Heya guys! I am going to try and keep three fics going at once… apparently. Anywho, this fic was inspired by the song 'Lullaby' by Nickelback. It is set after the third Live Action Transformers movie, and I hope I didn't mess too much up!



There are times when you need to stop and think, times when you need to realize that some things just aren't right. And then there are times when you find yourself wishing that you had noticed such things, if only to avoid the ultimate confusion and discomfort that they cause.

Now I'm not saying that you should necessarily look for these events, just be aware that they can come out of nowhere. Even when you only note that a fanfic from your favorite fandom hasn't been updated, even though the author always updates on that day and has not missed one of those updates… EVER.

Just be aware, because I never thought that something like this would happen to me… I never thought that I would be trapped in every fangirl's dream—only for it to turn into a nightmare.

Of course that's jumping just a bit ahead, right?

Let's start with the simple parts:

Name: Chi Star Pax

Age: 21

Eyes: Varying shades of blue (depending on mood)

Hair: Blonde with red streaks

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 157 lbs

Yep, that sounds about right. I was a simple fan of the amazingly large fandom dubbed 'Transformers'. A simple fan that found herself trapped in her fandom for seemingly no reason one day.

But, once again, I'm getting ahead of myself. How about I just start from the beginning… on the day that I woke up in my bed, got dressed in my home, and left my for my job as the body guard for one of the more… interesting clients I had ever had.

I had gotten the job offer the night before, it should have seemed strange to me there. I had fallen asleep on the couch (never happens) and had awoke to my laptop beeping the customary 'you have a customer' alert. The client had just stated that a body guard was needed and that I had been 'selected' for the job. I was to meet the client the next day, and I wasn't prepared for what I was about to be shoved none too gracefully into…


Chi Pax was the best body guard in the business. One of those who didn't take every client that wanted her because she could judge the necessity of such clients, and the client that had contacted her the day before had made it very clear that he wasn't just in danger, he was in life or death peril.

Of course, she had heard this before, but when the client wouldn't even give a name for fear of being traced, well… she knew she had her client.

So she had gotten up at an ungodly hour and left her house just five minutes after waking up. Her new client had arranged for her to meet him somewhere near the edge of the city, and she had agreed, not like she had a choice anyway.

"Better be interesting… and better pay for this up front." She grumbled to the empty air of her car. "I don't want this to be some sort of a prank."

She arrived at the designated meeting place early, and checked around. She noted that there was a camera of sorts up in a tree… so she glared up at it in an attempt to determine wither or not it was a danger. After only a few seconds, she shrugged, the client had most likely placed it there to make sure of his safety. So he was a smart client… interesting.

Nothing else seemed amiss, except for the large depressions and the tire tracks that surrounded the small clearing. But of course she chalked it up to the client being smart and checking out the meeting place before the actual meeting took place.

At ten seconds past 6 a.m. she heard the gentle roll of tires, and turned to look at the sun yellow Chevy Camaro with black racing stripes as it pulled up. Her fangirl part wanted to squeal, but she decided better of it. After all, she was a professional body guard. Of course… she definitely noted the intense resemblance of this vehicle to the alt mode of Bumblebee, from the Transformers fandom. Even down to the 'Bee-otch' accessory hanging from the rearview mirror.

But the real surprise hit when the client stepped out of the car. He was a young man around the age of 20, and was the splitting image of Shia LeBouf… also known as Samuel James Witwicky from the live action Transformers movie trilogy.

Once again, Chi fought back her squeal of fangirlishness… it was not becoming of the best body guard in the state of California.

"I take it you are the client that refused to give me his name?"

"Are you Chi Star Pax?" The boy asked cautiously.

"The one and only… may I ask your name now that you do not have to fear exposure? After all, I noticed you placed a camera to identify me."

The boy paused, and then glared up at the tree… then at the car.

"I told you guys not to place the camera." He muttered, thinking that she couldn't hear him.

But being a body guard made you hypersensitive to sound, movement… etcetera.

"Who are you talking to?" Chi asked, suddenly very cautious.

The car's headlights flashed… and Chi stared at it. She could clearly see in the front window… and there was nobody in the car.

"Stop…" The client hissed at the car. "My name is Sam… and I did not think that the camera was going to be placed… honestly I don't know why they wanted to contact you to have you 'guard' me in the first place."

Danger is everywhere, even where you feel safe.

She stared at the car, there was just too much to take in.

"Did that car just make an attempt to communicate with the radio?"

Now Chi's fangirlness wanted to escape with a vengeance… until the thought crossed her mind that it might not be a good thing that she was possibly in a fandom…

After all, most of those fanfic's that she read where it happened ended badly.

"Yes…" Sam looked slightly apologetic. "He tends to do that."


Now Sam was wilting under the look she was giving him. She expected answers.

"Tell me now… Sam… Who, or what, is it that you need me to guard you from?"

Sam stuttered, and couldn't come up with an answer that didn't seem ridiculous.

Allow me to show… some things you might not understand… do not be alarmed.

Now Chi wanted to just walk away, there was absolutely no way. Her pride almost took the biggest blow it had ever suffered… and then the car started twisting and re-shaping its form. Within seconds there was a robotic being crouching in front of her, waiting for her reaction.

"Well… shit." Was all that she could think… all that she could say, her mind was far away from her at that moment.

And it all had to do with the fact that there was now who she believed to be Bumblebee standing in front of her with an expectant look on his faceplates.

"I suppose that answers part of my question…" Chi hesitated, picking her words carefully. "But I take it 'he' isn't what you need to be guarded from."

Enemies of his kind… secret society… much danger.

Chi nodded solemnly. "You are the one that contacted me, aren't you?"

The robot nodded.

"His name is Bumblebee… and his vocal…"

"Vocal Processor is damaged beyond repair and has not been able to be fully repaired yet… Am I correct in assuming this?" Chi silently berated herself for the slip up. They did not need to know that she knew anything about them.

She had obviously been removed from her dimension… and shoved into one that she didn't understand just yet.

"Yes…" Sam answered slowly. "But how…"

"It is not hard to come to that conclusion… from what I can tell Bumblebee here is a sentient robotic being of some sort that has been damaged in a fight of unknown proportions… he is not of earth I assume?"

Sam only nodded, at a loss for words.

"If I freaked out when I saw him… Bumblebee you said… I would not be a body guard. I would have been a sorry excuse for a body guard." Chi allowed her now ice blue eyes to flick to Sam, taking in his shocked state. "And then I would not be able to guard you the way you seem to need to be guarded."

I like this girl… has spunk.

She shot Bumblebee a withering glare, and raised an eyebrow when he backed away from her a little.

"You are a metal being, why are you afraid of a human girl?" She asked suddenly.

Your array… of tools… impressive my friend.

Now Chi snorted, and brushed back her trench coat to show a pistol. "I take it you can pick up the minerals I use to clean my weapon?"

Guns… not the only… weapon that can be used.

Now Chi laughed. "I should have realized that you would be able to detect my knives and sword as well… I apologize for thinking that you are not as observant as you are."

No harm done… will you take the job?

The woman paused and glanced in between the two of them. "I suppose I will have to now… I highly doubt that the government will let someone who has seen something so top-secret get out scot free."


Chi winced at the chipper voice that belonged in a game show. "The only request I have is that no more surprises get thrown my way."

Agreed… meet at noon… coffee shop… bring whatever you think you will need… the trip is underway!

With a nod, Chi glanced at Sam. "Don't do anything that will expose you, this town isn't very secretive. Though I suppose your guardian here will see to it that you get to the meeting place without incident."

Roger captian!

"Seriously… talk to whoever is supposed to be fixing that, it might just get annoying."

The smaller bot nodded to Chi, who gave a small bow (something from her training) and high-tailed it out of there.

She needed to check out what in the name of Primus was happening. First stop… Google and a web search for Transformers… that's what always made it obvious that the fan was trapped in the fandom, right?

Whatever happened from there… she knew that she couldn't tell them the truth. She just didn't do well in a 'you're our prisoner' setting… she was much better as the captor, not the captive.

'Get it together, Chi… there's got to be a good explanation here.'

Wishful thinking on her part… but not realistic.

And reality was about to come pounding on her door.


Chi stared blankly at her computer screen. The Google search for 'Transformers' was a dud… with only a few more recent articles that detailed what had happened in Chicago, and a few that connected that incident with the ones in Egypt and Mission City. The fanfic that she had been reading was gone… as was the entire Transformers fanfic section. Whatever had taken those parts away, had been thorough enough to remove everything that dealt with Transformers off of her laptop. Except for the small tattoo in the middle of her back that depicted the Autobot symbol, there was nothing that could say that there was ever a Transformers fandom.

"Damn..." She muttered after three hours of searching for Transformers. "At least I'll be able to say that I read the reports."

But how was she supposed to hide her vast knowledge of their culture?

"This just went from trouble to royally screwed up." She muttered as she scrubbed at her face with one hand.

With a glance at the clock on her wall she shut down her laptop, placed it into her bag (that hid another gun), dressed herself with plenty of weapons, and made her way to her car. She managed to grab her duffel bag by the door without breaking stride, a feeling had come over her that she wasn't going to be seeing her house any time in the near future.

By 11:58 she was at the coffee shop that Bumblebee had referred to. It was more of a cyber cafe… but it would do.

Sam arrived ten minutes late, and came to sit in front of Chi at the corner booth that she had chosen.

"At least you didn't sit in my line of sight." She stated evenly. "That counts for something, but I will let you know that you made yourself a very good target when you walked in."

Sam blinked at her. "So you really will take the job?"

"Hell yes." Her eyes narrowed when a middle aged man entered the café and shot her and Sam a smug grin. "I think it might be best if we went elsewhere to discuss this."


"Alright, everybody but the corner booth out!" The middle aged man yelled… and brandished a sawed off machine gun.

"Sit very still." Chi whispered to Sam as the rest of the café's occupants screamed and ran for it. "I should have insisted on a better protected place."

The crowd vanished quickly, and the middle aged man sauntered over to the corner booth. Chi calmly lifted her tea and took a slow sip.

"Can I help you sir?" She asked non-chalantly once the cup was back on the table.

"Yeah, I want to talk to this young man here." The man smiled innocently.

"With that in hand, sir?" Chi sighed and stood up slowly.

"Sit back down girlie." The gun was suddenly pointed at her. "I don't have any quarrel with you, ma'am."

"But… what if I have a quarrel with you sir?" Chi smiled good naturedly. "I mean, you just interrupted my relaxation time with a good friend."

"A good friend, eh?" The man laughed and Chi caught the scent of strong alcohol.

"Hmmm…. Jack Daniels, or did you have a spot of vodka before coming here?" She shook her head, this idiot was going to be too easy to take care of.

"Neither, just a shot of courage."

"Tequila then, you sir are a fool." She stated evenly. "You went on a hit drunk."

"How'd ya know I took that contract?" His eyes narrowed, and then flicked to Sam. Who had followed Chi's instructions and was sitting still, staring at the exchange.

"Because, sir, I took the same hit."

The man's eyes went back to her and an enraged roar escaped his lungs. With all the grace of the drunk he was, the gun was up and aimed… but he never got to shoot it. In a flash of silver the man was screaming over the loss of one hand, then was silenced when another flash of silver took out his larynx.

"I did not take that hit, actually… I just knew that he would become angry and lose all judgment he might have still had." Chi sighed as she unceremoniously ripped her dagger out of the man's throat and cleaned the blade on his shirt. "Come on, we need to get you out of here."

Sam sat in stunned silence as Chi grabbed her duffel bag in one hand, and his arm in the other. With a tug she had him in a standing position and was dragging him out of the café towards Bumblebee.

"You need to get us out of here." Chi stated to the car as she shoved the still shocked Sam into the passenger's seat, and then walked around the car to get into the driver's seat. "It is likely that there are more idiots willing to cash in on the hit."

It's a hit!

She rolled her eyes and placed her duffel bag at Sam's feet.

"He tried… you…"

"Yes, Sam, he tried to kill you and I got to him first." Chi patted the steering wheel to signal for Bumblebee to go. "But, once again, you knew that someone wanted you dead for some reason… mind letting me know what that reason might be?"

"You… cut his…"

"Sam!" Chi grabbed the front of his shirt with a snarl. "I need to know why the hell that hit man was hired, now either you tell me, or I quit right here."

"I helped take out the man that was the Decepticon's liaison to the humans…"

Now Chi just stared at him, she had known. But she needed to make it seem like she was slightly shocked.
"Those were the bad guys… right?"

"The ones that wanted to enslave the human race… yeah." Sam was suddenly rather focused.

"Are there any more of these… Decepticons?" Damn she hated sounding so stupid.

Unknown at this time.

With a glance at the radio, Chi let out a heavy sigh. "Your worst enemies… and you don't even know if there are more of them on the planet."

We have backup!

Chi glanced in the rearview mirror and noted that they were suddenly being followed by a Corvette Stingray and an Emergency Rescue Hummer.

"Friendlies I hope." She muttered.

"Sideswipe and Ratchet!" Sam exclaimed with a sigh of relief.

Contact established… do you… want to take a phone call?

Chi stared at the radio, and then glanced in the rearview mirror again.

"Do I have a choice?"

There is always a choice… but to avoid death… I suggest you take the call.

"Why did I have a feeling you were going to say something like that… alright here's my cell number… have one of them call it."

She rattled off a number, and then jumped when the phone rang a split second later.


'Are you Chi Star Pax?'

"I might be; who is this?"

The Hummer's headlights flashed and Chi sighed.

"What do you want to talk about?"

'Are you or Sam injured?'

With a snort Chi gave Sam a once over with her eyes, then did her own evaluation without a word. "Well… we seem to be in one piece."

'That is not what I asked.'

"Neither one of us is damaged in any way."

'Thank you.'

'How in the pit did you dodge the bullet that was shot?'

Now Chi pulled the phone away from her ear and shot the Corvette Stingray a glare out of the back window.

"I didn't… that's how."

'You just told me…'

"I said that neither one of us is damaged… not injured. I have a pretty nice graze on my side, nothing major, and the bleeding has stopped. So I am not 'damaged'… it's just an extremely recent injury."

Silence rang from all around her, including over the phone.

'I think I might just like you female… What's your name again?'

"Chi Pax… and you are?"

'Name's Sideswipe and you just smarted off to the 'hatchet and lived…'

The Rescue Hummer actually rammed into the Stingray, and a slew of curses filtered through Chi's phone from both of those speaking.

'Watch where you're going senile old bot!'

'Watch your language you fraggin youngling!'

"Whoa, don't freak out the others traveling on the road boys…" Chi rolled her eyes and couldn't help but grin at the sniggers that came from both Sam and Bumblebee. "Wherever we stop next… I need to be better informed, so please plan on briefing me as best as you can. Until then, enjoy the drive."

And she hung up the phone.

Sam actually busted out laughing, and it took several minutes for him to recover.

"Ratchet's going to want to kill you."

"If he doesn't run the other one off the road first… Sideswipe wasn't it?"

Sam nodded, then fell into a comfortable silence. Chi gave him a weird look, but shrugged. She had much more to worry about than Sam.

Namely how she was going to get her world back to normal.

'Primus help me…'

~.~ ~.~

Well, there you guys go. I hope it isn't too strange just yet.

Till all are one,