"Haha! Narf!"

The large headed mouse rolled over in his sleep as the sound of giggling and squeaking began to jostle him from his slumber. Too comfortable in his position to want to get up, Brain only squinted his eyes back shut and cuddled into the warmth surrounding him…which wasn't there. At this acknowledgement, he opened his eyes and sat up, finding that his bed was empty besides himself…where was Pinky?

"Good morning, Brain! Zort!"

The greeting came from across the cage, and as Brain's eyes followed Pinky's voice, he realized where the giggling and squeaking had been coming from. His friend had simply been running in his wheel, nothing unusual…despite the fact that his ribcage was still broken.

"Pinky! What are you doing up and about? You're still hurt, you should be resting—" he told him, worriedly walking over to the wheel to check if he was in pain or not. However, he just continued laughing and running like it was any old morning.

"But I feel all better Brain! My bones are all fixed now!" he claimed. Though he knew it was impossible for Pinky's ribs to be completely healed, the injured mouse seemed to be moving around just fine, which relieved him. He had the gene splicer to thank for that, for unlike normal mice, both males had always had the ability to heal up quickly—having been crushed, burnt, jostled, stepped on, an even blown to bits night after night, only to be feeling just like their old selves in time for their next big scheme.

"Well, your bones are probably still fragile, you shouldn't strain them." he told Pinky, stopping the wheel with his paw. "Now go do something quietly while not moving too much, I need to work on something."

"Hmm, what is it Brain, the blueprints for our plan so that we can stop Big Ben and take over the world?" Pinky asked as he stepped out of the wheel.

Brain's ears drooped. Having some time to think it over last night, he came to the most logical decision—which would be the safest on Pinky's part. "Not exactly. I'm going to design an antidote to reverse the effects of the potion."

Pinky gasped. "But, if you turn yourself back to normal, how will we stop the big clock from ticking and tocking? How will we take over the world?" he asked as he loomed over the shorter mouse, resting his arms on his big head.

Amused by Pinky's enthusiasm, but still sticking to his decision, Brain gently removed Pinky's arms from his head and turned to face him. "We'll have to take over the world some other way. I'm not risking you getting hurt again just for some stupid plot!"


"I don't want to hear another word about it Pinky!"

Surprisingly, instead of loyally agreeing with his friend's decision and asking him what they were going to do that night, the slimmer mouse folded his arms and scowled at Brain's unwillingness. "Those are the words of a quitter, mister! The Brain I know isn't a stinky, stupid quitter!"

Bewildered that Pinky was still so hung on them completing this scheme, Brain raised an eyebrow at his friend's sudden determination. "I'm not quitting," he explained. "I'm simply not using this particular plan. I can think up something else in time for tonight."

Pinky sighed, and for once actually looked like he was frustrated over something deeper than his usual nonsensical grievances, like not being able to lick his elbow, or missing one of his favorite shows on TV. "I'm just upset that you're quitting because of me. Poit! I feel like it's my fault that you don't want to do this one…"

"It's not your fault…" Brain trailed off, giving his cagemate an odd look. He had no idea Pinky could actually be pondering something so…deep, compared to what he was usually pondering. "What on Earth makes you think that?"

"Well, it's because I'm all broken and that's getting in the way of everything." he said sadly.

"I'm just looking out for you. I've already hurt you enough, I couldn't possibly put you in such danger again just for the sake of some stupid scheme." Brain told him, hoping to silence his discontentment, but Pinky only pouted.

"But I'm all better now Brain, I wouldn't get hurt! And I promise I won't make you mad at all, then you won't have to turn into that big ugly monster!" he begged. "Oh please can we do it Brain? Please, please, please?"

Usually Brain could easily avoid such incessant pleading by bopping the other mouse firmly over the head and moving on, but he was trying hard not to become even slightly irritated, and therefore couldn't bring himself to hit Pinky. He did consider what he was saying, though. It was true, Pinky's health had improved greatly since the previous night, and moving around didn't seem to be causing him much pain, so getting to Big Ben wouldn't be a problem if they did choose to carry out their plan. Still, he wouldn't be able to control himself in his beastly state, which was crucial for their plan to work. He stared into Pinky's pleading eyes, and didn't want his friend to feel bad because he was the cause of them not taking over the world, either.

Finally making a decision, which he knew deep down he would regret later, Brain gave in to Pinky's request. "Alright, alright. We'll go to Big Ben."

"Oh yay!" Pinky cried enthusiastically, prancing around Brain, but lacking his usual gusto as he struggled to make as little movement as possible, wary of his broken bones. "Oh I just know this plan is going to work, Brain! I can just feel it! We'll surely take over the world this time, won't we? Narf!"

"Yes, yes." Brain dismissively agreed, waving his companion away. "Just go do something else to occupy yourself, I still need to draw out some blueprints of Big Ben so that we'll be able to navigate properly throughout the clock tower." He paused for a moment, turning towards Pinky and grabbing his snout like he always did when he wanted the taller mouse's full attention. "And whatever you do, don't make me angry!"

"Mhmm!" Pinky mumbled in response, and Brain released his nose and turned to the other side of the cage to sketch out his blueprints.

While Brain was working, Pinky subsided himself to the other side of the cage quietly, extra careful not to make any noises that would disturb his temperamental companion. Just thinking about what Brain would do to him if he got on his nerves again sent horrifying flashbacks of the day before racing through Pinky's feeble mind, and the recollection made his ribs ache again. For the first time in his short life, he had actually been terrified of his own best friend, and he certainly disliked the feeling. He hated the feeling of not being able to trust Brain, it made him feel bad, since Brain was always such a loyal friend to him. Except when he was that monster…

Pinky sighed as he began to sadden himself with his own thoughts. Brain told him that he would never hurt him, he promised, yet ever since he swallowed Dr. Jekyll's formula, he had broken that promise. Even though he had no control over himself and he obviously didn't intend to hurt Pinky, the taller mouse still felt betrayed deep down, and was having doubts that Brain would be able to control himself if they carried out this scheme.

Despite these depressing thoughts, the majority of Pinky's instincts were telling him to stop worrying about such things that Brain would call 'preposterous'. Of course he could trust him, he was his best friend! He was the one that Pinky respected and looked up to no matter what, and he clearly still cared about him, why else would he have fixed his broken bones? Dismissing any doubtful thoughts towards his companion, Pinky smiled, and hopped back in his wheel, running to his heart's content as he imagined what it would be like once he and Brain succeeded at taking over the world.

By late afternoon, Brain had completed his intricate blueprints of Big Ben, and had gone over his plan multiple times, making sure every last detail was covered. He had to make sure that he considered every aspect in case anything went wrong, and made adjustments so that they could get to the large clock tower in the quickest, most efficient way possible. Once he was sure he'd taken all the precautions necessary to make sure him and Pinky would get there safely, without him getting angry on the way, Brain glanced out the window at Big Ben in the distance, noticing that it was nearly 3:00. That still gave the mice an hour to get there and wind their way up through the gears of the clock—which would be more than enough time.

"Pinky!" he called, rolling up his blueprints and preparing for their trip. He'd noticed that Pinky had been extra quiet the entire time he was drawing out his plans, which was a pleasant surprised, but raised some suspicion. However, Pinky scampered over at the sound of his name, seeming giddy and hyper as usual.

"What have you been doing this whole time?" Brain asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Running around on my wheel and daydreaming about happy things, zort!" Pinky told him, smiling from ear to ear as his tail swished back and forth.

"Well, thank you for being quiet like I asked, for once in your life." Brain praised him. "Are you all set to go?"


"Let me just go over the plan once more." the large headed mouse insisted, considering it typically took multiple explanations for Pinky to understand any of his schemes, and even then he rarely followed instructions correctly. He unrolled the blueprint and proceeded to explain. "We will take the shortest route through the city towards Big Ben, and once we approach the building, we'll have to slip by the guards to get inside the tower."

"Zounds Brain, we won't need to slip by the guards if you just turn into that big hideous monster and clobber them!" Pinky exclaimed, to which Brain let out a stern grumble of disproval, fighting the urge to bop him.

"No Pinky, I'm not allowing myself to undergo that transformation again until absolutely necessary!" he told him, continuing his explanation. "Once inside, we'll work our way up through the gears," Brain gestured to his blueprints at the x-ray view of Big Ben he'd sketched out. "When we get to the top, we'll find the largest of all the gears, which is the main mechanism that keeps the clock working. Then, you'll get me angry so that I can stop the gears momentarily, while you dislodge the pallet, stopping the clock entirely. We'll have to do this at the precise moment that the clock strikes 4:00, rendering all of England trapped in eternal tea time!"

"Naaaaarf." Pinky said in awe, clapping his hands together and grinning.

"Just promise me something Pinky." Brain said, his ears drooping behind his head as he spoke. "As soon as I begin to transform into that creature again, make sure to stay as far away from me as possible. Understood? There's no telling what I'd do to you if I caught you in that state again…"

"Understood." he replied, trying to maintain the joyfulness in his voice, but he involuntarily clutched his ribcage and frowned slightly at the painful memory.

When Brain was finished explaining his plan, both males cracked open the window and exited Dr. Jekyll's home, climbing down to the ground on a rope hanging from the windowsill. From there, they scurried along the cobblestone roads of 18th century England, making haste with their time as they began to scale the ladder of a building. At the top of the latter, many clothes lines were hanging from window to window in the short gap between two buildings, and the hanging rope proved to be an ideal way to get across for the small mice. However, half way across the clothes line, Pinky paused in his tracks when he caught sight of the large clock tower looming over the rest of the city. The breathtaking view was complete with puffy grey clouds over a bright, colorful early-evening sky, which was tinted with orange as the sun just began to set. The taller mouse couldn't help himself, he just had to stop in his tracks and take in the magical view, staring up at the sky with his admiring bright blue eyes.

"Oh look how pretty the clock looks from here, Brain!"

"Pinky, keep moving! We haven't much time!" Brain scolded him, yet his companion refused to budge.

"The clouds, the sky!" Pinky swayed dreamily as he stared up at it.

"Pinky!" Brain could feel himself beginning to well with anger again, and struggled to push down the bubbly, tingly feeling of the formula working through his system. He couldn't get frustrated with Pinky here, not now!

"Look! That cloud looks like a big pomegranate!" he pointed out.

Suddenly, Brain was shaking from head to tail, and the rope beneath their feet was beginning to rock back and forth as he trembled. "Pinky, you're making me angry!" he said, more to warn Pinky than to scold him. However, it was too late, as Brain had already begun to contort and contract, and the rope was dipping lower and lower at the extra weight as the mouse grew. The line eventually snapped under pressure, sending both mouse and beast tumbling through the air, along with a shower of falling clothing articles.

Despite falling and flailing helplessly through the air, Brain still managed to lock his red, bulging eyes on Pinky, and grab him in his large meaty paws in mid-air. The small mouse let out a shriek of pain as his fragile, still-healing bones began to snap again, but he managed to shout "Sorry!" before both of them hit the ground. In an instant, Brain shrunk back to his normal size, just in time to land head first down on the pavement with back-breaking velocity.

His own crumpled body was the least of his worries though, and Brain immediately picked himself up and looked around for Pinky. He'd gotten his hands on him again as that monster, had he injured him? Hurt his ribcage again? Done some other serious damage? Or had Pinky splattered against the ground at the impact? As the early stages of panic were setting in, Brain's ears perked up when he heard rusting nearby, and his eyes landed on a stack of hay, which had conveniently broken Pinky's fall at the last second.

"Pinky!" Brain cried out as his friend climbed down from the hay pile. "Are you okay?"

"Narf! I'm just dandy, Brain!" he replied cheerfully. "My chest hurts a bit though…" he admitted, clawing at the gauze around his torso, which was beginning to peel off. Brain gently readjusted the bandages and sighed regretfully.

"I'm sorry Pinky, I didn't mean to—"

"Shhh Brain, it's fine, I didn't get hurt." he interrupted, but before Brain had a chance to say anything else, Pinky suddenly pointed to something up ahead—their destination was just meters away!

"Come on, let's go stop that clock! Poit!" he shouted gleefully to the heavens as he started galloping on all fours towards the clock tower, but ceased abruptly and collapsed onto his belly, yelping in pain. Brain hurried to his side, worry in his pinkish eyes as he observed his injured friend.

"Are you sure you're alright? You look like you can barely walk…" Brain pointed out, helping Pinky to his feet again.

"Narf…I'll be alright." he assured, though he was still wincing a bit when Brain came into contact with his acing midsection.

Though he highly doubted Pinky was as 'alright' as he claimed, Big Ben was almost in their reach, and so was the world! Surely he could make it to their destination without sustaining any more injury, and one look at the clock told Brain that they were running out of time quickly. "Come on," he told Pinky, grabbing his arm and leading his way. "We're almost there! Time is of the essence!"

Sure enough, there were two British guards positioned on either side of the entrance to the clock tower, but the mice had no need to worry—they could slip by them easily. Brain clasped a hand over Pinky's mouth to subdue his quiet whimpering as they neared the door, and both males successfully tiptoed past the guard, literally right under their noses. Brain squeezed under the door with ease, save his head, which took some pushing on Pinky's part to get under the slim crack underneath the doorway. The large headed mouse needed to assist Pinky in crawling underneath too, making sure he didn't jostle his broken ribs much, and the both of them eventually made it inside.

Inside of Great Britain's icon and most famous monument was everything you'd find in an everyday grandfather clock—an assortment of gears, chimes and other machinery moving in a rhythmic pattern to keep the large clock ticking. However, being many stories high, it would take the duo some time to make their way to the very top of the clock to the main gear, and without an elevator, they would have to use the moving, turning, and cranking mechanisms to their advantage. The trip was slow going considering Pinky's condition, and Brain had to assist him in getting around a few obstacles on the way to the top, but eventually they made it—just minutes before the clock was about to strike four.

"There it is Pinky…" Brain gawked as his eyes landed on the largest of the turning metal parts in the entire clock tower—the main piece that kept everything turning and working correctly. "The main gear! When we stop this, we stop the world!" he exclaimed, with a passionate gleam in his eyes as he watched his destiny tick by on the hands of the clock.

Then he turned to Pinky, who was still clutching his chest tightly and breathing heavily from the long climb up there. Just one look at his injured friend changed Brain's perspective on everything entirely—would it really be worth it? After hurting him so much already, and nearly tearing apart the bonds of trust that still remained between them, could he really put his friend in such a dangerous position again? It would surely be beneficial, it was his key to ruling the world, but what if it all went wrong…

"Poit! Are you ready to carry out your plan now, Brain?" the taller mouse asked, breaking Brain from his thoughts.

Well, they had already come this far in their plan, why stop now because of his irrational suppositions? Of course Pinky would be alright, he always is! "Of course, the plan." Brain repeated, crawling in between the main gears and assuming his position. "Alright now…make me angry." he ordered, almost unable to utter the words, bearing in mind how many bad things they had led to in the past few days.

"I…u-um…" Pinky stammered, shuffling his feet sheepishly.

"Out with it Pinky, make me mad!"

"But…I don't wanna…" the slimmer mouse said, backing up slightly.

Astounded by his lack of cooperation, Brain scowled at Pinky. They were just seconds away from taking over the world, how dare he choose now of all times to back down, when just moments before he seemed so eager to help Brain fulfill his dream? "I don't have the time or the patience for this! Make me angry this instant!"

"But you're—I mean that big scary monster side of you is going to hurt me! Poit…you said you wouldn't let that happen…" he said, wringing his tail betwixt his hands uncomfortably.

"I won't! As long as you stay away from me I'm not going to cause you any more harm! But so help me, I will cause you some serious head trauma if you don't do as I say!" Brain was hardly aware that his voice had escalated to yelling, or that the tingly, twitchy feeling had already sent tremors up and down his body in the midst of his rantings. By refusing to make him mad, Pinky had unwillingly tested his friend's temper, and triggered a reaction that would cost him dearly.

After some contorting, wheezing, expanding and distorting, The Brain was no longer present—only a terrifying green monster stood in his place. Somewhere in his abnormally large head, Brain was having an eternal debate with his stronger, more violent self as he struggled for control.

The gears Brain! Stop the gears so you can stop the clock! He told himself, to no avail, because his intellect was quickly depleting. Stop the gears so Pinky can dislodge the pallet!

As soon as the thought of the other mouse ran through his enormous green head, the monster's instincts has assumed full control. In an instant, Brain forgot about everything, the gears, the clock, the plan, the world—and focused on the helpless white mouse, who was already making a feeble run for the exit. The urge to kill overcame him, and he untangled himself from between the large gears, chasing after the helpless rodent as he fantasized about Pinky's blood dripping from the remains of his shattered body once he was through with him!

"Brain, I'm—" the slimmer mouse had started to say in a desperate plea to reverse the effects and save his own life, but Brain had already scooped him up—cutting short his apology as he squeezed him tightly in a death grip.

Pinky felt as if his organs were going to burst, and he already felt the familiar pain of his ribs cracking again under the pressure, but the beast wasn't anywhere near done with him. He reeled his muscular arm back and hurled Pinky against the wall with enough force to catapult a bowling ball all the way across a football field. Feeling even more broken, the mouse slid to the floor in agony, unable to make an effort to escape—or move, for that matter. Picking him up again, Brain displayed that familiar, malicious grin, and threw Pinky again, headfirst into some turning gears this time. As the metal pieces turned into each other, the rodent's body was crushed, and he began to feel all sloshy and discombobulated inside. Brain plucked him out before he could be sucked into the clock's mechanisms, and dropped him to the floor, letting him lie there in suffering for a while. He was surely enjoying the mouse's suffering!

After so much unimaginable pain, Pinky was actually beginning to lose feeling in his limbs, while the inside of his body was burning. After being tossed around so much, he was suffering many more fractures and broken bones than he'd ever experienced in his life, and even some internal bleeding. A trail of blood trickled from the corner of his mouth and onto the floor, which confused Pinky as he stared at it—he knew that blood meant he had a cut, but he had never sustained a cut on the inside before! All around, his body ached, especially his chest and his head, but eventually those feelings were beginning to fade too, as if his body was shutting down. Pretty soon his heart was pounding in his ears as it struggled to keep itself beating, and the last thing Pinky saw before his eyelids closed was a large green foot coming down on his head.

Oddly enough, he had enough energy left in him to scream at the oncoming threat, but was still unable to avoid it, and as one last jolt of pain stung in his head as his skull caved in under pressure, everything went dark.

Brain was unable to stop his foot from coming down on Pinky's small body, for the adrenaline rush was too strong for him to resist. However, the piercing cry the mouse had let out on his final breath had triggered something in his head.


Lifting his foot and gazing down at the crumpled ball of white fur, his primitive mind was able to recognize the shrill cry, not as the mouse who he desired to kill—but as his friend. Something about this sudden realization was able to break through the barbaric stupidity of the beast that had overcome his rational thought, and bring Brain to his senses. Pinky, it was Pinky that he had just deliberately crushed! Out of nowhere, the mutated mouse was feeling another tingling sensation. He gagged and wheezed for a moment, before shrinking down to ordinary size, regaining the normal color to his fur, and landing on the floor—painfully.

When he was out of his daze, Brain found himself to be his old self again, which didn't make any logical sense. He had tested it before, he could only transform back when Pinky apologized, which was impossible, since Pinky was…

"Oh no…" he said aloud as he glanced over at the lifeless body in front of him.

Brain couldn't move. His legs felt like they were made of lead, and the only two parts of his body that were moving were his tail twitching nervously back and forth and his heart beating at an accelerated rate. Despite these tendencies holding him back, the mouse was able to overcome them and scurry over to his fallen friend, although he regretted it as soon as he got a closer look.

The rambunctious little mouse had never seemed so motionless in his life. He was sprawled out on his belly, and all of his limbs were twisted at unnatural angles—obviously broken. There was a large split in his head from when the beast's foot came down on it, which had formed a puddle of blood underneath him, staining his snowy white fur. The most upsetting thing about Pinky's appearance was the fact that his chest wasn't rising and falling at a consistent rate…was he breathing at all? Brain tilted his large head and put an ear to his friend's heart, and listened expectantly, but heard nothing. Desperate for some signs of life, he grabbed a limp paw and took his pulse. Still nothing. Even though all of these signs could only lead to one logical answer, which was burning in the back of Brain's mind, he pushed it back, unwilling to believe what his rational thoughts had to say! Again, he checked his heartbeat and his pulse. And again, and again. Soon, the mouse was aware of his cheeks becoming damp as tears began to pour, and he stopped everything he was doing, unable to continue due to his overflowing emotions.

"Pinky?" he called, nudging the limp body, hoping to wake him from his eternal slumber.

"Pinky answer me!"

No matter how much Brain called out to his friend or shook his motionless body, he obviously wasn't going to wake up, and soon the distraught mouse was unable to speak as faint sobs overcame him. Brain collapsed to the floor and buried his face into Pinky's fur, adding tears to his blood stained coat. Memories flooded his head of his hyperactive companion—running about without a care in the world, blue eyes gleaming, tail wagging—who was now lifeless and still beneath him.

How could I…? he thought. How could I have done this to Pinky when I knew it was going to have a horrible outcome? I gambled with my best friend's life, and for what…the world? Truthfully, the world meant absolutely nothing to him if it meant losing Pinky, he just wished he would have realized it earlier. Now it was far too late, for the rambunctious mouse's heart had ceased beating, and Brain's world came crashing down on top of him. It's all my fault, my stupid ambitions got him killed…

However, Brain was unable to become furious with himself. He was, deep down, but knew that if he let his rage escalate, he'd just allow himself to turn right back into the beast that caused this whole mess. So he lay silent aside from his weeping, barely aware of the clicking and clacking of the turning gears around him. Moments later, the entire clock tower rung loudly with the sounds of gongs and chimes as the clock struck four. Their plan to take over the world had failed, but for once, Brain couldn't care less.


The large headed lab mouse thought he heard his name being called from a distance, but could hardly tell. His entire body ached with exhaustion, and the fur around his face was damp. He soon realized that he had broken out in a cold sweat, and shivered as he curled up into a ball, desperate for warmth.

"Brain! Wakey wakey!"

Brain was aware of warm hands on his shoulders as his body rocked back and forth. Someone was definitely calling his name—and shaking him. Finally, he squirmed slightly in his sleep, pushing himself upright and rubbing his eyes. Where was he? How long had he been asleep? When he was finally able to open his large pinkish eyes, he found a pair of blue ones staring back at him.

Suddenly, he recalled everything that had happened. Swallowing Dr. Jekyll's formula, the plan he concocted, turning into that horrifying green monster, Pinky's broken ribcage, their trek to the bell tower, and…flattening his best friend to death! However, the memories weren't as lucid as they should have been, and as he pulled into consciousness, they were beginning to fade away.

"Poit! You look sort of pale, Brain…" the other mouse pointed out, despite the fact that he couldn't possibly look any whiter than he already was.

"Pinky…" Brain said to himself as he focused on the slimmer mouse before him. He was…alive? Yes! He was alright, right there in front of him, and as healthy as ever! Brain didn't know how, but frankly didn't care, as a wave of emotions suddenly came over him. Without thinking for a second or pushing back the childish thought, the large headed mouse found himself throwing his arms around his companion, tears streaming from his eyes as he nuzzled into his chest. The gauze around his ribcage surprisingly wasn't there.

Pinky was confused that Brain was the one to spontaneously embrace him for once, but didn't question it, since he just adored the attention. He wrapped his arms around his friend, but wiped the smile from his face when he realized that Brain was shaking…and crying. He remembered his companion was fidgeting and whimpering slightly in his sleep, too, which was unlike him. He had even broke out in a sweat and screamed, which was why Pinky decided to wake him up, figuring he must have been having a terrifying nightmare.

"It's alright, Brain." Pinky reassured him, stroking his back in an attempt to silence Brain's sudden weeping. "It was just a dream!"

At the word 'dream', Brain opened his eyes, ceasing his emotional breakdown. A dream? He had only been having a nightmare…which means none of that had really happened! Deciding to test his theory, he abruptly pulled away from Pinky and ran to the side of their cage, clutching the bars as he looked out at what he was hoping to see.

"Hey, that's the brute, take him!" one of the British police officers ordered his colleagues as they proceeded to seize the bumbling green monster known as Mr. Hyde. They battled and struggled to keep the monster at bay, but after much fighting, scraping, scratching, and a short tea time break, the officers were eventually able to catch the creature. As Dr. Jekyll was carried off to prison, Brain turned his glance towards the flask of liquid that had transformed him into such a raving monster. If Mr. Hyde had just been arrested, that means the mouse hadn't taken a sip of the formula yet. None of the events in his dream had actually taken place after all!

As he pondered this, Brain suddenly became disgusted with himself. Even if it were only a sequence of involuntary images in his sleep that he had no control over, he still couldn't believe that he would have such selfish thoughts! In reality, he would have never dared to choose the world over his best friend, it was simply unacceptable! Then again…perhaps the dream was a warning? Was he supposed to learn from its meaning just to make sure nothing like that would ever occur? Brain shook his head at his own thoughts, deciding it needed no further interpretations. It was only an unintelligent, implausible nightmare, and he had more important things to dwell on.

"So what's the big plan for tonight, Brain?" the other mouse asked. Brain turned to find him rocking back and forth, hanging onto his toes with his hands and giggling merrily. Unusually pleased just by watching Pinky's inane stupidity, Brain felt himself at a loss to answer his question. He already had a plan, but he wouldn't dare attempt it after such a horrible outcome in his nightmare.

Glancing back at the flask of green liquid, and once more back to Pinky, the large headed genius sighed, unable to come up with any other ideas. "Actually Pinky, how about you and I take the night off? The world will still be here to conquer tomorrow, we deserve a break." he finally announced, clasping his hands behind his back as he waited for his companion's response.

"We're not taking over the world? Zort! But Brain, what will we do?" Pinky asked.

"Well, what do you want to do?"

The taller mouse contemplated Brain's question for a few moments, then glanced outside at the beautiful early evening sky at Big Ben. It was just past 4:00, which gave Pinky an idea! "I know!" he said, scampering to the other side of the cage and rummaging around for something. He returned with a small tin to use as a table, and two thimbles filled with sweet, steaming hot tea. "Tea time!"

Though Brain usually never enjoyed Pinky's favorite activities, this one was actually quite relaxing and quiet by his standards. Flashing his friend a genuine smile, Brain sat down and sipped his tea, feeling his entire body grow warmer as it rejuvenated his senses. He didn't need a plot to take over the Earth to make him happy, when he was perfectly content as long as Pinky was there by his side.

Hahaha, tricked you there, didn't I? XD I couldn't bear to kill off poor Pinky at the end, so I made the cliche ending of 'it was all just a dream'. I don't really like how the ending turned out, but overall I got the idea out of my head, so I guess I'm proud of it. Hope you liked it!