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Kukai's P.O.V.

"Good morning class! Today...we have a transfer student!" Nikaidou-sensei told us excitedly. Whispers erupted in the class instantly.

"I hope it's a handsome guy!"

"I hope it's a hot girl!"

I looked over to my girlfriend, Amu Hinamori, who just sat in her seat looking bored.

"Hey Kukai, who do you think the transfer student is?" my mate Tadase asked.

I shrugged. "I don't know, and I don't really care either," I answered coolly. "But if I had to choose, I would guess a girl."

"Class, quiet down!" Nikaidou-sensei shouted over the noise. "That's better. Ok, please give a warm welcome to our new student! Come in!" And with that, the transfer student came into our class. "Introduce yourself please!"

"Ryoma Echizen."

"...Um..ok well then, are there any questions for our new addition?" sensei asked. Many hands shot up. Actually, when I took a closer look, most of the hands were girls. Figures.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" our class slut, Saaya, asked "seductively".

"No," Echizen-san answers.

"Sweet! Then, will you go out with me?" she asks again.

"No," Echizen said bluntly before turning to Nikaidou-sensei to ask where his seat is while Saaya cries.

Nikaidou-sensei sweat-dropped at the sight, even though is was pretty common in the classroom. "Ok, well theh, take a seat beside Himamori-san!"

Amu slammed her hands down on her desk. "It's Hinamori you stupid teacher!"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Please take a seat beside Himamori-san!" Amu just sighed and decided to let it slide. Echizen-san took a seat next to Amu and nodded to her in acknowledgement. Amu nodded back.

"Well then, free period!" Nikaidou-sensei said, then he strolled out of the classroom. Of course, not before tripping over his own feet. I walked over to Amu's seat where she was busy talking to the new student.

"Long time no see, Amu," Echizen-san said. Wait, what?

"I missed ya!" Amu said with a grin as she threw her arms around him. I twitched at the sight. Who the hell is this guy? I coughed awkwardly to catch their attention. They broke their hug once they noticed I was there. "Oh, hey Kukai! Ryo, I want you to meet Kukai!" Amu said happily while I twitched at the nickname she gave him. "This is Kukai, my boyfriend. Kukai, this is Ryo, my childhood friend. We used to play together all the time!"

"NIce to meet you," I replied with a forced smile.

"Likewise," Echizen-san replied with a smirk. This guy was really getting on my nerves.

"Come on Ryo! I'll show you around school!" Amu said with a smile. "Besides, we have a lot to catch up on!" she added as she dragged the newbie away. I clenched my fists as I watched their shadows disappear.

"You better hurry or your girlfriend's gonna get taken away by that new kid," Nagi said as he came up to me.

"There's no way," I replied with confidence as I brushed that matter aside, even though I still had my fists clenched.

Narrator's P.O.V.

At lunch, our soccer star was waiting patiently for his beloved girlfriend under a Sakura tree. They usually eat lunch together at the back of the school, unless he had club practices and such. But today was different. Instead of Amu waiting for Kukai, it was Kukai who was waiting for Amu. What's weirder was that Amu never showed up, leaving Kukai hungry since he didn't want to start without Amu. Kukai returned to class feeling frustrated and searched for Amu. He spotted her friends but she was nowhere to be seen.

"Hey, Masahiro, where's Amu?" he asked.

"Oh, good afternoon to you too Souma," Rima replied sarcastically.

Kukai sighed. "Good afternoon, Masahiro-sama. May I please know where my girlfriend is?" he tried again.

Rima, on the other hand, smirked. "And why should I tell you? Shouldn't a boyfriend know where his girlfriend is?"

"Oi, don't make me sound like a stalker! Now can you tell me where Amu is?"

"She's still in the school premises."

Kukai twitched, "I can guess that much but do you know where in the school?"


A vein popped. "You could have told me that earlier!" Kukai sighed out of frustration and was about to head out searching for her but Rima stopped him.

"She's not in trouble or anything. Besides, she's with that transfer student. Just sit back down and I'm sure they'll come back soon," Rima said calmly. But the news didn't seem to calm Kukai down. No, instead, it made him pissed. She ditched me for that newbie? he thought angrily. Students near him started to back off. Everyone knew that when Kukai was mad, nobody could stop him. Well, that is nobody but Amu Hinamori. People started to pray that the pinkette would return soon when Kukai started emitting a murderous aura but what they don't know is that she just might be the cause of it.

A few days later...

Kukai was in a really, really bad mood now. Throughout the week, Amu has been ignoring him. She didn't eat lunch with him, she didn't come watch him play soccer, she didn't walk home with him. Heck, she didn't even text him! All throughout the week she's been hanging out with her childhood friend. Instead of watching Kukai play soccer, she would go watch Ryoma play tennis. Instead of eating lunch with her boyfriend, she would go eat lunch with the new student. Instead of walking home with our soccer star, she would walk home with the tennis prodigy. And the list goes on. He was like a bomb ticking every second.

"I bet you ten dollars that he'll explode before lunch," his best friend, Ikuto, whispered to Tadase.

"Well then, I'll go for after lunch," Tadase replied.

Nagi's ears perked up. "Are you guys betting? Then, I'll bet ten dollars that he'll explode after school," he said with confidence.

Ikuto laughed, "You're gonna lose, Kiddy King, Purple Crossdresser. There's no way he's gonna last that long. I mean, look at him!" The three hotties turned to see how Kukai was doing. So far he looked quite calm on the outside, but they all knew that there was a storm going on inside of him. Right now, he was twirling a pencil around the fingers of his right hand. He was looking out the window watching the clouds float by. Calm, but not quite.

"Ryo! Hurry up! You promised to teach me tennis today!" Amu shouted. In an instant, the pencil in Kukai's hand snapped in two.

Ikuto smirked, "See what I mean?" Kukai was glaring at the back of Ryoma's head. His eyes were so full of hatred it was actually kind of scary. Ryoma turned around and glared right back at Kukai. Then he smirked and wrapped his arm around Amu's waist as he guided her out of the classroom. Amu, on the other hand, didn't notcie a thing. She happily followed Ryoma out of the classroom and towards the tennis courts.

"Ok I agree with you," Tadase said to Ikuto. "But...I'm still betting on after lunch. I am confident that Kukai's gonna lose his cool then. What about you, Nagi? I mean, I really don't think Kukai will last that long."

"I'm not changing anything," Nagi responded calmly. Ikuto and Tadase shook their heads. For sure he's gonna lose ten bucks, they thought. Tadase waited impatiently for lunch to come while Ikuto waited impatiently for Kukai to explode.

"Come on dude! I'm betting ten bucks on you! DO SOMETHING!" Ikuto finally shouted at Kukai while shaking the poor guy's shoulders when it was 11:59. And before Kukai could say anything, the bell rang signaling lunch.

Ikuto sighed in defeat, "There goes my lunch..." And then, he decided to go sulk in the darkest corner of their classroom.

"I guess it's just you and me now," Tadase told Nagi while looking at Ikuto wallowing himself in self-misery.

"Guess so," Nagi replied while smirking.


"Ryo! Help me!" Amu whined while sitting on the ground panting. "How can you swing with so much force? The ball won't even go over the net!" Amu cried.

Ryoma laughed at her. "You still have a long way to go. Come on, let's take a break." Ryoma gave her a bottle of water and sat down beside her. "Are you sure this is alright? I mean you've been avoiding your boyfriend since I transferred," Ryoma stated when he finished about half of his water already.

"It's fine! It's not like I'm dating you behind his back! No worries," Amu replied, brushing that matter aside.

"Whatever you say," Ryoma mumbled. He finished all his water before betting up and saying, "Ok, now get your lazy ass of the ground and run two laps around the field."

"Do I have to?"

"Yes now get running before I make it five laps."

Amu sighed but still got up, "Yes, yes, I'm going."

In the classroom...

Kukai was standing by the window gazing at his girlfriend while she was running laps. I'm the only one who's allowed to train her, he thought while switching to glaring at the green-haired lad who was timing Amu. He walked out of the classroom, but not before punching a hole in the wall. That guy has a frightening strength, Tadase and Nagi thought while they followed Kukai in the hallways.

"Yup, I'm sure he's gonna blow any minute!" Tadase smirked.

"I'm not so sure about that~!" Nagi sang. And just like he said, Kukai was able to calm down a bit after eating his lunch. And then, class started. Throughout class, Kukai was pretty calm and actually paid attention. Wow, I guess food really did do the trick, Tadase thought while looking at Kukai. And before he knew it, school ended.

"Wha? Huh? ...Noooooo!" Tadase shouted and joined Ikuto in the emo corner.

"What's wrong with those two?" Kukai asked when he saw the two guys huddled in the corner.

"Oh nothing! They're just exaggerating," Nagi said. "They'll be fine in no time," he reassured. Kukai shrugged and was about to head towards Amu when he suddenly stopped. Ryoma got to her first.

"Want to walk home together?"

Amu smiled, "Sure!" They were about to leave when they were stopped by Kukai.

He grabbed Amu's hand and said, "Sorry but I'm afraid that won't be happening." And without even waiting for a reply, he dragged Amu away from the tennis prodigy.

Nagi watched as their shadows faded with a smile before turning towards the two guys in the corner. "You guys owe me twenty bucks. Pay up!"

Amu's P.O.V.

I wonder what's wrong with Kukai. He seemed pretty mad when he dragged me away from Ryo. Kukai dragged me all the way to the other side of the building before pinning me to the wall.

"Um...Ku-Kukai?" I stuttered when Kukai stared into my eyes. I knew I was blushing already.

"You've been ignoring me," he stated.

My eyes widened. "Eh? What are you talking about?"

And that's when Kukai lost it. "Don't 'eh' me! You know exactly what I'm talking about! This week you never talked to me, or walked home with me, or even text me! All throughout the week you've been hanging out with Echizen!" Kukai panted after shouting at me. "Stop hanging out with that guy and pay attention to me!" Kukai whined. He's like a puppy, I thought and giggled without noticing. "Why are you laughing? I'm serious!"

"I'm sorry Kukai," I said as I placed a hand on his cheek after the giggling stopped. "I'm sorry I haven't been paying attention to you." Kukai leaned into my hand. "Why did you stay quiet though?"

"Because! You seemed so happy when he transferred! And he's your childhood friend! I thought he was going to steal you away from me!"

I laughed, "That's really sweet of you but next time...tell me ok?" Kukai nodded happily and I went on my tippy-toes to give him a kiss. We walked hand in hand to the soccer field and laid down to watch the sky. I laid my hand down on Kukai's chest as he wrapped an arm around me. I kissed his cheek and snuggled closer to him.

" know Ryo is my cousin right?"

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