Author's Notes: Originally, this was to be a cancelled project. However, a few friends had a read of the later chapters and begged me to continue. As the project was reinstated, so it will be uploaded here as well.

My aim in this entire fanfic will be to develop my ability of interaction and history of separate OCs and detail in character movement and environment. In addition of trying to stay true and yet different to the canon plot of course. My references will mainly be the anime but may involve elements from the light novel. If things appear broken, it may because I broke them intentionally for a reason. I hope you enjoy the read and review. Thanks and good day.

Prologue: Twin Moons

It is a bright clear morning. The Tristain Magic Academy is running as anything goes given the nature of a particular mage in the making. The grass fields are empty with classes ongoing. There is an exception for two people. One is tall, old, and mostly bald with thin round glasses. He carried a staff and is a teacher of the Academy. Another is much considerably younger. She has long blonde hair that is tied into a ponytail with a thick black ribbon. She's shorter than her teacher but she could nearly match the height of a full man. Her emerald eyes showed determination in for the challenge that is shortly to come.

"Are you feeling better Miss Halcyon?" Mr Colbert enquired.

"Yes teacher. I've recovered from my sickness. I'm sorry that I couldn't take the exam together with the other students." Alexia replied. Colbert sensed a tinge of disappointment within her tone.

Colbert added some assurance. "It is no matter. Your health is more important for a ceremony that will determine your familiar for life. A few days would not hurt." He raised his staff. "Today you will summon your familiar and complete your ritual."

"Yes teacher!" Alexia was more enthusiastic with that. She stepped half dozen paces away from her teacher. "May I begin teacher?" Mr Colbert gave an approving nod. She pulled out her wand and closed her eyes in concentration.

Headstrong noble spirit

Hear my call!

I ask you to serve me until the end of time!

Answer my summons and come forth my familiar!

She opened her eyes, thrust her wand forward and completed the cast of her spell. A green portal opened before the young mage. It glowed and hummed ominously akin to a beating heart. Alexia waited anxiously for her familiar to be to emerge. She waited for a moment and then another and another. It felt like forever for the little girl but the familiar she's trying to summon would not appear. She felt scared at the possibility of not being accepted to be the master of a familiar. Her eyes go to Mr Colbert which gave a reassuring nod. He said. "While this is unusual but it will come even if we have to stand here and wait until nightfall." It gave a bit of assurance again, only a bit.

Alexia waited and waited. Her heart burned with each beat. The portal remained indifferent. She had the thought of closing it and be the greatest failure of a mage. Suddenly, a hand appeared. The arm and then the whole body are brought through the portal. The portal closed with the familiar transported into the world. She gasped in surprise. Her familiar is a human. He has blue hair with black eyes. Square rimmed glasses rested on the sharp nose. He is relatively as tall as Mr Colbert, dressed in a white shirt with sleeves that reach the wrists, white pants and black shiny shoes. Gold buttons decorated the clothes of the familiar. There is a brown square pack that hung from the man's back by the shoulders.

"Another plebian...this is very interesting." Mr Colbert was surprised alongside young mage. The familiar scanned his gaze around the place before resting on the girl before him. The girl was uncertain. Mr Colbert gave some guidance. "Come, finish the ritual."

Alexia stepped forward until she and her familiar are half a pace away. Their eyes met one another without difficulty. "My name is Alexia Idetta de Halcyon. Pentagon that governs the five powers, give this person your blessing and make it my familiar spirit." She reached out and kissed the man. Upon breaking the kiss, the familiar appeared puzzled by her behavior. He reached out with a hand before it retracted immediately to his right eye. Steam began to fill the air from the eye. He screamed in pain, thrashing about on the ground several times before collapsing unconscious. Alexia felt a heart attack as Mr Colbert took immediate action.

He awoke from his sleep. He opened his eyes. His head felt a bit dizzy. The last memories he had flashed briefly to remind him. I met this girl… The rest of it was murky. He recalled further back. At least I don't have retrograde amnesia.

He appeared to be in a small room. He felt his right eye shut tight. He observed the details of his surroundings. He was lied down on a bed. He gave the white fabric a squeeze. It felt soft and comfortable. The room walls were made of smooth stone that does not shine. The ceiling had wooden support structures. Blue curtains were fully draped over the window, shutting away the light that originated from a candle at the wooden table nearer to the door. A wardrobe was placed next to the bed, facing the said table. There was a mirror beside the wardrobe.

He moved his legs. They felt fine and he got off the bed. His clothes had not been messed with. His shoes had remained tied. The door was locked. He pondered on the issue of unlocking and exploring. He decided otherwise, being clearly unfamiliar in this medieval like room. It is a nice art setup they made in some studio. He reached out with his right hand. He felt his eyelid keeping it shut. He tugged at it to open but it stung. He walked to the mirror to get a better look. His face looked unchanged but the eye refused to open. He tried harder but then it remained adamant and struck back. Pain flowed through his entire body. Everywhere felt hot and painful. He screamed and crashed against the table in agony.

The door opened and the young girl entered once again. He reached out to her, holding her shoulders as he demanded. "Stop the pain!" She pulled out something and he was then thrown back into the wall of the window. His head definitely slammed into something since he can't tell which hurt more, his cranium or his eye. The pain began to subside to a throb as he rubbed the back of his head. "I think I have a concussion."

"It's your fault to suddenly grab your master." The girl pulled the robe around herself tighter.

"Who are you? Where am I? What have you done to me?" The familiar asked as the throb subsided completely. His eye refused to open but he knew not to touch it again for now.

The girl put her fists on her hips. "I'm your master, Alexia Idetta de Halcyon, familiar. You are now in my room and I have not done a single thing to you since the summoning ritual."

The familiar shook his head as he stood up a little unsteadily. "Summoning ritual? I never heard of such a thing."

Alexia gave a sigh. "For a plebian, you sure are lacking in knowledge."

The familiar's gaze sharpened. "Plebian? Where exactly are we?"

Alexia answered. "We are exactly in my room in the female dorms of Tristain Magic Academy."

Her familiar turned around and pulled the curtain. He saw lush green grass immediately in the vicinity below before meeting with a ring of walls. Black lush forests are beyond the manmade structures. Most importantly, the night sky has not one but two moons. One is coloured teal and the other in radiant pink. Alexia noted a twitch from her familiar's lips. "It's impossible…."

She was puzzled. "What is impossible?"

The familiar gasps with a rising sense of panic. "It can't be….there can't be two moons!" He turned around as he met eye to eye with her master. Alexia noted the lack of focus and began to worry. "IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!" Her familiar screamed before running past her. Alexia turned around with dread. Her familiar is clearly unstable. She better rein him in before any problem could be caused. By the time she closed the door, all traces of her familiar was gone. She bit her lip in the daunting task given by her extremely short timeframe. She can't have just anyone help out. She needs Mr Colbert.

She rushed to the work shed that Mr Colbert laired frequently. Given at this time of the night, he should still be there. Reaching the door with pants for air, she knocked quickly. The door opened in a short moment to unveil Mr Colbert. He looked a bit tired but he was alert enough to see how urgent the situation is appearing to be. "What's wrong Ms Halcyon?"

She said once she recovered enough. "My familiar's gone mad. He's run off somewhere and I need to find him before he hurts anyone!" Sensing the urgency, Mr Colbert retrieved his staff inside, closed and locked the door of his shed.

He directed as he looked across the empty grass field. "I will notify the other teachers and servants. Focus your search around the classroom towers. The dorms are the least likeliest of places to be. No matter what happens, do not get close to him. Even if you're his master, he might be unstable to do the unthinkable." Direction given, he rushed his way to his decided task.

Alexia chose to search the Wind tower as it is the nearest. She walked quickly but briskly to maintain her stamina and keep the noise down. She feared anything could trigger her familiar to go on a rampage. She entered the dark unlit tower. She navigated her way carefully up the stone stairs, checking at each level. The doors to the classrooms are locked and had not been damaged in any sort of way. She could safely assume that her familiar is not here. At the top of the tower, she peered around from one of the open windows. Tristain Magic Academy is dark with only a few lights.

She had an idea as soft winds breezed in. She pulled out her wand and casted a spell. With this, her vision could be magnified and she could look around within the school grounds excluding the interior of the elemental towers. Despite the fruitfulness of her idea, she found nothing. She turned to look out toward the forests. Could he be there? She felt apprehensive to enter the forest since there are animals inside. If Mr Colbert got wind that she entered the forest, she would be in for one long bout of scolding. She tried to magnify her view to see within but was met with black darkness. The light is too sparse to view anything clearly from the tower's tip. Even so, she decided.

"I really am going to regret this." Alexia muttered discontent to herself as she entered the border of the forests. There is not much light but there is enough to get around without tripping over some random tree root.. She strained her ears to listen for animals but all she can hear is the whispers of the insects. She marched on deeper into the forest. "When I find him, I'm going to kill him." As she said that, she tripped over a root. She couldn't see it from her position and cursed her unlucky fate. She stood back up with painful elbows and knees and soldiered on her way deeper.

After what was five minutes of walking, she stopped. She cursed to herself. "Going in here was clearly a bad idea. He's not in here after all." She decided to turn around when.

It's impossible…..

She turned around again and listened carefully.

How can it be?

She definitely was hearing the voice. It was soft but it was nearby. She had a clear direction of the source and walked cautiously towards it. With every six paces, she could hear the deep breaths a little clearer. With thirty six paces, she reached a clearing. Moonlight shined the clearing. Sitting on a large long log is her familiar. His hands covered his face as he went on in his bout.

Alexia carefully approached. She waited for her familiar to respond but there wasn't any. Mr Colbert warned not to talk with him and let the teachers handle it. She felt otherwise since this is her responsibility as a master. She stepped into the clearing, revealing herself. Her familiar didn't bother and kept to himself. She got closer slowly before sitting quietly beside her familiar. Despite so, there is still no reaction. She sat there and waited.



And waited…

It had reached nearly ten minutes. Alexia decided to speak. "Are you alright?" She didn't get an answer. She then asked another question. "What do you mean it's impossible with two moons?" Still, she didn't get an answer. She pondered on her next choice of words. She however was interrupted from her thoughts.

My place…only has one moon

Her familiar turned his head to face her. He closed his one eye and asked. "Tell me. What is the name of this land?"

"It's called Halkeginia." Alexia answered.

"Halkeginia…I see." Her familiar recited the name. "Then it's certain. This is not where I belong. This is not my home…it doesn't make sense…"

Alexia continued. "What do you want to do?"

Her familiar spoke his desire. "I want… to find my way back."

Alexia looked down to her clasped hands. How can it be? As fast as she summoned her familiar, her familiar is already planning to leave her. She cast her disappointment and said. "If that is what you want then I'll help you."

"How…?" The tone of her familiar remained uncertain.

She recalled a certain case that happened a few days ago while chatting with a classmate named Montmorency. "My classmate has also summoned a plebian a few days ago. Maybe I can introduce you to him. There might be something worthwhile."

"Really?" Her familiar turned with a sudden burst of energy to hold onto her shoulders. "Let's find him now."

Alexia gasped before shaking her head. "No, I'll only let you see him tomorrow morning. It's late tonight."

"If that is the case, fine. I'll find somewhere to sleep for the night." Her familiar accepted the reason and pulled back. Now he has some resemblance of control now. Alexia was glad for that.

Even so, Alexia refused his current plans. "You're coming with me. You've been trouble far enough." Alexia offered her hand. "My name is Alexia Idetta de Halcyon. What is your name?"

Her familiar accepted her hand with a soft but relatively firm handshake. "My name is Jack Tetsuya."