Chapter 2- In Love With a Bat

*more coming (still)*


She glanced up to meet her addressor's eyes. He stared back in awestruck silence, and as did she. Her eyes brimmed with tears, and she ducked under her mourning hat. Still thinking he'd been dead, she'd been mourning when she'd come to Gotham. Now, her visit had taken a completely unexpected turn.

Bruce saw her crying beneath the veil and brought her outside. Completely forgetting about the symbol still shining above them, he slowly took her into his arms and held her.

He couldn't believe he was holding Andrea… After all this time thinking she was dead! Eventually, he realized that she'd stopped crying, and that she had been looking up at him. She was remembering how he'd looked at her when he found out what she'd done… how she thought he'd hate her forever….. and then studying his face now. He wasn't angry. He appeared relieved. Well, she knew he'd loved her, but she would've never known how much. Now she didn't have to wonder.

It was written in his eyes.

Reluctantly stepping back, she chuckled through freshly fallen tears.
Bruce, his hands holding hers, asked her curiously, "What?"
"Oh nothing," She giggled, "I'm just in love with a bat is all."