I know this world feels like an empty stage

I wouldn't change a thing

So glad you're back again

I'll never forget you

They said we'd never make it

My sweet joy, always remember me

When Sam finally began to stir back into consciousness, it was with a feeling of foreboding. It had all been a dream, a wonderful fabrication, brought on by his extreme lack of sleep; it must have been. He'd only dreamt Gabriel had finally returned and told him all was well between them. It had all been inside his head when the archangel had told him he'd sacrificed himself because he wanted to protect him. It wasn't real when Gabriel kissed him.

With that final thought echoing around his mind, his eyes slid open and he blinked, disorientated, when he discovered that he was in his bed with the duvet thrown over his head. He had been catching the odd bit of sleep whenever he got so tired he collapsed on the sofa; he hadn't dragged himself all the way up to his room for days. Which must mean it hadn't just been a wonderful dream; it had all really happened.

As if on cue, something heavy fell onto his legs, causing him to cry out in pain and surprise.

"Ooh, Sammy, let's see if I can make you make that noise again!"

Sam instantly sat bolt upright, throwing the duvet off and found himself face to face with Gabriel. The puny archangel was sitting cross-legged on Sam's shins, grinning that cocky grin of his, a second candy cane sticking out of his mouth.

"What do you say then, Samsquatch? Up for -"

The rest of his sentence got trapped in his throat when Sam reached forwards and grabbed a handful of his shirt before tugging him forwards. Gabriel allowed himself to be yanked into Sam's arms, and sniggered when the hunter held him against his chest tightly. There was a snap, and when Sam glanced down to catch sight of the archangel's grin, he discovered that the candy cane was missing.

"Really, Sam? What are you, twelve? A hug? That's it?"

"Gabriel," Sam began fiercely, pushing the archangel off him and then grinning when his eyebrow docked. "Shut the fuck up."

And then he did the very thing he'd been longing to do for ever since TV Land, and pulled Gabriel in for a kiss. The archangel responded with enthusiasm, losing his hands in Sam's hair and pulling him ever closer, melding their bodies together. The taste of mint was even stronger now, coating Gabriel's lips and the insides of his mouth, almost as if he'd been sucking the damn things ever since Sam had fallen asleep. And, to be honest, that was probably the case. Sam could feel sparks shooting wherever the archangel's skin met his, could feel his heart hammering his ribs into dust, and could feel the growing warmth deep inside that told him exactly what he was going to do to Gabriel in this bed.

Still maintaining the kiss, Sam shoved Gabriel back against the mattress and lay on top of him, his hands doing a little exploring of their own. He felt the archangel's surprisingly bony frame, brushed his fingers over the spot on Gabriel's back where he assumed the archangel's invisible wings met the soft skin of the vessel, slid down his smooth spine to his jutting hips. All the time, Gabriel responded with eagerness, shifting his body so that Sam's hands could slide even lower, pressing himself up against the hunter each time Sam's hands brushed a sensitive spot.

Gabriel had just started unbuttoning Sam's shirt as his fingers inched towards the hem of the archangel's jeans, when the hunter became dimly aware of a noise from just outside. It was only when Dean opened the door, eyes on a textbook in his hand, that Sam realised they were footsteps.

"Gabriel, you said you were just going to check on him! What's taking so -" The elder Winchester then came to an abrupt halt as he happened to glance up. A look of downright horror appeared on his face and he turned on his heel. They heard him sprinting off down the hall, screaming, 'OH GOD, MY EYES! BOBBY, GOUGE MY EYES OUT!" at the top of his lungs.

"Oh God.." Sam muttered, dropping his head like a stone onto Gabriel's chest, entire face igniting.

"Uh.. Can we leave my dad out of situations like this, please?" The archangel replied, smirking.

Despite his embarrassment, Sam felt a huff of laughter escape him at this. "I'm not gonna be able to look Dean in the eye for weeks.."

"Oh, please. We could have given him a real show. Anyway, it'll teach him to knock before he just barges in." Gabriel rolled his eyes, and then took advantage of Sam's lowered guard by flipping them and straddling his waist. "Now, where were we, Sammy?"

An hour later, Sam steeled himself and made an appearance downstairs. Bobby was sat at the kitchen table, but Dean was nowhere in sight. When Sam asked, Bobby told him he'd come downstairs screaming about needing brain bleach, and had then taken himself out into the yard to busy himself with packing their things away into the Impala. Sam laughed uneasily, and then hurried outside, knowing it was better to face his brother sooner rather than later. The Impala's boot was up, and Dean was rummaging with something inside.

Knowing there was no point in delaying the inevitable, Sam sucked in a deep breath and approached. He knew that Dean heard his footsteps because he saw his brother's body tense, but he didn't remove his head from the boot. It was only when Sam had reached the Impala's side and cleared his throat somewhat awkwardly that Dean finally straightened up.

"We're getting separate rooms from now on." He said stiffly before Sam could even open his mouth, eyes fixed on the ground. Each word seemed to be causing him immense pain to say, and Sam wondered if Dean was finding it just as uncomfortable as he was.

"Yeah, I get it." Sam replied, wishing he'd just stayed upstairs for longer. Anything was better than this.

"And if he hurts you, Sammy -"

"Dean." Sam interrupted, mortified. "I'm not a kid anymore."

"If he does, his lungs are mine. That's all I'm saying." Dean said quickly, slamming the boot shut.

"Okay, fine."

"Good." Dean went silent for a moment, and then threw his arms wide and exclaimed, "Seriously, Sam? Gabriel?" His tone made it clear he had been holding back from saying it for a while, but had finally lost control over himself.

Sam couldn't help it; he laughed. "What do you want me to say, Dean? He makes me happy."

Before Dean could reply, there was a flap of wings before Gabriel appeared just in front of Sam, clasping his hands and fluttering his eyelashes in an over-the-top girly way. "Ooh, Sammy that was beautiful!"

Sam rolled his eyes while Dean grimaced; he clearly wasn't over the sight he'd seen that morning. "Does this mean you're sticking around with us again?"

Gabriel turned to him, grinning. "Don't worry, Deano, just don't come charging into our room again and you'll be fine."

Dean visibly shuddered before taking off towards Bobby's house, shaking his head frantically as if trying to dispel unwanted mental images. Sam groaned, dropping his head into his hands again. And he knew that asking Gabriel to tone it down a bit was going to be nothing but a wasted effort. The archangel didn't seem to understand the meaning of the word 'subtle'.

"Oh, quit worrying, he'll be fine. Anyhow, I wanted to ask for your help on something."

Sam glanced up from his hands, a sceptical expression on his face. Gabriel was grinning up at him, which was an instant warning sign. "What with?" He asked hesitantly.

"Just a little project."

"A project." Sam repeated, utterly deadpan. "I'm judging by the look on your face this means causing trouble or mayhem in some way or another."

Gabriel gasped, pressing his hand over his heart. "You wound me, Sam!"

Sam scoffed, and folded his arms over his chest. "Yeah, yeah. What's your 'project', then?"

The archangel's smirk returned with gusto, and he mirrored Sam's stance. "Now that I have my full memory at my disposal, I've been forced to recall all of the tension between our brothers."

"I see where this is going." Sam muttered, unable to stop the grin from inking its way onto his face.

"To cut a long story short, I'm going to need your help getting those two from eye-fucking to actual physical horizontal tango. What do you say, Sammy?"

Sam glanced up at the direction Dean had beaten a hasty retreat in, and nodded. "Okay, I'm in. What'd you have in mind?"

The archangel's smile turned devious. "Oh, I wouldn't worry, Sammy. I've got that all under control."

~ * ~ Fin ~ * ~

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