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Log: 9

Name: Chi Star Pax

Location: Chapel, N.E.S.T. Base, Diego Garcia

Okay, the wedding is coming up here in about two hours, and Carly wanted to talk to me real quick, so I'm talking to the bride (who had forgone the tradition of a white dress and was instead wearing a blue one) about how well I thought the security could keep them safe.

Well, here it goes….


"Look, Carly, I'm still not partial to you two even getting married right now. It makes you a target." Chi sighed as she helped pin Carly's hair into place. "But I'm not going to stop the two of you. I can tell love when I see it."

"Is it really that dangerous?"

Chi let out a small snort; she had worked for three days with no sleep and barley any pauses in order to get the plans in place so that the wedding could even happen. It hadn't been until Kira had told Chi's guardians that Chi wasn't 'taking care of herself' that Chi had taken the time to rest.

Kira may not have been happy about Chi's crush, but she knew how to use it in her favor.

"Yes, Carly, it is. Sam is a target, and—by you becoming his wife—you will also be targeted. It's dangerous…" Chi didn't meet Carly's eyes now. "But, like I said, I'm not going to stop the two of you. When I see you two interacting I can see your love for each other."

"You seem to act almost the same near the twins." Carly observed with a smile of her own.

Causing Chi to pause as she put the last pin in the bride's hair, she didn't look into the mirror to meet Carly's eyes, and she sure as hell wasn't going to say anything about it.

"Chi, as the liaison to the Autobots, I know about your condition." Carly sighed. "That means that I also know of Ratchet's suspicions about your spark."

"That's all they are- suspicions. I don't believe I have a spark, Carly." The bodyguard stated quietly.

"Then explain how you react to the twin's presence." Carly challenged.

"I…" Chi faltered, trying to come up with something.

"You can't." The bride stated in triumph. "Let Ratchet run the tests. I'm sure it will help answer all of our questions."

"Or it might just create more questions than answers." Chi sighed.

"Either way, Chi, it will create answers." Carly stated. "And, just a note, you are rather skilled with hair and make-up."

"I got bored and went to a cosmetology school one year. I even have a certificate stating that I was at the top of my class." Chi shrugged. "I don't use the knowledge very often, but I do have it."

"No wonder your hair is always perfect." Carly observed.

"Not always, Carly that I can promise you." The bodyguard replied with a laugh.

"I doubt that."

"Fine, I'll tell you a time that it wasn't…" And Chi launched into a piece of her history that included being deeply undercover, getting shot at, and seemingly defying the laws of physics.


Chi stood to the side of and slightly behind Sam, her eyes sweeping the gathered crowd. Something was off, but she couldn't place it. But she did note the three guests in the back row. They were all heavily muscled, tall, dark haired, and of a light complexion. That, however, wasn't what set them apart from the rest. The three of them were watching the crowd with interest. Almost as if they were searching for someone.

Then the one in the middle looked up and caught her eyes with his own, and offered her a smirk that would be best described as a predator's smirk for its prey. Her eyes iced over and she knew without a doubt that this man was the leader of the three, and that they were going to try and pull something. With practiced ease Chi pushed her bangs out of her eyes and pointed to the men with her pinkie. Kira, who was standing behind one of the statues in the rafters of the chapel, caught the movement and immediately began watching the three in the back row.

: We have three unknowns in the back row. :

Chi didn't react to Kira's statement over the comm system that Chi had devised. She had a small earpiece that resembled a diamond stud which connected to the hoop on the tip of her ear that relayed the messages. All she had to do was brush the diamond stud with her fingertips and state what she wanted to at the same time for the others to hear her. A small speaker was nested almost against her ear drum, relaying the words that the others spoke.

: According to our scans, those seats are empty. :

That simple observation made Chi tense. She wouldn't jump into action unless these 'men' did something. The news that Bluestreak's scans couldn't pick up the three men meant that they were holograms. But where were the holograms coming from?

: I need a perimeter sweep ASAP; if you find anything out of the ordinary, let us know immediately. Understood? :

Chis had reached up to brush a strand of hair behind her ear, and brush her thumb against the diamond stud. Her arm hid the movement of her lips and she muttered only loud enough for the microphone in the hoop to pick up the sound.

: Clear as crysalystine. :

Silence reigned for five seconds.

: Clear as what? :

Chi almost sighed at the oblivious tone in Will's voice. Sunstreaker had thoroughly confused all of the humans on the frequency, including her.

: Human terms Sunny, don't want to confuse the poor organics. He means clear as crystal, by the way. :

: Don't call me Sunny. :

: Cool it Sunshine, you and Sideswipe do the sweep of the perimeter. And keep the channels clear, meaning no arguing. :

Chi had chanced turning her head quickly to knock the hair back into her face so that she could give the order for the twins to do the sweep and tell them not to bicker over the frequency.

: Fine. :

Chi looked back at the holograms and noted that the other two were watching her now as well, making her realize that they knew she was the bodyguard. And that they knew she would stop them from harming her client and his bride at any cost.

The music began at the exact moment that Chi was about to call the entire thing off, and she knew that if she tried now, there would be a panicked mob in her hands. Overall, it was safer to wait for the owners of the holograms to make their move.

: There's nothing out of the ordinary out here. :

Sideswipe's statement made Chi's eyes narrow in thought. If they weren't on the island; Chi's eyes widened as she figured out where the enemies were. Chi tilted her chin up and cast her eyes down for only a second, but Kira caught her meaning.

: I need a scan of the surrounding ocean and of the sky above the island. :

Carly reached the altar just as Kira finished the order, leaving Chi unable to even motion what she wanted to be done.

: I am not picking up anything… Wait… there are a few holes in my radar… :

Prowl's observation made Chi tense, and her eyes flicked back to the three holograms, but they had disappeared. The bodyguard was only vaguely aware of the vows being exchanged, and then the kiss that sealed the deal.

: The birds are leaving the nest. :

Chi was grateful for Kira's statement; she still couldn't say anything over her comm. As the procession left the room, Chi continued sweeping her eyes over the surrounding crowd. The holograms were gone, she was sure of that now; but she knew the danger was far from past.

: Bumblebee, come and get your charges. : Chi finally stated with a flick of her hand past her ear as they stepped outside. : Get them out of here. :

: On my way! :

The radio clip over the comm made Chi give a ghost of a smile. She was still tense and ready for anything to happen… but nothing was coming.

As the now wedded couple climbed into the yellow Camaro with black racing stripes, Chi couldn't help but feel slight relief. Bumblebee was going to take them to the other side of the base, and then onto a plane that would take them to a small village in Britain for their honeymoon. Chi was going to meet them there after taking a separate plane.

At least, that was the plan.

: Kira, stay near Sam and Carly. I want you to go with them on the plane and then stay with them until I get to the location. Understood? :

: I understand. Be careful Chi. :

: I will do my best, go. :

All that Chi saw was a shadow as Kira departed.

: Prowl, I need a deeper scan of the surrounding ocean, I assume that is where you had the blank areas. :

: Yes, and I am already running a deeper scan with Red Alert's assistance, though there was one blank spot in the air just above the chapel. :

Chi nodded absently as she 'wandered' into one of the hangars. The moment she was out of sight the bodyguard removed the tuxedo to reveal a skintight suit just underneath it. Strapped to her hip was a pistol and a sword ran the length of her back. She reached back and tied her hair up into a high pony tail just before she replaced the diamond stud and hoop with an actual mike in her ear.

: Can you guys hear me? :

: As if you- :

Chi felt her heart pick up its pace when the reply was cut off and static took its place.


"Now, now, little human, do not worry about your allies…" A dark voice chuckled as one of the holograms from earlier materialized in front of her. "I would be much more worried about you."

"State your designation and purpose for being on this base." Chi snarled in return as she drew and aimed her gun.

The man chuckled and his crimson eyes glinted with malice. "I am Megatron, fleshling, and I am here to retrieve something that is mine."

"There is nothing of yours here, Megatron." The woman stated in a confident tone. "I suggest you leave before I call for back-up."

"Oh, but you cannot call for 'back-up', fleshling, and there is something here that belongs to me." Megatron motioned to something behind Chi and she was suddenly pinned to the ground by a metallic panther. "You, young organic, belong to me. And I have come to take you back, along with some… collateral."

"Let me go you sorry excuse for a walking scrap heap!" A very male voice shouted, just as the captain of the guard was pushed into the room by two smaller bots.

"Oh yeah, insult the things that have you as a hostage… really smart Kurt." Chi snorted, and then let out a grunt of pain when Ravage put more weight on the middle of her back.

"I don't see you in a better spot Chi."

The man let out a cry of pain when the small silver one jabbed him in the back, while the black one only laughed at the human's misery.

"Rumble, Frenzy, we cannot have the creature making noise." Megatron stated in a menacing tone. "Make sure he stays silent."

The two 'cons nodded to Megatron and the black one—which Chi figured was Rumble, because Frenzy was silver—hit Kurt in the head, efficiently knocking the head body guard out.

"We have taken one of the Autobots hostage as well, Lord Megatron." A screechy, annoying voice stated as yet another hologram materialized. "Barricade and Sideways have subdued the yellow one and are taking him to base now."

What little bit of breath Chi could get hitched in her throat, her eyes widened, and she froze. Megatron took notice of this, but did not comment yet.

"How did you manage to get him alone without the silver one?"

"He and the silver one separated in order to look for her." The hologram stated and pointed at Chi. "It seems that she is important to them."

Now the bodyguard was met with horror; Sunstreaker had been caught by the Decepticons because he had been searching for her.

"And it seems that they are important to her as well." Megatron chuckled darkly. "Look at the reaction."

Chi let out a growl, but couldn't get enough air to say any words.

"Allow it to sit up, Ravage, I believe it has something to say."

Ravage complied by getting off of Chi's back and then digging his claws into her back in order to drag her into a sitting position. The woman cried out in pain as the claws were ripped painfully out of her back, and then had to gasp as oxygen began filling her lungs.

"I will kill you if you hurt him." Chi finally managed to gasp out.

"Such a powerful reaction to the thought that he might be hurt." Megatron muttered, and then turned to the other hologram. "Tell me, Starscream, is it possible that the implants have matured enough to give her a spark?"

The other hologram—Starscream—seemed to think it over, and then give a slow nod.

"That is not only possible, but probable… Hook will be very pleased to learn of this, his progress will have jumped considerably."

Chi ground her teeth together to stop the biting remarks and the denial of the spark she supposedly had.

"Very well then, fleshling, if you do not fight against us, we will not harm the mech." Megatron stated as he strode up to her. He knelt down in front of Chi and took hold of her chin in one hand. "But be warned, if you rebel in any way… we will kill Sunstreaker. Am I clear?"

Chi met his eyes and saw that he was offering her the only choices he would.

"Clear as crystal." She ground out, and then let out a pain filled whimper when Megatron threw her chin from his hand.

"Good, young Chi, you will make a good pet soon enough. Ravage," Megatron met the optic of the metal panther. "Put her out for the trip, we do not want her knowing the way to our base."

Chi felt more than saw the whiplash of Ravage's tail, and then she knew nothing.


Log: 9

Name: Chi Star Pax

Location: Decepticon base, ?

I didn't regain consciousness until long after they took me to their base. The cell I'm in is filled with other humans, and they told me of others that had been taken out before I came… and then how they had returned covered in stitches and their own blood. These humans never lived for more than an hour…

The doctor was trying to re-create what he had done with me. I know because one had been dumped into the cell only an hour after I had woken up. The man that they had experimented on had a deep gash on the back of his neck, beside his heart, at the base of his spine, and just under his diaphragm.

He had said only one phrase before he had finally died.

"Please, no more."

I was horrified and sickened. Of course the doctor was only doing this because I had been a successful specimen, and when he had lost me, he had needed another one to fill my place. Hundreds of others had suffered the same fate of the man, and I was the cause of it.

Kurt Plague was taken next, and I was brought along so that the doctor could study me to see what he had gotten right…

Kurt didn't make it. He died after we were put into the cell, and he had looked me in the eye as he died.

He had asked what I was, and why I had let them do it.

I had had no answers for him, and remained silent long after the life had faded from his body. Rumble and Frenzy were the prison keepers, and had dragged Kurt's body out of the cell only minutes after he had died. I stayed sitting the middle of the cell, staring at nothing. I had caused so many deaths.

I didn't know what had happened to Sunstreaker; I hadn't seen or heard of him since just before Ravage had knocked me unconscious. I didn't know if the others were searching for me and him—though I was certain Sideswipe wasn't going to let mine and Sunstreaker's disappearances go unchecked—or how I could get out of this…

I just hope that Sunstreaker is okay, because it would break me to know he was being tortured or had been killed… all because he had been looking for me.

Chi out.

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