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The bell rang and all the teens ran out the doors. (Review if you've done this.) Wyatt texted Dante to meet him at HQ. So did Lyle to Angie. Half an hour later everyone plopped down on the blue couches laughing and talking about school. Lyle cracked open his phone "Oh we got to go Wyatt" Said Lyle looking at Wyatt. "Yeah um where do we have to go again?" "You Know!" Lyle wiggled his brows as emphasis. "ohhh," The two ran out the door "BYE"

Dante and Angie sat stunned. "Ok…" Dante turned to Angie suddenly shy. "Angie I have something to tell you." "What is it braces?" Angie smiled. Dante rolled his eyes. Then things got silent this was the moment they were supposed to fight but they didn't want to she just wanted him to like her then they could fight all day. If he liked that. She began to think what if he's turned on by torture. She bit her lip. I'm just avoiding my feelings she thought. The awkward silence settled in. Dante bit his lip. More silence.

They both simultaneously closed their eyes shut and screamed at each other.


Their eyes snapped open.

"Really omg that's a relief."

"Quick repeating me!"

Frustrated and in love they crashed each other's lips on their own. Angie's whole body heated up she jumped on Dante their lips still attached and moved her head around they just couldn't keep still. She pulled on his hair as he did her's . He moaned in pleasure she smiled against his lips. He laughed against her's. They both gasped for air and panted with anticipation. She ripped off his grease monkey jacket. They continued to make out heatedly. His tongue against hers. 'talk-nerdy-to-me" she gasped in between kisses. "I'm- not-that-smart" She laughed and dug her hands into his back pulling him as close as physically possible. Angie gasped for air as he pulled away. Somehow Angie was snaked into Dante and Dante into her. "That was AWESOME!" Dante sang.

She laughed and tackled him back onto the couch.

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