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Smokestep: I was bored during my trip at Virginia, for a wedding, and I just started typing this into my iPod. And now I'm going to turn into a mini-series. Remember the whole "game marathon" idea I had in my other story, Is It Over? And if you haven't read that, I suggest you do, for things will probably make more sense. It's a good story, as I was told by multiple readers, and you really have nothing to lose. So I would really appreciate if you could read it. So the first chapter of this little series is battleship. Other games will be in other chapters.

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Tails, I hope you know I hate you so much right now. Really, I mean it this time . . . no matter how much fun I'm actually having right now . Besides, most of it comes from the challenge, not this overwhelming frustration.

Why, out of all games, do you have to have this one?

"E7." You would guess that, wouldn't you? Of course, since my last remaining ship just happened to be placed there, right?

And now my last line of defense just took a hit. Great, now it won't be long before you guess where the rest of my ship is. At least it's the biggest one.

But if this was real, you know I wouldn't be losing this badly. I would still be losing, since you know more about all the mechanics of building high-powered machines, such as battleships. But at least I wouldn't be almost dead. Granted, you are too, I suppose.

"How does it feel to actually lose, Sonic? After all, you have to give Eggman a break sometime."

Shut up.

You always did say I hate losing. I won't deny that snide remark, but you have to admit that it's true for you too, at least.

"I'm not the only sore loser here, you know. And I still have a chance to win this. Um, H3." You flash me a smug grin, and I already know I missed. Curse those stupid mini-ships . . . at least I already got rid of your three biggest ships. Even though that won't give me a victory unless I can find your other two before you find mine.

Which most likely won't happen, but I can sure try.

"D7." Finally, you missed! God, how long of a right streak did you actually hold, by the way? I lost track after ten.

I stick my tongue out at you as I grab a white peg out of the pile and insert it on the grid. You only chuckle in response.

Your smile grows bigger. "You do that now, Sonic, considering I'm going to do it after I win," you say in a tone more insolent than your expression. Did I ever mention that I hate you? But I suppose I can only hope I look menacing and murderous as I narrow my eyes. Oh, if only looks could kill, you'd be dead right now.

"Fine, how about C3?" I ask, while lessening the death glare I was sending Tails.

"Nope." I swear that was the most arrogant voice I've ever heard from anyone, even myself! And that's saying something.

"You haven't won yet, so don't be placing bets your luck can't backup." I swiftly look over my grid. "And can you please guess already?" Next, I allow for a small, mischievous smile as I cradle my left arm for more effect. "Unless you don't want your turn, of course. Surely you have sympathy for the needy," I say in the most innocent voice I can muster. After all, it's all I can do to not laugh at this point.

You roll your eyes good-naturedly. "Sorry, no handicaps for heroes." My grin drops as I huff indignantly, and you quickly add, "Even though you may need it. Also, E6." Stop getting closer already!

And as I place another white peg in said spot, you shrug. "Well, at least I know where to guess."

"Good for you," I reply irritatedly, glowering and looking away as I cross my arms, only slightly wincing.

I hear you sigh and see you shaking your head out of the corner of my eye. "You really need to learn to stop being so careless with your injuries. It's not helping you in any way, shape, or form. It's really not helping that arm either. And how about you actually guess for once."

"I am," I argue as I check for places I haven't guessed yet. "How about . . ."

"Come on, Sonic. You only have four more turns left until you lose. You might as well get them over with." I hate you.

I shrug. "I don't know, C10?" I ask, predicting the answer I knew Tails would give me. But to my surprise, you actually grab a red peg.

"Well, at least you got one right." And that was the answer I was definitely not expecting.

"Finally! I actually had a right guess for once! Yay for me," I exclaim mockingly.

"Hey, be happy you got one, though I'm still going to win. Now, F7." Yep, you finally got it. And now you know where my ship is. I roll my eyes.

"How about we just say you won and call it a day?"

Smokestep: So, what did you guys think? It was my first time writing in first person, and I was thinking about making this whole series in first person, but I'm not sure yet. Also, if anyone has suggestions for a game they'd like to see, I wouldn't mind trying it. And if you couldn't tell, this is in Sonic's POV. So, review if you want to, and that's all I want to say. So write to you guys later.