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Takun was the first to notice the others, seeing as Jeni was passed out from exhausting herself. She was on his shoulders, cute, Sakubi noted.

"There you guys are," he sighed. Namiko, Tejen, Tema and Hinari had found themselves and been exploring for others.

Tejen frowned when he saw his sister on the Uchiha boy's back, "Is Jeni okay?"

Said Uchiha boy froze, "Um, she's just tired," he swung her off his back, handing her to her older brother.

Namiko was just as protective, "I thought I told you to keep your distance, dogboy." he growled at Sakubi carrying Nino.

She jumped off his back, "Happy?"

"Enchanted." he sneered.

Hinari ran to his older brother's side, "Where is everyone?"

Sakubi only shrugged, "I dunno."

Tejen blunk, "Wait, so, we're all lost here?"

"I guess we're just gonna have to look for them together," Tema announced.

Everyone nodded and began walking towards the right.

Coughing could be heard, and blood could be smelled, Takun's pupils froze, he knew that voice.

"Misuke?" he ran the next corner, finding his brother on the floor coughing blood. "Hey are you okay?"

He swatted his little brothers hand away, "Don't fucking touch me."

The others got there just in time to see Misuke berate him, "Find mom,"

"I would, but," Takun put an arm around his neck, "I'm kinda out of chakra."

His eyes narrowed, "Seriously Takun? What did you even do?"

Namiko grit his teeth, "What did you do other than get your ass handed to you by your uncle and then have your dad beat him for you?"

Misuke coughed again, "Shut up." He got off the floor, "Where are you guys going anyway?"

"We're looking for the others, to get back home, this places creeps me out." Tejen answered.

"Then lets fucking go already."

Kunisa woke up on the floor alone, she got up, frantically searching for anyone.

She bumped into some blonde in the darkness, readying herself for combat.

"Cool it cupcake, its just me." Shikari. She bit her tongue, "What are you doing here?"

He swung an arm around her shoulder, either out of protection or just to spite her.

"Making sure you don't get your pretty self hurt is all," Truly charming.

She would've retaliated the compliment had her older brother not showed up..

"Get off of me!" she screamed, running to Sakubi's side.

"Haha, smooth." Tema teased, he scowled at his sister, "Shut up,"

Misuke didn't like wasting time, "Hey loverboy, could you get your ass over here so we can find our parents and get the hell out of here already?"

And just like that, the kids went off in search for their parents.

"Sasuke! Hurry!" Naruto shouted after him, leading the others to the nearest exit.

Sasuke growled, "Its kind of hard to hurry while you're carrying your pregnant wife okay?"

Naruto was carrying his youngest daughter, while she kept crying for her mother. They were supposed the keep looking and fighting for her, but then they discovered the whole building was a ticking time bomb, and they had less than a minute to evacuate.

"What about Ino?" Shikamaru huffed, he hadn't done this much running in a while.

Naruto felt like a complete asshole for deserting his wife like that, but the kids came first, they were priority number one. He'd come back and save her once everyone was safely out of range of this place.

He just hoped it wouldn't be too late, they met their kids in the lobby, "Everyone go outside right now!"

Namiko was still bitter about his father, "What wheres mom?" And why was his little sister crying?

"Listen, the buildings going to collapse in a few seconds, she'll be okay, just go!" Temari screamed, pushing them out of the door.

Once everyone was outside panting, and a good distance away from the burning mansion, Naruto felt his heart drop, he couldn't save her..

"What took you so long?"

He almost got whiplash from how quick he jerked his neck to her voice. Ino.

There she sat, in a low tree branch, bored. "We've been looking everywhere for you."

She jumped off, "Yeah, I couldn't find you either, so I decided to wait out here."

"Pig," Sakura jeered, although extremely glad Ino was safe.

Shikamaru smiled, "Who took you anyway? And why were the akatsuki there?"

"Reincarnations, I don't know, someone linked to Kabuto maybe?" she shrugged.

Misuke made a fist, "Alright, I think its great we're all safe and whatever but, can we just get the fuck home already?"

Finally, something they all agreed on.

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