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Kukai's P.O.V.

I rushed into class just a minute before the bell rang. I panted as I leaned on the wall for support. My girlfriend, Amu Hinamori, walked up to me and stood in front of me.

"You ok?" she asked and peered at my face.

"No, I'm not okay," I replied, "Because someone decided to leave without me this morning, making me wait in front of their house for ten minutes, only to find out that they already left!" I glared at her while she smiled sheepishly.

"I surprisingly woke up early this morning so I left for school early," she said and laughed nervously. "I guess I forgot to text you to tell you that you didn't need to pick me up."

I walked over to my seat and dumped my bag on top of my desk. "You're buying ice cream next time."

"Get into your seats, my lovelies!" our teacher said as he clapped his hands together. "I have a very exciting announcement to make!"

"Just get to the point, sensei," Amu grumbled as she quickly switched into her "cool and spicy" mode.

"Alright, Himamori-san," he answered with a smile.

"It's HINAMORI!" she shouted back at him while Nikaidou-sensei just brushed her off.

"We have another new student today!" he said excitedly.

"What's with all the new students this year?" I mumbled to myself as whispers erupted from the class. Before the whispers got out of hand, the teacher clapped his hands together and everyone fell silent.

"Please treat him well," he said and the new student stepped into the class. A guy stepped into the class with a smile and screams quickly replaced the whispers from before. The guy looked vaguely familiar but I could not tell why.

"Oh. My. God," our drama queen, Saaya Yamabuki, exclaimed. I raised my eyebrow. What's so surprising?

"It's Kazuki Shiranui! Omigosh!" another girl screamed and most of the girls in the class lunged forward to tackle the new student. Who the hell is that?

"Can I get your autograph?!" tons of girls screamed with pencils, pens and random pieces of papers in their hands. The guy in the front just stood there with the same smile, ignoring everything that is happening around him. Instead, he scanned around the room.

"Shiranui-san, please introduce yourself," Nikaidou-sensei said when he finally got the girls in our class to settle down.

"The name's Kazuki Shiranui. I'm an idol but my manager decided it was a good idea to enroll me into school, so here I am," he said with the exact smile that had been on his face since the moment he stepped into the class.

"Questions for Shiranui-san?" Nikaidou-sensei asked. Most girls in our class raised their hand up in lightning speed.

"Okay, um, let's go with you, Yamabuki-san," Nikaidou-sensei said nervously, since he probably already had an idea of what all of them were going to ask. All the boys knew what was coming next.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked as she tried to look "seductive" once again. All the guys in the class shivered at the sight. Amu just sighed.

"No," Shiranui-san replied, still with a smile.

"Then can I be your girlfriend?" she asked again with a smirk.

"What?! Not fair, Yamabuki-san!" the girls in our class complained.

"No, since you don't match up to my standards," he replied with a smile as Yamabuki-san broke down into tears for the hundredth time this year. She just never learns.

Narrator's P.O.V.

Kazuki looked around the class once again, only to see that most of the girls were trying to catch his attention. He sighed mentally. Exactly the same as the last school, he thought.

"Shiranui-san, you can sit behind Himamori-san. Himamori-san, please raise your hand," Nikaidou-sensei said.

"It's HINAMORI you stupid teacher! I've been in your class for how many years and you still can't get it right!" a girl said as she slammed her hands on her desk and stood up.

It's like déjà vu, Nikaidou-sensei thought. "The girl with the pink hair is Himamori-san. Take the seat behind her," he said, completely ignoring his student. Kazuki nodded and made his way over to his seat. While walking down the aisles, girls handed him their phone numbers, but he ignored them. He sat down in his seat and class proceeded.

At break, Amu turned around to face him. He expected her to also give him her phone number, but instead, she said, "Welcome to Seiyo, Shiranui-kun." And with that, she disappeared out of the class with Kukai following behind her.

"What do you think about the new student?" Kukai asked as they sat down on a bench in the school courtyard.

"Cocky bastard," she answered and Kukai sweat-dropped. He always knew Amu does not like idols. She thinks that they are all full of themselves and cocky. Usually, he would disagree with her, but this time he also thought the same thing. Before he could say anything else though, the bell rang. "Come on," Amu said as she stood up and extended her hand. Kukai nodded and grabbed her hand. Instead of standing up beside her though, he pulled her down on his lap and gave her a peck on her cheek before standing up and walking to their classroom with their hands interlocked.

"Amu-chan, why is your face so red?" Rima Mashiro, Amu's best friend, asked while peering at the pinkette's face. Amu ignored her and blushed even more.

One week later…

Kazuki was confused. The girl who sat in front of him never even tried to make a move on him and it was hurting his ego. She was different from other girls and didn't even bother talking to him unless it was necessary. She was interesting and probably the only girl ever to actually catch his interest.

Hmm… he thought as he observed her from behind. She always seemed bored in class, never really paying attention to those around her except for her friends. The pinkette always stared out the window and looked at the sky. Is her hair colour even allowed in school? he thought to himself as he stared at her silky pink hair. His thoughts were soon interrupted by the ringing bell signaling lunchtime. He got up from his seat and was about to walk out when someone stopped him.

"Kazuki-kun, let's go eat lunch together," a fan-girl appeared beside him and latched onto his arm.

"What are you talking about?! Kazuki-kun is going to eat with me!" another girl piped up and grabbed onto his other arm.

"Fools! Everyone knows Kazuki-kun is going to eat with me!" Saaya said haughtily. A cough was heard from behind them and all of them turned their heads around to see an annoyed Amu.

"Get out of the way, idiots. You're blocking the door," Amu said with one of her arms propped up on her hip.

"How dare you call Kazuki-kun an idiot!" one of the girls said.

Amu glared at her and walked towards the girl until she was standing right in front of her. "I dare," Amu said while looking down at the girl as she cowered in fear. Amu was a head taller than her, which made her even more intimidating. "Now get out of my sight," Amu said and the girl quickly nodded and scurried off. Amu rolled her eyes and walked out of the classroom with Kazuki and the rest of the class staring at her back.

"COOL & SPICY!" the girls and guys of their class screamed with excitement while Kazuki watched her shadow disappear. She sure is different, he thought. Then, he let out a smirk. I'm going to make her mine.


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