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Beasts, Penny's and Confusion - Chapter 1

Monday July 9th 2012 – 18:09

Leonard Hofstadter has changed his relationship status to single.

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Penny: Who were u going out wiv? :o

Sheldon Cooper: Penny. How many times must we go over this? You do NOT spell "with" the way you have done so above, whatever that, must I say it, "slang" is used for, it certainly should not be applied here.

Howard Wolowitz (The Beast): Owned ;)

Penny: U guys r so immature

Penny: Don't say it Sheldon, i'm warning u! :(

Raj Koothrappali: Oooo bitch fight! x

Sheldon Cooper: I am not a "bitch" for reasons high above your grasp of knowledge, nor will I ever be a "bitch".

Howard Wolowitz (The Beast): Yep, definitely a bitch... ;)

Penny: Raj? What's with the kiss?

Raj Koothrappali: I like to show my affectionate side sometimes... :L x

Penny: ?


Raj Koothrappali: Oooo someone's panties are in a twist x

Leonard Hofstadter: Sorry... :(

Penny: Sweetie?

Leonard Hofstadter: *nods*

Penny: R u ok? Do u want me 2 come over?

Howard Wolowitz (The Beast): Yes please. Could you make me feel better? X

Penny: Howard!

Howard Wolowitz (The Beast): Sorry... x

Penny: :(

Leonard Hofstadter: No it's fine. I guess I'm just a loveless fool who will more than likely end up forever alone.

PennylovesLeonard x: No u won't babe x

Leonard Hofstadter: Why have you changed your name? And what's with the...nevermind

PennylovesLeonard x: Because it shows everyone how in love with you I am! :) x

Leonard Hofstadter: ...

Penny: Ok! Who made a 2nd account 4 me?

PennylovesLeonard x: Shit! :o

Penny: Howard! :(

Monday July 9th 2012 – 18:42

PennylovesLeonard x has changed their name back to Howard Wolowitz (The SEXY Beast).

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Leonard Hofstadter: Quoting Sheldon – "You are not, nor ever will be, a SEXY beast"

Penny: Who's owned now? Lol *high fives Leonard*

Howard Wolowitz (The SEXY Beast): 69? :P

Penny: Only you would think that...

Sheldon Cooper: Think what? I don't understand. I like 69. It is a nice number which reads backwards when upside down, a "fool" of the mind if you could say that

Penny: Sweetie I'd go back 2 bed if I were u :/

Howard Wolowitz (The SEXY Beast): If only he knew what he'd just said :)

Raj Koothrappali: Howard! I'm waiting for you in the bedroom like you asked, hurry up howie-bear! X

Leonard Hofstadter: What the frack!

Penny: O.O It might be best if we don't ask this time...

Leonard Hofstadter: I agree... O.o

Monday July 9th 2012 – 19:01

Raj Koothrappali has changed his relationship status to In a Relationship with Howard Wolowitz (The SEXY Beast).

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Leonard Hofstadter: Again. WHAT THE FRACK?

Penny: I agree. WHAT THE FRACK?

Howard Wolowitz (The SEXY Beast): Wow :)

Raj Koothrappali: Agreed...wow :) x

To be continued :)

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