Hey it's me again! Another danige coming up!


"What!" Dante screamed and jumped up. "Philbert?" Wyatt, Dante, and Lyle all chilled out on the electric blue couches at HQ. Why does Dante have that angry, jealous look on his face? Lyle thought to himself. Then his phone beeped. He flipped open his phone as Dante continued his rant. Wyatt must've been thinking the same thing because when Lyle read the message Wyatt thought the same exact words.

Dante had covered up saying he was cool with Philbert just to hang onto Angie. "Ok, what is it about Philbert?" Dante ranted. "Is it because he's Asian? But Philbert's not even smart! And he doesn't brush his teeth either! Did you know that?" Lyle looked up and continued to type some more.

'Yo, what's going on with him? He was perfectly cool with Leroy.'

'Actually he wasn't.'

'Oh yeah good point.'

Wyatt gasped suddenly understanding, then typed furiously on his keypad. Causing Dante to stare, but soon go back to calling Philbert every name under the sun. "Philbert's, your best friend though." Lyle reasoned. "Ok, correction YOU guys are my best friends." Dante said in his a matter-of-fact voice. Lyle's phone beeped again. ' Dante, has feelings for Angie but being how absent minded he is, DOESN'T realize it. Thus blaming it on an innocent Philbert.' Lyle also gasped catching on. Causing Dante to break from his rant. "Why are you guys texting so much and who! Sorry to burst up the "gasp" session. But I don't like not being "in" the circle!" making quotation signals with his hands Dante pestered. "ummmm….. Angie?" Wyatt said in an unconfident voice, looking at Lyle for support. "Angie's brother Wakeen!" Lyle quickly injected.

"Oh, tell him I said hi." Dante softened for a moment then quickly returned to his rage.

" Philbert is such a CRAMPCICOL!"