Father: It's a garden box, Anna. Your mother loved gardening and she made this box before you were born. She wanted you to make your own garden just like she did. Maybe you can grow your own cherry tree.

(Anna hugs her father.)

Young Anna: Oh, Papa! I love it! Thank you! I'll go fill it up right now.

(Anna takes the garden box and runs off.)

Father: Stay where I can see you!

Grandmother: (Sighs) She's more like her mother every day. Your wife would have been proud of her.

Father: I know she is.

(Anna goes over to a pile of dirt and starts scooping some in her box.)

Pavel: Cute kid, huh? All right, all right, enough of that! Let's get to the most important part. Okay, now this kingdom was ruled by a beloved queen named Elsa. There was a king, but like Anna's mother, he passed away a while ago, so it can get pretty lonesome at the castle. In memory of the king, she has this special music box that was given to her from his majesty himself.

(The scene moves to the castle where the queen, Elsa, lives. She sits in her chamber in her night gown, holding a picture of her and her husband, the king. She sets the picture next by a music box, which she picks up. Else turns the key to open the box; it plays a lullaby. She smiles as the little blue jay figurine spins around with the melody. When the song is over, she sets the music box down.)

Pavel: Sadly, things wouldn't be the same for long.


(The Queen quickly stands to the sound and grabs a lit candle. She walks over to the window where the window, where the sound is coming from. Elsa opens the window and sees only hand mirror sitting on the window sill. She takes it by the handle and examines it. It looks like an ordinary mirror, but when she looks into the mirror, she sees the devil.)


(She drops the mirror, which shatters into pieces. One piece the size of a grain of sand lands in her eye. She quickly covers her eye, screaming in pain as she falls onto the floor. Suddenly, the Queen's skin turns pale. Her fingernails turn into icicles. Her eyes and hair turn icy blue. A flash of light comes from the castle. The Devil's voice is heard from her head.)

Devil: Let this piece of the mirror blind her eyes with ugliness and greed! Let the pieces turn her heart into ice and her veins into snow! And let those around them be trap into winter for all eternity! (Laughing)

(Meanwhile, the ground starts to shake at Anna and her family's picnic. Anna turns around in horror.)


Father: What is it, Anna?

Young Anna: Look!

(She point to a distance to an avalanche of snow heading in their direction.)

Father: Let's go!

(Her father helps her grandmother get on their horses. Anna is about to get on her horse, but turns back.)

Young Anna: My garden box!

Grandmother: Wait! Anna! Come back!

Father: Anna! Stop!

(Her father runs after her. Anna quickly grabs her box and then looks in the distance. She sees a dark figure riding on a wave of snow. The figure, who turns out to be Elsa, stops at the little girl. With her new physical appearance, she is wearing a heaving winter coat and hat. She just glares at the little girl.)

Young Anna: Who . . . Who are you? (No response) What are you doing here?

(Elsa pulls out her new scepter.)


Father: Stay away from my daughter!

(He pulls out a pocket knife and charges for Elsa. Before he can strike, Elsa pushes him aside with her scepter. Anna runs to her father while her Grandmother comes to them with the horses.)

Young Anna: Papa!

(While they help the father get on a horse, Elsa holds up her scepter and slams the end of it into the ground. A blast of snow and ice spill over the land quickly. Anna, her father and grandmother hurry off to safe as the flowers die and the grass is covered in snow. Icicles hang over the branches of the trees. Animals in the forest hide as the storm come their way. The people in the village quickly run into their homes, including Anna and her family. They watch in terror as the blizzard covers their town. Within minutes, the whole kingdom is covered in an eternal winter, just as the Devil predicted. The Queen returns back to her new icy palace in the mountains. Pavel continues narrating.)

Pavel: Yes, the whole kingdom was covered in snow and ice and the beloved queen was now called . . . The Snow Queen. Unfortunately, things only got worse. With the winter cold coming in, people started to get sick, including Anna's father. Soon, he caught pneumonia and with little time left.

(One night, Anna's father is lying on his death bed with Anna and her Grandmother by his side.)

Young Anna: Don't worry, Papa. You're going to get better. Right?

Father: (Weakly) I'm afraid not, my dear. (Coughs) I don't have much time left.

Young Anna: No, Papa! Don't say that! You'll be fine and everything's going to be okay.

Father: That's not how it works, sweetie.

Young Anna: (Voice Breaking) But you can't go! You can't.

Father: Anna, look at me. This is a part of life, everyone goes thought this. It's my time to go and join your mother in heaven, but I want you to know this. Your mother and I loved you and all we wanted for you was to be safe. Promise me you'll stay safe and protected.

Young Anna: I promise.

(Tears fall down Anna's cheek. He turns to her grandmother.)

Father: Please watch over her.

Grandmother: I will.


Young Anna: Papa! (She hugs him) Please don't leave.

(Her father holds her tight with the last bit of strength he has left. Soon, he breathes his last breath and fells back on the pillows.)

Young Anna: Papa? Papa! No! Papa, please! Don't go! Papa, please don't go! PLEASE! (Cries)

(Her Grandmother comforts her granddaughter as Anna cries in her arms. Pavel continues narrating.)

Pavel: It's a sad sight: stuck in an everlasting winter without a father. Thankfully, she had her grandmother, who would take good care of her. As the years past, everyone starts to lost hope that one day the winter would melt away. No one had the nerve to confront the Snow Queen herself . . . that is until now.